Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Sessions Update June-July 2017

Giants and The Keep

Lives have been lost and new faces have appeared. Attempts to move through magical forests have caused paths to take a different course. Giants have been encountered, war bans have been discovered and entrance into a city had been gained. Rewards for informing of a giant attack were shared and training for levels took place.

When the group entered Neverwinter it found an extremely fortified city ready for the giant forces that are on the move. A hero’s welcome and feast were giving. Time to level up and a request to go to Luskan and find a wizard and an artifact surfaced. Worbel the wizard was found in the tunnels below Luskan after being teleported to the occupied city. Exploring a tall tower by climbing teh interior bttom to top finding magic and danger gained you access to a portal taking you to the hiding place of a Dragon Orb. This orb is planned to be used against the giant forces that threaten the lands.

Upon completing your quest and returning with the orb, you decide to follow Yolanda to her reward from the Deck of Many Things and help her defeat the evil within a fortress so she can gain ownership of the keep and the lands that come with it. You are provided a ship to take you north and find a group of followers request to join you. Horses are also given to you as you set off with a ship load of explorers off to Hell Gate Keep.

When you arrive you encounter the ruins of a waterfront city that leads you to a few buildings near the base of the rise where the fortress known as Hell Gate Keep was located. Within these buildings you find large magic stones guarded by treants. Once you explore the minor ruins at the top of the natural stone rise where a huge gaping hole sits where the ancient keep once stood, you find places the stones need to be placed for some magical reason.

After dealing with a dragon, that you controlled for a short time with the Dragon Orb, you managed to place the 3 magic stones in place and brought the ancient keep back from the abyss to its original location. The only problem is you brought devils trapped there along with the keep. Dozens of lemure litter the keep’s grounds that you battle until a powerful devil shows his demonic face and clues you in to the fact that you are all trapped here within the keep. He offers you a challenge to retrieve 3 magic orbs hidden and protected from below the keep that can be used to free you all.

Taking on the challenge you explore below the keep where an enormous dark tree is found that you need to climb down from the top. Finding strange areas where you need to slip through the bark and gain access into the tree itself you find an orb. Another orb found deep within a pool of water puddled on a tree branch. You lose one of these new orbs but come upon a large nest containing 3 orbs. Finding these to be the real orbs, you make a plan with the entities within the orbs to defeat the devil and banish him back to the nine hells while freeing yourselves from the magic force that binds the keep. Racing back up to the keep you place the orbs onto 3 pillars while using the last false orb to lure the devil out when you use your dragon orb to power an attach enhanced by the other orbs to vanquish the devil and bring the view of blue skies over Yolanda’s keep.



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