Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session Update 8-18-15

Moving further into the unknown of the dark tunnels below the city of Mulmaster you find yourselves passing smaller drain lines off this main tunnel. Some far too small for any of you to pass through and some large enough to crawl through, so when you come to a smaller tunnel that has an illumination coming from it, you crawl with no hesitation to find out what light this could be. The small tunnel opens into a large room with a 2’ wide ledge some 4’ down from you running its perimeter. Another 2’ sloping ledge extends from that ledge to the water’s edge that stands in the center of this room. All make their way into this room carefully moving along the ledge around the room until you are attacked by numerous tentacles reaching from the water. A large sized octopus creature has grappled Captain Furthak and pulled him into the water. He is not able to free himself and he finds the water to be acidic and reducing his hit points as long as he remains submerged. A web spell, water manipulation and melee attacks come from the party that do damage the creature and cause t to retreat under the water. As Captain Furthak manages to pull himself from the water and the party makes for the exit across the room, the octopus attacks again. This time you are able to do away with the creature for good.

As Pholstus clears the water to be able to see the bottom, he prepares to dive in and explore the muddy depths. He does come back with several shiny items, one being a pair of gloves. As he and Starbreaker are about to pack the treasure away for study later, a discussion breaks out as to why they are not dispersed now. Then a failed attempt from Pick to lift the gloves from the pile of items with his mage hand is foiled by Pholstus. Words are exchanged and the items are stowed away until later. Pholstus then reveals that he found an underwater tunnel leading out of the watery space below. He is convinced by the others to go explore the underwater tunnel to find its end point. He swims into it and finds that it opens into a watery chamber some distance further away. Deciding it to be the octopus’s lair, the party moves on into the small tunnel opposite the one use entered the room by. You make your way down a passage and a turn and come to another room with a 2’wide ledge and a sloping center leading to a deeper pit which you cannot see down into fully. Now the group decides to double back and head for the secret door you found when you entered the undercity.

Using a Knock spell off of a scroll, Captain Furthak opens the secret door and exposes a large lever. Pick cannot resist to pull the lever and when he does you hear a loud scrapping and boom. You then notice the entrance to this complex now has a heavy metal grate block exit or entry to this place. When you examine it, you cannot make out where the grate and rock surrounding it start and stop. Feeling trapped you make for an unexplored passage.

Not far down the way you come across a smaller chamber with a light source shining in from above. When you enter you see a metal grate in the ceiling to which you notice the flicker of torch light shining through. The Captain’s familiar moves through the grate to find a stone passage leading away in 2 directions with torches illuminating. Shoulder rides provide the reach to grab the grate but a poor strength check keeps you from opening it. Noise brings the attention of guards within this passage who notice you and move to the grate and pulls it open. You retreat as they lower a rope ladder and climb down. You ready for their approach and kill one after numerous failures to charm or control them. The first guard named Fred you kill while the second guard you overwhelm and then command him to sleep. Heading up the ladder yourselves now, Captain Furthak makes himself invisible as more guards approach. You keep you lights out which makes things more interesting for Starbreaker and Pholstus as you lead them up a curved stairwell and find yourselves atop the city wall with a wall guard before you. The 3 visible party members decide to jump to safety down in the city streets. As Starbreaker and Pholstus leap into the air, Pick pulls out a potion of climbing and simply climbs down the wall. Once all 3 are standing on the city street, they run and make their way towards Pick’s Father’s old house. An invisible wizard follows them.


Pholtus will hand over the loot bag that was found in the sewers to the Pick and then find a safe place to harbor. Starbreaker softly grunts “Xul-Jarak” at Pick and the Captain before disappearing into the darkness.

DnD Session Update 8-18-15

Starbreaker experienced on the way to Pick’s Father’s old house, a startling vision and feel of dread wasing over him. He senses a break in the balance of the elements. You feel an approaching force or presence will disrupt this balance and cause much destruction along with loss of purity and abundance of water. The only sound you can whisper as you experience this is “Xul-Jarak”. Pholstus also feels a great threat to his elemental connection. He senses a waver in strength of his personal elemental ties.

DnD Session Update 8-18-15

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