Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session Update 3-8-17

From Neverwinter to Luskan

As you approach the eastern edge of Neverwinter Wood, you notice movement beyond the tree line. Giants, Hill and Stone are grouped along the forest edge. Wolves and arms the giants have as all but one of them start moving south. The lone giant and a large wolf move the opposite direction. Using the abilities of your newly found warlock Janos, a magically enhanced creature of flight follows the giant and his companion as they trek north.

After the remaining day has ended the giant stops to rest, that is when you move in. Once you go through his belongings you discover he was on a mission to deliver a message to his commander Duke Zalto. The Duke is a fire giant and he is located in the volcano in the northern reaches of Neverwinter Woods. The message noted that the giant band that moved south was going to attach the City of Neverwinter the morning 2 days from now. You decide to get this information to those in Neverwinter using eth warlock’s magical flying scout.

This flying messenger flies through the night and reaches Neverwinter across the forest. Janos uses his skills though the creature to make contact and communicate with those in charge in the city. He and you are successful even to the point of the powers that be tell you to go to Longsaddle and make contact with a priest there who can aid you in traveling to Neverwinter. You set out for Longsaddle to the east past the hills and seek out the temple there and find the priest who once convinced, helps you by activating a ancient network of teleportation circles that link certain location in the north, now under the control of the Harpers. You find yourselves within another circle in a different structure surrounded by Neverwinter Guards.

Once you identify yourselves and the knowledge you shared about the southern attack plan, you are welcomed and given food. You come to find after speaking with the captain of the city guard that this city is now fortified against giant attack. You are asked about any dragons or floating citadels you have encountered. You also find that time is short, you cash in on coins for gems and prepare yourselves as you are being asked to travel to the northern City of Luskan in aid to the cause against the giants. You are told that Luskan has fallen and giants control the region. But there is hope, strong magic is located beneath the city that can be used against the giant hordes.

A Dragon Orb of great power is within the city. The giants seek it out as well but they are looking in the wrong location. The legendary wizard towers in Luskan are not the resting place of this mighty orb, but the wizard who was in charge of the towers does know the orbs location. The Halfling wizard Worbel hid the orb from the invading forces as the city fell. He was able to communicate with wizards of Neverwinter that he hid the orb outside the towers. Contact with Worbel was lost but only after 2 groups of warriors had been sent to make contact with the wizard. He is alive but communication with him and the 2 groups has ceased. You are charged with finding the wizard Worbel and retrieving the Dragon Orb. If the wizard cannot assist in controlling the orb and using its powers you must learn and do so. And besides the giants, there is an Iron Golem guarding the wizard towers.

You are gathered at the magic circle in Neverwinter and magically transported to a dark room of stone somewhere under the City of Luskan. You are told you will find yourselves in ancient catacombs beneath the city on the southern shore of the river.



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