Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session Update 11-30-16

Lost in the mines

-You make your way back to the grand round room of doors. Scotty seems interested in where these door lead

-You rest and heal up. Again you gain the benefit if a long rest in the time of a sort rest

-You decided to open more doors. Viktur open the locks as Hanrik opens them. Again the doorways are dark black areas within the doorframe once the doors are open except for Bouldergut, Hanrik and now Scotty who can see beyond the threshold. Bouldergut does recognize the stonework beyond the door to be dwarven

-One door looks out into huge stone wall room that reaches beyond your darkvision.

-Another looks into a medium sized room with two exits and the remnants of a table and bookcases on the far wall where you see papers on the table

-A third door again looks out into a massive room where you cast a light-stone out beyond the door to illuminate and see huge machines that Bouldergut recognizes as massive forges

-Hanrik and the dwarves move through the second door and make their way towards the dilapidated table and bookcases. As they move through the doorway, the rest of the party can no longer see them. So they decided to follow

-The papers turn out to be maps of a large underground mine. Several levels are noted. You search out the immediate tunnels and discover a location on the maps that matches the pattern of tunnels you are in.

-You make for a room that contains a lift noted on the map. There you encounter spiders and hook horrors in combat as you enter the melee

-Hook horrors end up being tough foes but you are victorious and attempt to use this heavy duty lift to rise up the shaft above you. Shamash notices a dead dwarven body crushed beneath the lift as you finally get it moving. You discover magic items and more pages of maps of this mine complex

-You move from the 5th level up to level 4 of the mines. The walls here show more being worked to a finer quality. You head for a group of large rooms on the map to find a healing temple to Moradin. Statues, healing tables and stashes of healing potions are found. You rest. Hanrik and Bouldergut leave a donation in the hands of the healing maiden statue before you head out.

-Heading back towards the lift you encounter cave fishers and enter combat. Bouldergut is pinned and takes much damage throughout the battle. You are victorious



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