Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session Update 11-16-16

Further into the ruins

-Hearing possible screams of battle coming from down the hall, the group enters the large hall with pillars to see several bullywugs some distance down the dark hall with glimpses of a dwarf dodging between pillars

-Making for the bullywugs to enter combat is you decision. As the fighters head down the hall and enter melee, the healers and rogue follow behind

-Half way through combat, the dwarf you had seen is wielding a mighty battleaxe and wearing plate armor as he deals grave damage to the bullywugs until two giants move in from the darkness beyond

-The two fomorians deal out massive damage as they connect with members of the party. The dwarf makes down the hall from the direction you came, the party follows but not soon enough. Olican and Bouldergut fall in battle as the remaining members of the group, following the dwarf Scotty, climb up a pillar in the great hall and make their way down a secret shaft behind a secret door

-Scotty tells his story of how he came to be here. He is a gold dwarf and found himself transported here from far away. He does not know where he is actually so you inform him that you all stand deep within the Spine of the World at the northern reaches of the Realms. He tells of the bullywugs, slaves, giants and a vast ancient dwarven city this shaft has lead you to. He has survived arming himself and taking on the bullywugs and trying to rescue any slaves he can. The fomorians are tremendous foes which he hates but has given a wide berth so he can try again at a later time once they appear.

-You learn this great hall connects the ancient dwarven structure with the grand circular room complex you found. You do tell Scotty of the round room and he seems interested in investigating this. Scotty also tells of a way he found to navigate his way through the dwarven city below and make his way into the mines below the dwarven complex. You decide to seek out Bouldergut who you believe was not killed. Scotty thinks he would be taken to the ancient dwarven complex. You decide to follow this dwarf and make your way through the lower levels where you find yourselves climbing a staircase that brings you back to the great hall (next to 3 other stairwells) not far from where the slaves are kept.

-Fighting your way into the smaller halls of the great hall into the large room containing the slaves. You recognize this room as you have been here before. Slaying the bullywugs and grabbing a bit of treasure along with finding Buldergut and his equipment is gained. A dragonborn wishes to join your adventuring group. His name is Shamash and he is a blue dragon. You do not have time to save the remaining slaves as you notice two fomorians getting closer to the main entrance across the bridge outside the massive doors so you flee back into the underworld.



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