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Udates to our DnD Game

We have some characters created!

A Wood Elf Ranger Naral

A Tiefling Bard Mynks

A Hill Dwarf Cleric Duergan

Let the game begin.

DnD Session 10-1-14
Awaken/Dorgan City/Cloaked Figure

Waking in a dark, solitary, windowless cell with no memory of how we came to be here, a locked cell door blocks our only exit. Naral Ranolde the Wood Elf Ranger and Duergan Oakcrest the Hill Dwarf Cleric introduce themselves to each other and try to figure a way out.

We can hear voices outside the cell, as we make some noise ourselves we attract a kobold who makes his way towards us and bangs on the cell door to quiet us down. We get him closer and attack with spells then pull his body close enough to search. Gaining a club, scroll and a key, we exit the cell and search the area. As we move down the hall we are attacked by 3 more kobolds that pop out of a movable stone on the floor. After removing the kobold threat we gain a hand crossbow (no bolts), 3 more scrolls and a small box. Box seems magically protected as it fights back when Naral tries to whack it open.

After hearing a deeper voice (possibly an orc) coming from further down the way, we decide to climb down into the floor and cover it back up with the stone flooring. We find it drops us down to a level below with a choice of 3 directions to go. Searching ahead, Naral discovers another cell with an occupant. We free the Tiefling Bard named Mynks (?) as he joins us as an NPC. With is thieving abilities, he tries to open the small box but is injured by the box as it protects itself magically.

As we stand in the hall, a gimpy kobold walks around the corner back where we dropped in, we follow. He enters a door and room with light within, so we sneel up and plan to grapple him and get some answers via interrogating. A room with many books, a large chest, an evil looking book on a stand with a feather and a single door as an exit. We try to get info out of kobold but he is a bit of a wreck. The chest contains some emeralds, rubies and diamonds, 2 pendants along with a great number of gold pieces. The most interesting item is the vile looking book on the stand. We also find sacks containing all of our possessions we each had prior to finding ourselves stripped and locked up. We gather all the goodies along with as many books from the shelves as we can manage and make for the door.

Once the door is opened, we see nothing beyond. We threaten the weak kobold by pushing him towards the nothing. He does not react so we plunge through and find ourselves deep within a forest. Naral climbs a tree to get our bearings and sees a walled city off in the distance with smoke rising from it. We make our way towards it.

Finding greedy gates man here at Dorgan City, we over pay to enter the city but as we seek safety, it is worth it. Finding the Tumbling Pangolin Inn, we get a room and proceed to check out our findings. Scrolls, small box, gems, pendants, books and vile book. Seeking out a mage to identify some of the items magical powers, we make for the tardis like wizard tower in the center of town.

-Small magic box needs a key to open.
-Pendants are magical but tied to the cult the kobolds, orcs and more are part of
-Scrolls and books are filled with prophecies written in draconic and other languages
-Book with feather, the mage would not even allow us to uncover claiming it is evil

Off to find some potions of healing as we have come to find there are no churches or temples within the city. Rumor that a temple lays outside the city somewhere. So to an apothecary we go. Of course the one we find is an old lady wearing another one of these pendants and we discover this as we are hit from behind and knocked unconscious. Waking tied to chairs in some kind of cellar, Naral frees himself as a figure comes down the stairs within the room and attacks him. Duergan frees himself as well while the bad guys is deposed of. We are in the cellar of the apothecary so Mynks imitates the guards voice to try to draw the old woman’s attention to the cellar. We grab her as she moves behind the curtain hanging across the cellar entrance, got her. Mynks cast charm person on her and we get some answers to things.

The evil book we have belongs to the cult and they need it for the spells within for a ritual they need. She is a spy in town and there is a network here in Dorgan of this cult. Communication is provided by runners but we also find out about a tree with a knot that can be used to call for help. Knowing we have something of great importance to this cult, we know they will be looking for us. We dispense with the old lady (before we ask where the tree is), grab 5 potions of healing and make our way back to the inn to check on our chest of gold and to see if we are being watched.

Chest is emptied of gold and filled with snakes when we find it. The room’s door is open and the windows have been used to gain entrance to the room. Bar keep points out a woman that is staying in the room next to us at the inn so we ask her if she had seen anything. A cloaked figure was seen in the room by this woman. We find some street urchins that had seen cloaked figure climbing the building and they knew of his use of the sewers as a transit system. One child, Flynn, leads us into the sewers to a ladder he had seen the cloaked figure use. We send the boy out and make our way up ladder. It opens outside the city a short distance beyond the wall. Naral views a cloaked figure standing next to a tree in the near dusk light outside this sewer exit. He sneaks up to his and attacks. We exit the sewer and join in and subdue this fellow. He is very uncooperative so he is dispatched and we rest for the night.

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DnD Session 10-15-14
Awaken again/Leather pouch/Being followed

We awake in the same stone cell as the day before. Naral had a successful saving throw and remembered every detail from the day before while Duergan held to the standard hard headed dwarven way of existing failed his saving throw and could not remember anything.

So we lured a kobold over to the cell with some noise to try to get the supposed key from him for our escape when Duergan’s sacred flame failed. But Naral rolled a “20” when attempting to grab the kobold and pounded his head against the cell bars. We had our key.

Moving to the stone trap door in the floor we opened it and surprised more kobolds. Defeating them we made our way to free the tiefling Mynks held in the cell below. He/she too had no memory of the previous day. (we do not know if Mynks is a male or female) On our way to the gimpy legged kobold in the room where we had previously found our items we come across 3 kobolds and an orc. Once defeated, we open the door to find more kobolds and another orc. We mop up and gather our items along with the evil book and numerous other books here. We level up.

Opening the door again we find the darkness beyond, as we step through we find ourselves in a stable within the center area of Gorgan City. A palace is visible as is the raining fiery balls of attack pounding into the city away from this area. Still nobody seems to take notice of the skyward doom. We know we need to make our way to the outer ring of this city away from the wealthy. The gate we find is guarded but with a sleep spell from Mynks, enough of a distraction is created for us to slip by.

We find a vendor in the marketplace and sell off the random books we have found and make 100gp. We then decide to head for the apothecary as the cult does not know we have the evil book this time so we will try to get some information from her. We enter her establishment and purchase some healing potions. Then ask her if we can offer our services as we have heard about an organization that dwells within this city can be accessed here. She hands us a leather pouch and off we go. We notice we are being followed so we duck into an alley. Opening the pouch we find a scroll but it is blank. We wait and approach a figure that seems to be following us and ask “what’s up?” The conversation does not last long as a flung dagger narrowly misses Naral’s head. We subdue 2 figures and bring them into the alley. They are not helpful and do not take well to our attempts to deceive them into believing we want to join their group.

We spot another figure in a window across the street watching us. With some well placed hand crossbow shots, loaded with the poison we discover we are carrying from the figures, we kill the lone figure. The other 2 figures find death then we decide to wait until dark and make our way into the sewers for hiding. As darkness falls, the blank scroll found in the leather pouch starts to glow. When we look upon it we now see draconic writing but cannot decipher. Off into the sewers and we rest.

DnDSession Update 6-2-15 Part One
Elmwood and Surrounding Areas

The Moonsea
Fort Dalton
Lisen Sands and the lighthouse

Woodcutters and Fishermen
Population 500
Humans, Dwarves, Elves
Constable-Thoyan Jorgadaul (H)
Temple of Selune (Half Moon)-Lady Anorah (H-Cleric)
Blacksmith- Sardek (Dw)
Grove- Shrine to Eldath- Ezril Treewarder (½ Elf-Druid)
Still Water (Tavern/Inn/Brewery)- Enrad Daleborn (Dw)
Barkeep-Elena (H)
Grange (Trading Post)- Tayrom (H)
Baker – Lemmy (H)
Dock Hands- Belgar (½ Elf)
Torak (Dw)

Old Well
River Lis
Lis ferry to Lisen Sands or Fort Dalton
Ferry Captain- Scalling Badaxe (Dw)

Elmwood is a layover for travelers by land and water. Ships stop frequently on their way to and from Mulmaster as do travelers headed to and from the North Road across the ford. The heavy woods to the south are rumored to being infested with demons coming from the lost elven forest kingdom of Cormanthor.
DnD Session Update 6-2-15 Part Two
Off to the lighthouse

All of your travels have led you to Elmwood. A pair of Dwarves, an Elf, a Goliath and a Gnome. Clerics, a Ranger, a Monk and a Bard respectively. Brinnell, Duergan, Sariel, Starbreaker and Wilhelm have found themselves standing in Still Water Inn where Brinnell needs some food. Making brief exchanges and greetings is interrupted by two human males rushing in and claiming that the lighthouse has been attacked and possible lost or destroyed. You learn that kobolds are to blame for this supposed attack. Speaking with them Brinnell decides to seek out the constable to inform him. Thoyan is surprised to hear of such an attack and you come to find the town has only a volunteer militia. So Brinnell offers his services to go to this lighthouse and investigate. Thoyan offers 25gp per person who goes and returns from this investigation providing you bring back proof of an attack. Brinnell returns to the Inn with the shipmen and informs all of the offer from the constable. This newly formed band of adventurers has its first gig.

You are introduced to the ship’s captain, Captain ScallingBadaxe. A gruff old sea dog who tells tales of adventure on the sea of Falling Stars years ago. He transports you beyond Lis where you meet him to the far side of the bay opposite the lighthouse on the peninsula. By the time you reach your destination, dusk has settled as Captain Scalling agrees to watch for your signal as he drops you off and makes back to more open waters.

The length of the peninsula is comprised of large sand dunes. You are told the lighthouse sits on the western edge of the peninsula so you make your way along the dune just below the rise with Willem scouting the path ahead. Tracks are found as you get closer to your destination. These tracks are identified as kobold tracks leading from water’s edge up the rise and over the dune and down the other side about a half mile from the lighthouse. You decide to follow the dune to its end and approach from there. Once the lighthouse is in view in the full moon light, you move closer. Sariel and Starbreaker move stealthily as the rest approach the ring of clearing around the stone structure. Once closer you can make out several dark patches in the grassy area surrounding the 35 foot tall dwarven make tower. No light has been seen from its top up to this point. Duergan moves out into the clearing closer to one of the dark circles. He finds it to be a pit dug out of the earth with branches and timbers lying over it. He quietly shifts a timber allowing his access into the pit. It is shallow by a good vantage point. A path leading towards the west is visible at the base of the structure where two kobolds can now be seen on the opposite side of the clearing from you. Brinnell is ready for combat and fires off a shot and the kobolds, battle begins. Kobolds with swords and winged kobolds make their way from the tower as the combat ensues. At the top of the tower are crossbow wielding kobolds that Willem takes out with a sleep spell. Starbreaker puts the moves on as Duergan swings at kobolds. As kobold fall a spell casting kobold appears at the top of the lighthouse casting his magical attacks at you. As Brinnell and Duergan make their way up the stairs within the tower to battle the spellcaster, more kobold drop by the hands of Starbreaker, Sariel and Willem.

Once the battle is over, you take prisoners and tie up the sleeping kobolds. Bolts, pouches, potions and dead bodies are found. In one of the dug pits are the remains of the light house personnel. You investigate the path leading down to the docks where you find the light house keeper’s home belonging to Elmar. He was one of the dead found. You also find a package wrapped up in cloth. It is a large brightly glowing crystal bringing the brightness of day when exposed. Wilhelm offers a Charm Person spell to get information from a kobold about the attack and the tattoos the kobolds possess.

DnD Session Update 6-9-15
In search of Muruke

While waiting for Captain Scalling to return, you try to decide what to do with the magically glowing crystal and the (4) tattooed kobold captives. You charm the spellcaster and find out that this group was supposed to meet up with their clan leader Muruke and the clan several hours down the coastline to the east. There they were supposed to present the crystal to Muruke. Muruke in turn you find is supposed to present it to Big Lux, an ogre. And it seems Big Lux is in charge of orcs. Also the tattoos are of some ancient mark referring to earth. There is mention of robbed ones, water priests, a temple and The Chained One.

Once the Captain does return you ask him what he thinks you should do with the crystal and captives. Should the crystal be left here or go with the captain? Should the captives go with the captain or be extinguished here? You decided to bury the wrapped magically glowing crystal in one of the dug out holes on the grounds of the lighthouse, while Captain Scalling will take the captives back to the constable in Elmwood. Sariel notices the same tattoo on Captain Scalling that is on the kobolds. Sariel asks the captain about his interesting tattoo and the captain says “Oh, I got that when I was young. You know how it is.” So you rest the gain back hit points.

No encounters during your rest so you head off towards the east in search of a clan of kobolds. They are supposed to be 4 or 5 hours walk along the coast away. Several hours later you notice (4) figures moving towards you some ¾ miles down the beach. There being minimal cover here, some members move up the sand dune while some remain on the beach. As those on the beach move closer they see reactions from the figures and a horn being blown. The figures regroup and start moving towards you at a faster pace. As both groups get closer to each other, the members on the dune move closer too. As you near, an arrow shot is fired and battle begins. Bruenor casts entanglement on several kobolds and traps them. Combat moves quickly but one of the trapped kobolds does blow a horn again. Moments later numerous kobolds come over the rise and enter the melee. Another entangle spell holds more kobolds as swords and arrows fly.

When the battle ends, most of the kobolds are dead. (2) remain, one being a robed kobold who never got the chance to cast his close range attacks. Deciding to give the lone kobold a weapon and kill him in a fair fight, he runs off over the dune rise and nearly gets away. Sariel flies an arrow and drops him. You tie up the robed kobold and find out he is supposed to meet Big Lux at the old bridge to the east along the water’s edge. You rest the night, have no encounters and find the remains of the dead kobolds partly consumed. The ranger identifies the tracks left as an owl bear. Once readied, you march off to the east in search of an ogre named Big Lux.

DnD Session Update 6-16-15
From the daylight to darkness

Rested and ready you decide to stray from the coastline and make for the wooded area east of the inlet. Having the kobold leader Muruke tagging along with Bruenor, tied and gagged as you set off to find an ogre. Trees are more plentiful here as well as more grasses and foliage. The open area you move through contains a couple old stone walls you pass. Once you reach the forest you position yourselves some 50 feet in and start making your way south towards the river Dalton.

An hour or more travel into the forest, Furthak’s weasel scout is startled by numerous foot falls coming from ahead. Moments later a dozen or more deer run across your path heading deeper into the woods. You follow the tracks back to the forest edge as the weasel climbs a tree. The view you have is of a gentle slope leading down to the water’s edge some 300 yards away. Between you and the water are a stone tower bridge structure, 30 or so tents and a partial stone wall arching from the forest edge out into the open area. The stone wall seems to surround an ancient graveyard where a band of orcs have made camp outside of. The stone structure is connected to a center support out in the river but no bridge continues beyond it. Moving closer to see, you confirm it to be orcs as you see a few near the tents and a couple on the tower. You discover 2 bodies hanging upside down on the opposite side of the stone wall from you. Making your way closer, you find 2 dwarf bodies beaten and left for dead. One is so mutilated it appears to have suffered a gruesome death. The other Bruenor uses an illusion while dragging her over the wall to heal her. As you are doing this, the orcs and now an ogre are busy near the river as a small ship docks to the center support of the collapsed bridge you also notice a bright light at the bow of the ship. You think this may be Gig Lux.

Arca is the dwarfs name and she and her brother were attacked in the forest by a large group of orcs. The 2 were dragged here and beaten. Arca has little strength but vows to avenge her brother’s death. So deciding to move towards the tents Duergan leads the run as you search the area looking for orcs, treasure and trouble. Near the center of the tents is a slightly wider tent with a rack of spears nearby. You also see the makings of a bonfire with a stack of fresh meat ready for cooking. With no orcs to be found you head towards the bridge side of the tents. As you ready for attack you see a dragon like creature jump from the top of the tower to the group near the water. You identify it as a wyvern, but also see that it has a saddle and harness on its back. The ogre now possesses the bright light you noticed on the ship as it docked. He brings it to the wyvern and wraps it up in the packs at the wyverns back. The wyvern seems to notice you and alerts the ogre but not before you can get in a surprise round.

Starbreaker is hard into melee taking more damage than any. Pick and Furthak making ranged attacks deal out damage too. Pick uses one of the well crafted arrows to find it adds to his ability to hit and to damage on his strike. Pholstus heals damage and dishes out his own with his Sacred Flame. Duergan wades into battle as Bruenor whips and pulls the enemy towards him after he creates an entangling area. How brave! Pholstus also commands the ogre to sleep which takes him out of the battle only until his mount, the wyvern, flies off with him in claw away from the fight. As the melee continues the ship, which you identify as Captain Scalling’s ship, moves away out into open water.

Orcs fall and the wyvern, ogre and ship move away. You notice more orcs that had been in the tower running south down the river’s edge escaping away from you. Duergan go back to check on Arca as Pick and Furthak enter the tower. One from below and one from above. Inside you find a staircase leading from roof to ground floor. A large chest is within but Pick searches the area and finds a secret hatch in the corner of the floor leading down into darkness. The chest is bravely opened by the wizard who finds numerous weapons inside. Pick finds a stairway leading down to a landing where he finds items of interest. Potions, armor, a pearl and scroll case. While checking out the items, you also taste the other potion you had previously to discover it to be a potion of fire breath. Wanting to check out the underground staircase, Pick runs back up to Arca to ask her to join. She accepts as you wait for Pick to return with Arca you identify the remaining items. Pick returns with a set of dwarf sized breast plate.

You make your way down the stairs some 30’ and come to a stone passage. Walls, floors and ceiling are of stone. Those with darkvision see the passage heads out 60’ in either direction. You then hear a loud slam echo from above like stone on stone.

-Potion of Water breathing
-Potion of Hill Giant Strength
-Potion of Heroism
-(2) Potions of Healing
-Elven Chain
-A pearl
-Scroll of spells
Feather Fall
Charm Person
Silent Image
Ice Knife

No money is found with the orcs.
DnD Session Update 6-23-15
Look out below!!!

After checking to make sure the exit above is impassable, you decided to rest but not before placing marbles and strings with bells to act as an alarm system if anything approaches. Once the rest is complete you choose a direction of one way or the other. After only 40 feet down the stone passage you can see an end. Closer examination reveals the wall at the end to differ from the stone surrounding you. A brick like wall of stone stands before you but there is something more to this wall. Investigating more you can make out the shapes of letters in the pattern of brick shapes. Several “E’s” and a “P” and an “H” enough to make out the word “PUSH” so the impatient Bruenor does just that, he pushes. That is when the floor drops out below you and everyone starts to fall and slide down the slope. All but Furthak who makes a fantastic Dex. check and stays on his feet but for only a moment as Brinnell grabs for him on the way down the slope knocking Furthak off his feet as the party slides down a hole. A 20’ drop opens into a 30’ free fall, below that into a larger cavern that drops you into moving water.

Athletic checks are made and failed as each of you tries to make for the shore of this whirlpool of water at the edge of a fast moving underground river. A large curved alcove with the swirling water imitating its shape just off the fast moving channel is where you find safety. A sandy and rocky area cut off from what seems to be a much larger cavern beyond the river. You can sense the vastness of the cavern. Brinnell lost grip of her great axe but caught a glimpse of it at the bottom of the swirling water. Pick jumps out and offers to use the potion of water breathing and swim down to reclaim the great axe. He also finds some armor and weapons along with the great axe. The armor is mithral chainmail being worn by a dead dwarf. A warhammer and handaxe are found as well. You also realize that Arca the dwarf you saved from the orcs is here seeking vengeance against the orcs as well as pay you a debt for saving her.

As you attempt to use a rope and swim to across the river, you find the current too much for Pick to beat. He does see large mushrooms growing on the opposite side further down the cavern as he is taken by the flow of water some 120 feet downstream. One with a better strength does make it across with a rope for the others to take their time a pull themselves to the opposite side. Once all there Sariel notices numerous tracks from small to large including some tracks that could only be make by undead and checks out what appeared as a branch by the water that turns out to be a bow. As you ready yourselves to move out, (2) rust monsters come out of the forest and attracted by your metal. The fight with them leaves Brinnell’s great axe slightly weakened. Deciding to move closer to the area Pick saw the mushrooms, you decided to follow what tracks you could see as you enter the mushroom forest. Vision is obscured somewhat from the density of the 15’ to 30’ tall mushrooms. The bases are like trees trunks. You still had not seen the other side of this cavern before you became surrounded by this underground forest.

Not too far along this bleak path you come upon a clearing some 30’ across. A small round fire pit is located in the center of this circle. You identify dried mushroom stems being used as firewood sometime in the past maybe several weeks. Brinnell notices movement beyond the circle as dwarf sized skeletons move towards you. As you move into position you notice more skeletons along with a pair of bodies lying on the ground at the feet of some of the undead. The bodies appear to have grievous gashes and blood. Battle ensues with the skeletons as you realize blunt weapons do double damage to the enemy. Sariel shoots arrows from a distance, Arca using her warhammer swings away while Furthak runs out of spells. But Bruenor the druid decided to turn into a bear and attack while Pick decided to mount Bruenor and attack from there. Several rounds into battle a large sized undead minotaur enters the combat swinging a huge great axe. The fighters move up closer to the undead minotaur along with the bear. Skeletons are dropping as the wizard drops. Huge damage from the minotaur’s great axe takes out Bruenor from bear form while Pick makes an amazing leap from the diminishing bear and lands safely near the fallen wizard Furthak to try to help him. You are in awe of his leap. The bear reappears and enters combat once again. Once the wizard is healed by Brinnell, more skeletons fall as does the undead minotaur. Pick practices leaping over his enemy and attacks. As the last Skeleton falls the battle is over.

Wanting a long rest to get spells and healing, you make your way on a leaping bear across the river back to the alcove of rock next to the swirling water. You attempt to attune with magic items during your rest.

Treasure you found on the dead bodies:
(M)Potion of Greater Healing (4d4+4)
Bag containing 75 gp
(M)Wand of Magic Detection
(M)Oil of Sharpness

Other items:
Mithral Chainmail Dwarven sized (Brinnell wearing)
Undead Minotaur’s great axe (Brinnell’s damaged great axe is somehow inside Pick’s back pack)
(M)Warhammer +1
(M)Long Bow

From Before:

(M)= radiates magic

DnD Session Update 7-7-15
Surviving the underdark

After resting in the alcove on the “safe” side of the river running through this underground cavern, magic items that have been identified are exchanged so each can benefit the party best. All are now 2nd level. Pholstus the water Genasi having a swim speed, gets a rope across the river to make it easier for the remaining members to cross. Magical light is created for those who do not have darkvision.

You make your way back to the remains of the bodies you had found in the clearing within the mushroom forest to search them. You find nothing of interest but decide to follow their tracks back the way they had come. Bruenor using his survival skills identifies the tracks among numerous tracks here. Moving out into the forest the narrow paths force you to travel single file as you decide to split the party and travel adjacent to each other. Pick takes advantage of his Ring of Jumping and travels along the tops of the mushroom caps above the party.

Following the tracks you make your way for some distance when you come upon two floating large spheres with a single eye and numerous eye stalks on top. Stunning the party for a moment by taking no actions, Brinnell then lets an arrow fly right into one of the spheres only to watch it explode into a radius cloud of gas. Several saving throws are made but no ill effect. When the other sphere is struck it too bursts into a gas cloud forcing additional saves. Moving further ahead not far along you are startled by the wailing and shrieking sounds suddenly coming from a mushroom before you. It lasts for several rounds echoing throughout the cavern before it subsides. One good strike into this shrieking mushroom’s stalk is not enough to take it down. Several moments later you notice sounds of movement approaching you.

Medium sized creatures full covered with fur you identify as Quaggoth’s move in to attack. As combat take place you notice one of the creatures is slightly different and has the ability to cast magic as it enlarges one of its kind to large size as it then attacks causing more damage on a hit then it had. Damage being dealt is starting to add up but when you approach the spell caster it cast Mirror Image and now hides within several copies of itself for protection. A howl from one of the remaining enemy is answered from a distance from you. You are victorious after many rounds. But are more awaiting the feel of your blades?

Much time is wasted debating on what to do next as movement is noticed not far from you. Pick is atop the shrooms again and has advantage on several shots as the enemy moves into attack. More Quaggoths! Another spellcaster is among them and uses his powers to enhance his warriors to attack you. Much damage is dealt but much damage is taken. Pholstus deals out heals as Brinnell deals out both damage and healing. Starbreaker with is new abilities battle away as Furthak regains a spell with his Pearl of Power. By the time the enemy has fallen, more howls are heard some distance away, Sariel has used his last +1 arrow and hit points are down.

Moving towards the river now, you reach the edge of the more rocky surface bordering the waterway where the mushrooms do not grow. Deciding to leave this open area along the river you head back into the forest to seek out the tracks you had been following. Once you find them you decided to rest to gain back hit points and spells. During your rest all are awakened as an Ettercap send a blast of spider webs at Sariel. All enter combat, except those without darkvision, as two additional Ettercaps join the fray. Arca is knocked out and carried away while Pick follows as they disappear towards the river through a web covered area. Two of the enemy fall, as more hit points are lost by you. Making your way through the webbed area to try to find Arca and Pick, Brinnell breaks through the wall of web and challenges the remaining Ettercap who runs off down the river’s edge. You find Pick has made some death saves and Arca is unconscious and stuck in a web. You free them, stabilize them and now stand at the edge of a river running through a forest in a seemingly occupied and dangerous subterranean cavern, low on hit points, out of arcane spells with two of the party members out of commission. Will you survive?

DnD Session Update 7-14-15
Out of the cavern and into the...

Standing in the dark and foreboding cavern where two of your party have nearly meet their ends, you debate on what to do next. Low on hit points and spells, should you try to endure another encounter with the Quaggoth’s or wait to be caught in another Ettercap web? No, the decision is made to seek out the tracks you had been following and continue to find their beginning. So Sariel stealthily seeks her swords from the battle grounds where she had dropped them while some healing is being done back in the party. Once back the group makes its way back to the last spot the tracks were known to be. Sariel and Bruenor search and find the tracks and prepare to continue making your way through the dense mushroom forest. Pick decided to stay on the ground this time.

Howling and other sounds can be heard off in the distance echoing around the cavern as you make your way. Suddenly you come upon two more of the floating gas eye balls resembling a Beholder. Skirting around them by a wide margin you seem to elude any encounter with them. A bit further you move and you can see a stone wall ahead of you. Natural stone so you assume it is the cavern wall. Shortly before reaching the edge of the forest nearest the wall you are startled by a Shreiker sounding off as you approach. Bruenor follows the tracks out of the forest right up to the stone where he can see a narrow stone ledge climbing up and to the right along the cavern wall face. The rest of the party climbs onto the ledge single file and starts making their way up the path. Being in a hurry with enemy not far from you and a Shreiker signaling your location, the ledge becomes more difficult than you expected. Numerous dexterity checks and strength checks are made and failed causing many to start the climb over while Duergan starts tying a rope around several party members to aid and stop anyone from falling. It still ends up being quite a challenge but Sariel makes it to the top where she had begun seeing a light source further up the stone wall as she rounded a corner. Finding a small hole in the stone Sariel moves in with Pick close behind before everyone reaches this point to make sure it is safe.

Once all are in you find yourselves standing on a stone ledge high above a large natural cavern with a hole in the ceiling some 40’ off the floor near the center with daylight shining through it. Along with the light, there is also a large ship keel protruding into this cavern through that hole in the ceiling. It rests with its bow buried in the remains of a large skeletal creature on the cavern floor. It appears the masts have been broken off along with something wooden sheared off down the side of the hull running a good part of the length of what you can see. A rocky slope leads to a rubble and stone covered floor of this cavern as you make your way down and closer to the center of this 200’ diameter cavern. As ou near the ship you come around and can see the decks with access openings to the hold. The hull seems intact just the broken off extremities assumed to have been removed when it entered the opening in the ceiling. The skeletal remains is very large and once identified as the remains of a Remorhaze, a creature Starbreaker knows, you deduce that if the creature had been alive at the time the ship came to rest here, it would not have survived.

Starbreaker makes his way up through the remains and climbs onto the ship itself. He surprisingly “falls” onto the deck. He discovers that gravity holds him as if the ship were positioned level to the world and that he can walk normally even though the ship rests at a sharp angle. As more party members make their way aboard, Starbreaker moved up the ship towards the part of the ship still outside this cavern and in the open blue skies above the opening. Once he gets to the highest point he can see a 50’ radius around starting at the opening, a flat, smooth, leather looking surface. A small pool of water is half way to what seems to be an edge or end to this surface that looks to just drop away. He can see farther beyond, several hundred feet away, a similar shaped and topped structure like the one he is above. Dense forest can also be seen in all directions further below this elevation.

The ship’s hold is open and you can see the lower decks as you peer down. A ballista is positioned at the stern. As some move down below decks, Duergan searches the remains in the cavern. He finds wooden parts to the ship, a piece of the ship with some writing on it and large pieces of cloth. He can make out the words written in common as Brightstar. A quick knowledge check from Pick notes a pirate ship on the Moonsea was rumored to carry that name.

The man deck has a door at each end that enters the fore and aft chambers. The fore chamber is a storage room with debris scattered about. The aft chamber is the captain’s quarters with bedding, furniture and shelves. All appear to be empty. The lower decks contain a disarray of furniture, barrels and misc. debris. You notice wooden boxed-in structures running along the length of the interior on the outside wall or hull on this deck as well. Another deck below the second appears to have more debris and another hold access which seems to make for a very deep vessel. This is all viewed by Furthak through the eyes of his familiar. You decided to take a long rest in these two rooms. No encounters are had during your rest so hit points and spells along with magic items charges are regained.

Searching now, you concentrate on the three doors on the second level. As Pick approaches the aft door on that deck, a dark solid circle on that door produces a pair small mechanical creatures that attack him. A battle begins as more of these mechanical creatures move out this black hole as soon as one is destroyed in combat. This goes on for some time. They seem to have immunities and resistances especially to piercing and slashing weapons. That makes for an attempt for some to help equip others with blunt weapons. Much damage is taken and dealt during this fight as you reach a point where Duergan decides enough is enough and tries to plug the black hole with is body but in his attempt to reach the door, he is tripped up and falls short. Sometime after that additional creatures stop entering combat and you see the black hole fade away ending the battle. Pick picks the locked lock on this door and enters to find a large wooden circular pedestal supporting what was a 3’ diameter sphere upon it. The sphere is now broken but is made of what looks like clear glass. Nothing is within the broken sphere you can see. The pedestal has the name Brightstar carved in it on three spots around its surface. The walls are adorn with hundreds of names carved in common of words and names, some you recognize and most you do not. Several that stand out are Mulmaster, Skullport, Suzail, Baldur’s Gate, Greyhawk, Sigil, Haven, Tyr, Gloamnull and the City of Brass along with numerous more.

A short rest later Pick now approaches the aft doors, the right one first. Right is always right a clever rogue once said. When he attempts to pick the lock on this door, a streak of lightning shoots forth and forces saving throws to be made. Furthak does not make his save and takes full damage. Pick now gets the lock open and finds a room of bunks, a chest and book shelves containing books. (More info on this later) Discovering another magic ward on the left door, Furthak warns everyone. A plan to trigger it from a distance with mage hand works as a fireball blasts them room. Pick opens this lock to find a room with a desk and more shelves containing more books, papers and other items. (More on this later too) This leaves the lower decks unsearched but waiting…


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