Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session Update 6-21-16
More Despayr

Battle continues with the Rune Dragon hanging on the side of your ship. Starbreaker loops a rope around Despayr’s neck with an outstanding athletic move that inspires all. Despayr drops from view after breaking the rope while moments later the ship is jarred and rocking as all standing on The Brightstar can feel. At that point you see flying towards you from the darkness are two winged black horses with mounts. Two nightmares approach with a female caster and the dragonborn you encountered before. The shuttering and jarring continue for several rounds before Despayr appears at the bow of the ship. Starbreaker makes an historic move and jumps on Despayr grabbing the rope around his neck and mounting the dragon. Despayr jumps from the ships side with Starbreaker attached and falls from sight.

Despayr is followed down to the waters below that are filling this canyon here. Captain Furthak flying and invisible is in pursuit as Pick hiding in the darkness watches all he can. Battle between the nightmares goes in your favor. Bruenor summons giant owls giving everyone a mount that can fly as some make for the dragon, the dragon flies back up to the ship’s deck height. Damage is being dealt to Despayr as two smaller black dragons fly into view and attack. Starbreaker’s will to remain on the dragon is unbreakable as he delivers additional damage to the beast.

With most party members mounted on owls at this point but some at lower elevations and some up by The Brightstar’s elevation watch as Despayr and the two smaller black dragons fall, again with Starbreaker tagging along, straight down this time with perception checks can hear the splash as they dive into the thick black oily water here. Captain Furthak tries to find eveidence of their entering the water and a possible path or direction. Starbreaker knows they are traveling under this black soup in some random direction.

What will happen to Starbreaker? Where are the dragons headed? You feel this encounter with Despayr was a way for the dragon to discover your strengths and possibly your weaknesses. Captain Furthak has a strange feeling about this encounter. Something is wrong…

DnD Session Update 6-14-16
Despayr within the dark

With the dwarf Captain Scalling Badaxe out of the way, you gained another shadow shard. You search through the remains of the Temple of Ebon Doom and find evidence Shadar-kai dwelling there as well as the dwarf and dragonborn. Tracks and blood from a larger number of humanoids runs though this place and down a trail on the far side of this complex leading deeper into the Shadow Plane. You decide to ready and follow the path from the air in the Brightstar with illumination hanging below.

As you travel, the path leads you to a structure positioned on the edge of a ravine. Water borders the structure sitting on a rocky outcropping as the sound of falling water is surrounding the area. Being on the Plane of Shadow, your vision is still reduced greatly as you see a large suspension bridge starting on the back side of the structure before you disappearing as it reaches out into the ravine off into the darkness.

Moving on foot towards the building, you peek inside to see bi-pedal creatures through the windowsin this stone structure. Knockingont eh door leads to combat with two Mezzoloths. Damage is dealy and taken in battle but you are victorious over these evil creatures. You find a map on the wall that depicts a huge valley that lies before you with numerous structures or points along the way of a network of bridges. A large “island”is shown at the far side of this network. This towering natural stone column within the ravine itself would be your guess to being the place you will find Despayr the Rune Dragon and possibly the kidnapped peoples whose path you have followed. Onboard the Brightstar you set out into the black rift above the network of suspension bridges leading your way.

Reaching a junction or two you are now deep within the rift as some notice movement off in the distance flying past you. Using a gem from the Help of Brilliance, you illuminate the black dragon as he attacks. Flyby attacks from Despayr leading him landing on the side of the Brighstar and breathing a line of acid. The battle continues…

DnD Session Update 5-31-16
The Ebon Dome

-Moving the ship back out into the swamp to what you think is a safe distance, you rest
-Finding a trail in the deep brush that leads away up the rise into the darkened Plane of Shadow hoping to find Captain Scalling Badaxe and the Ebon Dome
-As you prepare to head off, the Brightstar appears in the dark sky above you as Captain Furthak reunites the party
-Following the path from the air in the Brightstar, you travel a couple hours until you reach a large stone structure. One and two stories in height.
-You sneak into the tall domed buiding as battle between ground forces of the Ebon dome and those on the Brightstar begin
-A Gloom Golem is found in the alter within the Ebon Dome as the forces outside are destroyed. The winged dragonborn is lost in the struggle as his lizard and Shadar kai forces fall.
-The golem falls but dishes our damage but no sign of Captain Scalling are to be found

DnD Session Update 5-17-16
Into theh Plane Of Shadow

-Explore more of the dilapidated structure that these dark figures are holding up
-Find a large room containing numerous figures along with a dark mass with long tendrils reaching out from the center of the room
-You notice a familiar dwarf figure in the center o f the room near the dark mass
-Enter combat with these figures and try to confront the dwarf now identified as Captain Scalling Badaxe
-As combat continues, Captain Scalling disappears into the dark mass as the tendrils fade awy
-Several rounds later combat is waining as the tendrils re-emerge
-A winged dragon born typefigure who you have been battling breathes acid upon you and disappears into the dark mass. Again the tendrils fade away
-You defeat all your foes here and search the area
-After time has passed, one at a time every 3 rounds, a party member follows the last into the dark mass
-You find yourselves in a similar structure surrounded by darkened skies. You discover you have entered the Plane of Shadow (or the Shadow Fell) in a mirrored structure even further along in its demise
-After finding no enemy, you make your way out of this roofless structure and follow a well worn path away from the building
-The rumors of people being taken captive and brought to the place by dark foes, seems to have lead to a path of woe leading to the edge of a swamp where you find a pier and boat containing shackles and whips
-Evidence of another ship leaving this dock leads you to believe that Captain Scalling is out ahead of you
-Manning the remaining ship yourself you head out into the swamp hoping to catch up to the captain
-Giant crocs attack but are befriended and used to tow your ship at an accelerated rate
-You follow for hours by a repeating lone bright light far off in the dark distance leading you through the swamp
-You catch up to Captain Scalling’s boat shortly after it has docked at another pier.
-You battle the captain and the winged dark dragonborn along with the dark lizard henchmen you have battle before. The captain uses what you think to be a Shadow Shard to create a magical escape as the winged dragonborn and he escape the area

DnD Session Update 5-3-16
Into a dark temple

Resting in Melvaunt for the night brings you back to fully healed and full complement of spells. Magic items recharge and more rumors are heard. The city is still at an elevated level of awareness since the massing orcs have destroyed villages and taken prisoners. The fires across the plains were said to be set by the orcs.

Putting your needs before this town you are visiting, Captain Furthak sets out his bird familiar to seek out the Brightstar while Pick and Sariel go shopping. Draven seeks out darker magics as Starbreaker brings needed moneys to those who he can help. A small magic and trinket shop is where pick and Sariel find some interesting items, a giant slaying arrow and decorative jewelry. Bartering takes place that nearly closes the bizarre but Sariel purchases the arrow. And while Sariel is interacting with a parrot in the front corner of the shop, Pick turns invisible and decides to attempt to rob the place. He grabs the jewelry and a few loose coins from behind the counter and makes for the rear door. It is locked so he noisily picks the lock and opens the door which brings him into the back room with another door and a ladder leading up to a hatch in the ceiling. Sariel purchases the bird as both he, the bird and Pick head out the front door. Before the owner realizes what took place.

Captain Furthak find a shop that will sell him a stone of earth elemental control but he needs to return the following day to receive it. So after a night’s sleep, the town is still on edge with rumors of orc attack as well as the stories of the town militia returning with rescued farmers they had found prisoner in a dark temple to the north east of Melvaunt. Dark and shadowy figures fill the minds of those hearing of the place as the report of darker powers in control leaving the city guard reluctant to return there.

Since the Captain’s familiar failed to find the Brightstar, he summons a heartier fowl to seek it out. The seagull does return later in the day with news of the ship anchored in a bay some miles to the east of Melvaunt. Knowing it is safe for the time being, the group sets off towards this dark temple with Sariel using her tracking ability to follow the city guard’s trail back to it. Better than half a day’s journey brings the party to a hillier area where they come to a rise and see a dilapidated stone walled structure before them.

Guards can be seen on top of the gate house while a fountain, trees and a larger structure can be identified within the walls. The larger structure has a wide tower attached to is opposite side. Water borders some if the wall so Starbreaker sneaks in to search out any breach in the wall the water may have hidden. He does find an opening in the murky water but the group has decided to climb the wall and drop down in behind the large building. Doing so you all make you way, including Sariel’s new parrot, towards a side door leading into the tower area of the structure. Pick opening the door and moves in to find a dimly lit room with several creatures including a large dog like shadowy creature back in the darkest corner of the room, which he would not have seen without his gem of true seeing. Three lizard type creatures and another humanoid type are here. Battle breaks out as more of the party try to get into the doorway and battle. The door is closed with several party members still outside but Captin Furthak summons his earth elemental who bashes in the door allowing all the take part in the battle. Two more lizard creatures come into the room after several moments. All these creatures seem to have a dark and shadowy aura to them. When the dog creature dies, the shadow aura lifts as it does for the others in turn. The battle ends and you climb the spiral staircase in the middle of this room upward.

Draven gathers blood from the Shadow Mastiff as you move up the stairs. On the level above you find three lizard folk tied up and another larger creature. You vanquish the creature and free the barely alive lizard folk. All beaten and bruised and near death. You heal them and find out one is the leader of a village of lizard folk who has survived an orc attack on his village only to be taken here. You arm them and all prepare to search more of this complex.

DnD Session Update 4-19-16
Out into the wilds of Thar

Leaving the tomb of Kursk behind, you make for the city of Melvaunt to the south. Along the river you find orcs so you decided to stay to the rise west of the river and make your way south. The faint smell of smoke is in the air as you travel. A good couple hours of travel you find a crevasse in the stone rise and make camp there within a Leomund’s Tiny Hut.

During the night the area has become filled with heavier smoke and as you journey out from your hut, you find a more dense smoke hanging in the air. The smell of burning wood is dominate as you check around. making for the top of the rise you can see out in the distance, which is reduced, smoke filling the air with bellowing stacks to the east and south of you. A faint glow of flame can be seen from time to time. Staying to the west, you move south.

Once again you make for the top of the rise as the smoke has not lessoned. Once there you can see a large group of bipedal creatures moving along the road which is near the river here. Upon closer inspection, you find two groups of approx. 15 orcs each bordering a group of human men, women and children down the road. Deciding to free these humans and destroy the orcs, you plan an attack.

Using you magic and skill you make you ways down the rise and cast strong magics towards the orcs. Burning them and crushing them driving them down. A leader and two stronger individuals try to rally the orc warriors as battle ensues. You masterfully defeat the orcs and find the humans to be farmfolk from the outlying areas of Melvaunt. Some who could understand orcish say they heard talk from the orcs about them being taken to the forces of Shar. To be a sacrifice or offering to the dark one. They are grateful to you for their freedom.

You decided to move south past the vast areasof wild fire spreading across the plains and escort the humans back to their homes. Once you find most a familiar place, the few remaining come with you to Melvaunt and safety. There Starbreaker helps them find shelter and protection. The party finds an inn and rests.

While in Melvaunt, you know your ship has set sail beyond the docks of this city to hide out in the shallows east of here. You also hear stories of orcs. Farms and small villages have been attacked and destroyed by orc attack. It seems the city guard were sent to help those in need as they came upon more orcs bringing fires to life to destroy farms and take prisoners. Many people have vanished. Some who managed to stay hidden tell a horrid tale of watching orcs drag their families away. The city patrol came across a dark temple out in the wilds where they managed to rescue a dozen humans. They tell stories of shadowy figures and areas of darkness within this temple. Some humans say that others were taken deep into this temple and did not return. The strength of the city patrol was enough to survive but none wish to return after seeing shadows come to life and powerful shadow magics being wielded by dark figures.

If more people have been taken into this temple, a force must be sent to bring them back. Rumors of shadow monsters and engulfing shadow magic abound. Talk among the city guard brings dark powers and massing orcs causing these massive fires across the lands. Talk of items of shadowy magic controlled by shaman orcs are on the tongues of many. A feel of shadowy doom is in the air.

You are rested as you awake this morning to find out a city scout has returned with a prisoner and reports of orc bands north of Melvaunt. Before killing the prisoner, the clerics in the city learn about and warn of visions coming to them of a powerful shadow figure wielding a dark stone is coming from the temple the city guard found to the east of Melvaunt. The Shadow Citadel. And beyond that the Monastery of the Ebon Dome which leads to the black rift. Truths of powerful shadow magics and worshippers of Shar have all worried as the prisoners final words were spoken.

DnD Session Update 4-5-16
In and Beyond Kursk's Tomb

Checking out the passage with the Prismatic wall you now see a sphere floating in the middle of the hall before the magical wall. It appears mostly clear but has several indentations in its surface. Captain Furthak makes the indentations out to be ancient symbols of the elements. All four are represented. So back to the main room you make your way down the shaft into the now wind free room where you find another 20’x20’ stone room 10’ deep. You notice an object on the floor and take it. It is a strange tubular 3 dimensional sculpture. Bringing it back up it is identified as a 3 dimensional symbol that may fit into the sphere you discovered. Making your way back to the sand filled room, between Captain Furthak’s Mage Hand and his henchman the sand is dispersed and search until another object is found.

Taking these 2 tubular objects to the sphere and fitting them into the slots that compliment their shapes, for each a Prismatic Wall drops. When the first wall falls you see another wall beyond that falls once the piece is fit. Items are seen on the floor beyond each wall. Investigating you see that htes areas have not been disturbed in a great length of time. A chest and several bags are in the first exposed area containing gems and a helm. In the second area Pick discovers a multifaceted stone object as black as black can be. He picks it up after looking with his Gem of True Seeing and brings it back to the group. Both items radiate magic but the black stone has a powerful aura.

After checking to see if the other 2 statues will animate and finding them to be nothing but statues so you topple over the stone statue and expose another shaft below. At the bottom of this 50’ shaft you see a green liquid filling most of the 20’x20’ room. Using a glass vile Bruenor decides to scoop up some of the liquid into it and then pour it under the metal statue so it can seep in and makes its way down the shaft to the expected flames below. Once you topple the metal statue to expose this shaft completely, you see an empty room below. Using Mage Hand to grab another item located in the green acid pool and finding another tubular item in the last empty room, you make for the sphere by the Prismatic Walls.

You place the third symbol into the recessed impressions on the sphere and another Prismatic wall falls. But this time there is not another wall beyond. The newly exposed areas beyond appear to have been disrupted where earlier areas had been undisturbed. A dimly lit stone hallway leads away to darkness. It appears to Captain Furthak that this tomb has been entered and possibly ransacked from the other entrance. He also makes the discovery that this darkness leads to a connection to the Plane of Shadow. Pick explores the hall to find a shadowy path leading to a cave mouth being guarded by a human adorn in metal armor and weapons. As the group moves up, the seemingly lone guard is startled when he notices all of you. He orders you to stop but backs off out of sight away from the cave mouth. You notice markings upon his armor matching the symbol worn by worshippers of Shar, the Dark Goddess. The view beyond the immediate area is one of rolling hills and plain reaching out to the extent of your sight, which is reduced by the dark feature of this plane. You move back into the cavern.

Deciding against wanting to deal with a figure so well armored and connected to Shar, you head back towards the stairwell so to stay on your Prime Material Plane. As you approach, you here echoing movement coming from the stairwell. A mass of orcs is making its way down and spill into the room where you stand prepared for combat. Orcs drop by your hands as more enter each round. As you finally make your way up a portion of the stairs, oil is spilled down the stairwell, poison gas is used against you and fire brought on by your own doing hinder your ascent. Through unbelievable moves, starbreaker and Pick make their way past the orc filled stairwell to make openings above for the remaining party members to advance. Once to the top, you see a horde of orcs masses in the area outside. Well over 100 orcs can be seen along with a leader and spellcaster who hinder you path outside the entrance. As Bruenor calls his upon his 4 legged friends to help, the group makes its way out and mounts these creatures that then move off to escape after Captain Fruthak casts a magical cloud of noxious gas that chokes and blocks vision. Starbreaker gets caught up in it but finds his way to escape. You race off towards the river to find the ford littered with more orcs so you head back south along the rise to the east of the river.

DnD Session Update 3-22-16
Back to the Prime Material

On the plane of the Seven Heavens at the base of Mount Celestia from the Castle of High Wisdom is where you start out after spending several weeks here resting and planning your next move. The celestial creatures here have discovered the whereabouts of your “fallen” comrades. The souls of Starbreaker and Pick are under the control of The Keeper of the Pandemonium Stone which is an ancient structure that is always in flux as it travels around the multiverse and has done so for longer than anyone knows. It randomly appears and disappears but its location is known as of now to be in the Elemental Chaos. The creatures here present you with gifts and their blessings, extra blessings for Draven, as you set off to save your companions.

You approach the Pandemonium Stone at its base where the entrance is located. A large grotesque creature greets you at the massive door as you request a audience with The Keeper. This Keeper offers you information as well as a quest in exchange for your companions essences. You agree to and learn this:

-Your world (Toril) is in danger of invasion from the Orc God Gruumsh
-His alliance with the elemental powers failed and he now is allied with Greater Goddess Shar, Goddess of Darkness
-The allied foes are in search of the Shadow Shards. These are the remnants of the Shadow Stone that was destroyed eons ago. She has found shards and is collecting them. If she collects enough of the shards, her power will grow and The Keeper estimates that Gruumsh underestimates her strength.
-The Keeper has challenged you to find out where she has taken the shards and within 1 years time, bring him at least 4 shards in exchange for the release of Starbreaker and Pick.
-He informs you that Shar’s greatest follower is Despayr the Rune Dragon
-He offers direction by sharing the rumor of a shard being in the Tomb of Kursk One Tusk

With the blood oath taken by all except Draven, you are now indebted to The Keeper as he releases Starbreaker and Pick to you. Making your way back to The Brightstar you travel back to your Prime Material Plane and you home of Toril. There you appear on the Moonsea and make for port to stock up and find out what has occurred since your absence.

The orcs and giants around Mulmaster have apparently dispersed as well as the elemental presence. You know that Kursk’d Tomb to be located in the lands north of City of Melvaunt on the north shores of the Moonsea. Preparing for your trek, you instruct your crew to make for shallows along the north coast while you buy horses and set out for your quest.

Traveling north into the land of Thar, paralleling the river but keeping your distance you ride out. The second day out you are still on the high grounds west of the river and you notice smoke streams off to the east some miles away. As you travel further you approach a ford along the river and can again see the smoke off in the distance and what appears to be amassing orcs out in the plains east of you.

The map you have had for some time showing Kursk’s Tomb leads you to check out the area west of the ford where Pick and his Gem of True Seeing notices a false area in the face of a natural stone wall ahead of you. Investigating closer you find an alcove in the stone covered by a magical illusionary cover. A round stone cap is located in this alcove and as you lift it, you find an opening leading down into the earth. Curved stairs lead down into a large natural stone chamber some 40 feet below the surface. 4 statues stand in line here with one exit beside the one you stand in. The statues appear to be of different materials. One stone, one metal, one leather and one earth. As you approach, the earth and leather animate and a battle commences.

After your foes fall you discover open pits below the area where they had been standing. The passage leading out of this room is a hall that turns 90 degrees some short distance and after the turn you can see a wall of multi colors shimmering ahead of you across the passage blocking further investigation. Captain Furthak tries a Dispel Magic spell to take down this magical wall of Prismatic color but what should have succeeded does not. You investigate the 2 pits back in the main room to find both being 50’ deep and around 5’ across. At the bottom of one of the pits you can make out what appears to be sand below the end of the shaft. The other pit is dark. Dropping a light stone in the dark pit reveals at the end of the 50’ drop is a room 10’ deep containing a wind storm as the stone is blown around like a leaf in the wind. Climbing down the sand hole, Sariel drops onto the sand only to find a 20’x20’ stone room about 6’ tall with sand covering its floor. When he makes contact with the sand, a puff of dust is disrupted and causes Sariel to make a Constitution saving throw against a poisonous fume. Sariel grabs a handful of sand and is lifted back up to the top by the group. He drops an amount of sand into the dark wind containing pit and finds the winds stops as soon as the sand makes contact.

DnD Session Update 12-22-15

While still within the Elemental Planes in the city of Gloamnull, Captain Furthak and Seraphina make it back to The Brightstar where Starbreaker is waiting. They take a long rest and prepare to find their lost companions. Meanwhile Pick has found influence over the worshippers within the Temple to Dagon and orders for Draven, Sariel and Varayana to be released. He found them all bound and being bleed. Pick has their possessions brought to them so they suit up and all leave the cathedral and head back to the ship.

There is talk about taking out the supposed evil wizard in his tower but the decision is made to back the ship out of the harbor and teleport to another plane after a scrying spell finds Sariel and then later, the Brightstar itself. So Captain Furthak using the sphere brings the ship, party and crew to the Seven Heavens as a safe harbor. You travel from the silver sea across vast reaches of flowing grasslands until you see the grandness that is Mount Celestia rising far beyond your vision. A feeling of calm and safety surrounds you here as a continual bless affects all. Creatures you thought were birds flying off in the distance appear to be feather winged bi-peds of grace and awe. As the ship closes in on the base of the mountain, you are greeted and welcomed, offered food and healing as well as place to rest.

So Captain Furthak, Seraphina, Sariel, Pholstus, Draven, Bruenor and Varayana rest, study, create magic items and so on while Starbreaker and Pick level up.

DnD Session Update 12-15-15
The Fallen

A large darkened chamber within the huge cathedral dedicated to Dagon is where the fight begins. A black undead looking creature to your left had appeared draped in robes and carrying a scythe. Armored warriors emerge from a door to your right while a large part of this chamber remains secret beyond your darkvision range ahead of you. Seraphina charms some of the warriors as Pick and Varayana approach the dark figure. You suddenly realize the screaming siren coming from the top of the cathedral has ceased as the double doors you passed through to enter this place slam shut behind you. The death figure seems to be an illusion a Pick uses his Gem of Seeing and notices an invisible robed figure behind the illusion. Melee attacks defeat the figure.

Two more robed figures walk from the darkness before you and each casts a fireball spell upon your group. Captain Furthak returns the favor by casting a wall of fire before them stretching across the chamber ahead of you illuminating the area and up into its high ceiling. You now see a huge raised alter at the far end of the 80’ wide by 140’ deep room. Another robed figure stands upon the raised alter, an alter shaped as a 5 pointed star. The two figures nearest the wall of fire walk around the wall where you can see them each cast another fireball spell upon you.

The battle continues as healing and combat are complimented by an exchange of magic spells. One of the robed figures falls to Captain Furthak’s splells as female voice is heard deep in the chamber bellowing out orders in a strange language. Sariel understand these words she hears, “Sacrifice yourself to Dagon” she tells her comrades is what was said. Not knowing if it was a command or a request, you can see above the wall of fire, the body of a robed figure upon the alter being ripped in two and falling away as a large demonic figure rises from the remains. As the wall of fire ends, a Hezrou marches straight for you with blood in its eyes.

More warriors emerge from both the door to your right and now from you left as combat takes its toll on your hit points and healing becomes key to surviving as death saves are made and failed. As the Hezrou wades into combat dishing out great amounts of damage, Captain Furthak, using greater invisibility, moves about the area keeping away from damage being dealt as he dishes out his own damage on your enemy. Sariel again makes out the female voice utter the same words as you see another robed figure race up the stairs to the top of the alter and be sacrificed to become something more evil. A different robed figure emerges from the alter area and positions herself closer to the combat as a Vrock flies over her head and towards the party. This figure casts another fireball upon the group before the Vrock enters combat.

Pick steps up and uses one of his Wish spells to try and put himself in control of these followers of Dagon. Upon uttering his wish, he disappears from sight. When trying to make for the right hand door, several of your group fall to damage taken. Seraphina follows the Captains lead and uses invisibility to move about freely. As the Hezruo falls and the door is finally opened, the invisible duo move beyond the door as Sariel, Draven and Varayana who have fallen are dragged away by the Vrock. Using her rope and grappling hook, Seraphina climbs up the wall to the window 20’ above. Captain Furthak moved about the chaotic room below as Seraphina had but he then teleports to the window. As the two find each other on the ledge, they climb down to safety outside the cathedral leaving their fallen party members to another fate.


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