Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnDSession Update 6-2-15 Part One
Elmwood and Surrounding Areas

The Moonsea
Fort Dalton
Lisen Sands and the lighthouse

Woodcutters and Fishermen
Population 500
Humans, Dwarves, Elves
Constable-Thoyan Jorgadaul (H)
Temple of Selune (Half Moon)-Lady Anorah (H-Cleric)
Blacksmith- Sardek (Dw)
Grove- Shrine to Eldath- Ezril Treewarder (½ Elf-Druid)
Still Water (Tavern/Inn/Brewery)- Enrad Daleborn (Dw)
Barkeep-Elena (H)
Grange (Trading Post)- Tayrom (H)
Baker – Lemmy (H)
Dock Hands- Belgar (½ Elf)
Torak (Dw)

Old Well
River Lis
Lis ferry to Lisen Sands or Fort Dalton
Ferry Captain- Scalling Badaxe (Dw)

Elmwood is a layover for travelers by land and water. Ships stop frequently on their way to and from Mulmaster as do travelers headed to and from the North Road across the ford. The heavy woods to the south are rumored to being infested with demons coming from the lost elven forest kingdom of Cormanthor.
DnD Session 10-15-14
Awaken again/Leather pouch/Being followed

We awake in the same stone cell as the day before. Naral had a successful saving throw and remembered every detail from the day before while Duergan held to the standard hard headed dwarven way of existing failed his saving throw and could not remember anything.

So we lured a kobold over to the cell with some noise to try to get the supposed key from him for our escape when Duergan’s sacred flame failed. But Naral rolled a “20” when attempting to grab the kobold and pounded his head against the cell bars. We had our key.

Moving to the stone trap door in the floor we opened it and surprised more kobolds. Defeating them we made our way to free the tiefling Mynks held in the cell below. He/she too had no memory of the previous day. (we do not know if Mynks is a male or female) On our way to the gimpy legged kobold in the room where we had previously found our items we come across 3 kobolds and an orc. Once defeated, we open the door to find more kobolds and another orc. We mop up and gather our items along with the evil book and numerous other books here. We level up.

Opening the door again we find the darkness beyond, as we step through we find ourselves in a stable within the center area of Gorgan City. A palace is visible as is the raining fiery balls of attack pounding into the city away from this area. Still nobody seems to take notice of the skyward doom. We know we need to make our way to the outer ring of this city away from the wealthy. The gate we find is guarded but with a sleep spell from Mynks, enough of a distraction is created for us to slip by.

We find a vendor in the marketplace and sell off the random books we have found and make 100gp. We then decide to head for the apothecary as the cult does not know we have the evil book this time so we will try to get some information from her. We enter her establishment and purchase some healing potions. Then ask her if we can offer our services as we have heard about an organization that dwells within this city can be accessed here. She hands us a leather pouch and off we go. We notice we are being followed so we duck into an alley. Opening the pouch we find a scroll but it is blank. We wait and approach a figure that seems to be following us and ask “what’s up?” The conversation does not last long as a flung dagger narrowly misses Naral’s head. We subdue 2 figures and bring them into the alley. They are not helpful and do not take well to our attempts to deceive them into believing we want to join their group.

We spot another figure in a window across the street watching us. With some well placed hand crossbow shots, loaded with the poison we discover we are carrying from the figures, we kill the lone figure. The other 2 figures find death then we decide to wait until dark and make our way into the sewers for hiding. As darkness falls, the blank scroll found in the leather pouch starts to glow. When we look upon it we now see draconic writing but cannot decipher. Off into the sewers and we rest.

DnD Session 10-1-14
Awaken/Dorgan City/Cloaked Figure

Waking in a dark, solitary, windowless cell with no memory of how we came to be here, a locked cell door blocks our only exit. Naral Ranolde the Wood Elf Ranger and Duergan Oakcrest the Hill Dwarf Cleric introduce themselves to each other and try to figure a way out.

We can hear voices outside the cell, as we make some noise ourselves we attract a kobold who makes his way towards us and bangs on the cell door to quiet us down. We get him closer and attack with spells then pull his body close enough to search. Gaining a club, scroll and a key, we exit the cell and search the area. As we move down the hall we are attacked by 3 more kobolds that pop out of a movable stone on the floor. After removing the kobold threat we gain a hand crossbow (no bolts), 3 more scrolls and a small box. Box seems magically protected as it fights back when Naral tries to whack it open.

After hearing a deeper voice (possibly an orc) coming from further down the way, we decide to climb down into the floor and cover it back up with the stone flooring. We find it drops us down to a level below with a choice of 3 directions to go. Searching ahead, Naral discovers another cell with an occupant. We free the Tiefling Bard named Mynks (?) as he joins us as an NPC. With is thieving abilities, he tries to open the small box but is injured by the box as it protects itself magically.

As we stand in the hall, a gimpy kobold walks around the corner back where we dropped in, we follow. He enters a door and room with light within, so we sneel up and plan to grapple him and get some answers via interrogating. A room with many books, a large chest, an evil looking book on a stand with a feather and a single door as an exit. We try to get info out of kobold but he is a bit of a wreck. The chest contains some emeralds, rubies and diamonds, 2 pendants along with a great number of gold pieces. The most interesting item is the vile looking book on the stand. We also find sacks containing all of our possessions we each had prior to finding ourselves stripped and locked up. We gather all the goodies along with as many books from the shelves as we can manage and make for the door.

Once the door is opened, we see nothing beyond. We threaten the weak kobold by pushing him towards the nothing. He does not react so we plunge through and find ourselves deep within a forest. Naral climbs a tree to get our bearings and sees a walled city off in the distance with smoke rising from it. We make our way towards it.

Finding greedy gates man here at Dorgan City, we over pay to enter the city but as we seek safety, it is worth it. Finding the Tumbling Pangolin Inn, we get a room and proceed to check out our findings. Scrolls, small box, gems, pendants, books and vile book. Seeking out a mage to identify some of the items magical powers, we make for the tardis like wizard tower in the center of town.

-Small magic box needs a key to open.
-Pendants are magical but tied to the cult the kobolds, orcs and more are part of
-Scrolls and books are filled with prophecies written in draconic and other languages
-Book with feather, the mage would not even allow us to uncover claiming it is evil

Off to find some potions of healing as we have come to find there are no churches or temples within the city. Rumor that a temple lays outside the city somewhere. So to an apothecary we go. Of course the one we find is an old lady wearing another one of these pendants and we discover this as we are hit from behind and knocked unconscious. Waking tied to chairs in some kind of cellar, Naral frees himself as a figure comes down the stairs within the room and attacks him. Duergan frees himself as well while the bad guys is deposed of. We are in the cellar of the apothecary so Mynks imitates the guards voice to try to draw the old woman’s attention to the cellar. We grab her as she moves behind the curtain hanging across the cellar entrance, got her. Mynks cast charm person on her and we get some answers to things.

The evil book we have belongs to the cult and they need it for the spells within for a ritual they need. She is a spy in town and there is a network here in Dorgan of this cult. Communication is provided by runners but we also find out about a tree with a knot that can be used to call for help. Knowing we have something of great importance to this cult, we know they will be looking for us. We dispense with the old lady (before we ask where the tree is), grab 5 potions of healing and make our way back to the inn to check on our chest of gold and to see if we are being watched.

Chest is emptied of gold and filled with snakes when we find it. The room’s door is open and the windows have been used to gain entrance to the room. Bar keep points out a woman that is staying in the room next to us at the inn so we ask her if she had seen anything. A cloaked figure was seen in the room by this woman. We find some street urchins that had seen cloaked figure climbing the building and they knew of his use of the sewers as a transit system. One child, Flynn, leads us into the sewers to a ladder he had seen the cloaked figure use. We send the boy out and make our way up ladder. It opens outside the city a short distance beyond the wall. Naral views a cloaked figure standing next to a tree in the near dusk light outside this sewer exit. He sneaks up to his and attacks. We exit the sewer and join in and subdue this fellow. He is very uncooperative so he is dispatched and we rest for the night.

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DnD game Sessions
Udates to our DnD Game

We have some characters created!

A Wood Elf Ranger Naral

A Tiefling Bard Mynks

A Hill Dwarf Cleric Duergan

Let the game begin.


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