Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session Update 10-13-15
Lost in ice

With Degorian pushing from behind and Bruenor paddling, the group makes its way along the ice wall towards the end where access to a sloping rise leading to Argent lies. As you round the end, coming into view are 4 huge ice canals 500 feet above you. These are the waterways Degorian mentioned that lead travelers from across the elemental plane to this city of trade. They stretch off into the distance as far off as you can see converging here at the city’s gates. You eagerly depart your ice raft and proceed up the icy slope towards the intersecting canals. When you reach the top you can see the large body of water outside the giant gates. Numerous water vessels are located in this dock. Beyond an ice walled city of some size reached back away from you with the glimpse of tall towers to the far back side which Degorian names as Argent Keep where the Royalty live. There is a huge ice dome rising over 100’ above the city like a enormous umbrella. Degorian makes several inquires about the Spelljammer you have and things about it. Where it is and how to get to it. As he speaks to Sariel and Pick about it, Captain Furthak motions for them to not say too much.

Captain Furthak does make contact with the Brightstar which means it is on this plane of existence. The condition of the ship still needs more than a month and a half to fully repair itself he can gather. It is here but it’s exact location is not known to him.


As you move towards the gates, Degorian describes the city as this, A vast nework of wealth and trade from the far reaches of the elemental planes. Travelers come by normal and magical means and you will see creatures from all elements represented here. The front part of the city would be safest for Primers and Genasi. Primers being the name given to those from the Prime Material Plane. The farther reaches of the city hold dangers to those of alien ties. If one were to get in trouble, they might find themselves quickly headed for the death caves or worse. Before you enter the city, Pick uses his disguise kit to give Degorian a new look. As he is supposed to be dead, hiding him a bit you feel is a good idea. He directs you to a Tavern and Inn by the name of Abyssal Tidings. You pay for rooms for 2 weeks and have your food provided. Several of you are ready to level up and are anxiously seeking a place of training but first you decided to get Pick a remove curse and then get some gems appraised and pool your money. Degorian says he has to make contact with his family so they know he is alive and plans to meet up with you later in the week.

You seek out a wizard named Zengo in his shop down the street. When you enter you find him sitting quietly working on something. You make introductions and ask for his services. Trading the spells from the 3 books you found to pay for the remove curse. After the curse is removed, you find the bag of gems to be a bag of rocks. You keep it for now. Bruenor asks if he has any magic items available for sale. Zengo offers a few potions, magic arrows and some magic figurines. They come to a price for a figurine of a raven but Bruenor is interested in an elephant figurine he also has. Not having enough money to pay the amount, Zengo offers a trade if ice can be brought back to him from an elemental node on Frost Spire Island.


Before you head off, Zengo offers the four brave adventurers a chance of a lifetime of a game of cards. He explains this is not just any card game, it is what is known as a Deck of Many Things. As you have to decided how many cards you will draw before you do so, Pick decides on 3 cards, Bruenor 1, Sariel 2 and Captain Furthak 2. Pick gains 2 wishes, enough experience points to advance 1 level and becomes the opposite alignment of what he was. Bruenor draws a card that reduces his intelligence score by 2 points permanently. Sariel gained a mystery foe that will reveal themselves at some future time and a powerful devil as a enemy who wishes to defeat him. While captain Furthak gained 3 wishes and 10,000 experience points (enough to go up a level). You then ask if there is a gem worker nearby you can visit and cash in on some of the gems you have acquired. Zengo suggests a gruff dwarf named Frenor who has a shop further down the way. His establishment looks like an ice cave right in the middle of the city. Finding Frenor is no issue and you cash in on the gems and stones from the hold of the Brightstar.

Having enough money to level, and 2 levels for Pick and Captain Furthak, the group leaves Bruenor behind while they pay and study for 2 weeks time. (Sariel only 1 week)

Once all are leveled, supplies are purchased and Degorian has rejoined you, Captain Furthak uses one of his wish spells and teleports all to the deck of the Brightstar. The ship is in the Elemental Plane of Ice as Captain Furthak had contact with it to confirm, but it is sitting in quite a vertical position and covered with ice so with no foothold on the deck, the gravity does not take hold and all slip down along the deck. Saves are made, ice is shaped to support and you try to enter the ships interior. The ship itself is located between ice walls that meet a hundred feet above. To one side you see nothing but ice and darkness away from you while the other direction provides light from outside the ice cover. You make your way into the ship and to the forward room where Starbreaker clears the debris from the cradle and places the crystal within the cradle. Both ship and crystal are now regenerating.

As you start to make your way back up to the deck, a noise is heard as medium sized white furred beasts have climbed onto the deck and are making their way towards you. Battle breaks out between 4 or 5 Yeti’s along with a large sized leader type. Gaze attacks and nasty breath weapon attacks lead the party to near ruin. Paralyzed, below zero hit points and big damage cause more than 1 death save to be rolled. You realize that you spent no money on healing potions while in town. As you barely get the party back on their feet with blood dripping from every orifice, another yeti climbs onboard. Bruenor casts a spell that produces spikes all over the deck and ship that damage the yeti enough for you to deal with him when he got closer. Captain Furthak levitates up and away but he lowers himself below the ship for a view and sees numerous more yeti. Some young and some female but more never the less. You find yourselves out in the wilds of the Elemental plane of Ice with no food, healing or warmth. Brutal enemies are near and you are expended. What will you do next?….

DnD Session Update 10-6-15
Water and ice and spiders, oh my!

With potions of water breathing still running you suddenly find yourselves engulfed in water. A strange feeling that you are not where you were a moment ago. Cold water. Icy cold water. Nothing but water in all directions but one where it is darker and you can make out a strange texture and motion within the texture. Deciding to make for this odd view you estimate to be over 100 feet from you, as you get closer the motion is seen in a surging of the seemingly interlocked texture of floating ice blocks running for miles away from you. You near the surface as Bruenor, the giant octopus, carries all of you towards it. Seeing the motion to be the waves carrying the loose ice blocks that fill the surface, Bruenor pushed Pick up above the surface to get a look above. Pick sees a vast wall of ice off in one direction several hundred feet from him while the endless sea of floating ice extends to his visions end. Motioning the rest of the group to surface so Pick can communicate with them, you feel the loss of body heat being sucked away from you. The realization hits that this will become dangerous in a short time.

Pick can make out a faint arch at the top of the 400-500 foot tall ice wall covering many hundreds of feet. A dark area at the base of the wall stands out to possibly be a recessed area or cave. Back down below the waters surface the octopus moves quickly towards the dark area. Damage is now being taken by all (except Starbreaker with is cold resistance) each round of time. Several rounds later with Bruenor moving at his 120" full speed brings the group into the darkened area where the water’s surface run well beyond the ice wall. A huge ice cave opens up before you as each gets placed on an ice ledge within the cave itself. More damage is being taken from the frigid cold upon your wet bodies. This 50’ tall cavern extends into the ice wall through a 15’ wide 25’ tall passage. Within Starbreaker throws a vial of oil to the ground and ignites it trying to create heat. As the damage being taken coming from the cold is not ceasing, you start to calculate the remaining time before some of the party hits 0 hp’s. Moving quickly into the ice passage and into another large cavern that it leads to you find ice blocks scattered about the room, three noticeable exits and two darkened areas in opposite corners of the cavern. Investigating you discover cocooned remains, bones, fur, hides and dried husks of bodies. Tracks are seen on the ice floor but you had trouble identifying them.

With the need for heat to combat the progressive cold damage, you decide to light the remains and fur on fire after you wrap yourselves in hides as overcoats to protect yourselves from the cold. The fire rages and you warm yourselves as the smoke rises up into the cavern ceiling some 50’ above. You notice in the opposite corner where more remains are located, an opening in the ceiling is acting as a chimney and sucking the smoke up and out. Starbreaker checks out eh only exit above floor height and notices a whimper echoing from down the narrower ice passage there. All climb up and head down the passage ending at a cavern with four cocooned figures mounted on the far wall. As you approach and the cavern opens before you, two grey/white giant spiders move out of the darkness on either side of you and attack. A battle ensues, these spiders have the ability to teleport or phase out of view and then phase back in and attack. Damage is taken but more damage is dealt as the spiders fall. These snow phase spiders seem to have captured four beings here and one is still squirming. Peeling back the cocoon you find a water genasi wrapped up inside. His name is Degorian and the look in his eyes are one of gratefulness. You break him free and heal him. He stands on his own and proclaims that these passages are known as the death caverns by the Royalty. He also informs you that numerous more spiders dwell in this place and it is not safe. You check out the other three cocooned beings but stop when Degorian warns you of one possibly being undead. A check confirms his suspicions and you leave the cavern. Once Degorian notices the smoke billowing up from the floor of the large cavern that your fire is making and exiting through the small opening on the ceiling on the far side he then warns that that is how he was lowered into this place, through that shaft. He has heard of an exit out the one passage but also knows more spiders will be in the tunnels that way. The opposite direction he knows as a complex network of tunnels but good ones to hide in. He leads the group through the tunnels that twist and turn until you reach a small opening near the ceiling and crawl into it. A small cavern is here with furs and bedding, you decided to take a long rest here. Degorian asks you if you are in league with the Royalty.

Before you rest Degorian informs you that a trading city lies above this place covered with a huge ice arch. The Royalty he has mentioned are the frost giants that govern over the city. The city is named Argent and the giants live in Argent Keep. A vast trade network converges here via water canals or channels that link the border elemental planes to one another. Creatures of all types travel through here and come here to trade. The Royalty gets percentages and taxes on most things in the city. They are rumored to have a treasure hoard of great value hidden within Argent Keep. He seems to understand what a Spelljammer is by his reaction when Pick mentions the word. He describes the water canals, water vessels, air vessels and great caravans that travel to Argent from all the elemental planes. Degorian tells you that he was a worker for the Royalty in the outer walls of the keep. He got himself into trouble when he was offered the chance to join a force that was looking to overthrow the Royalty but was found out and banished to the death cavern. He is so grateful for you saving him. Checking out treasure before you rest finds several potions of healing have been gained. Bruenor has a sack of gems from a giant, Pick has a bag of gems he does not want to keep and actually drops them. Bruenor grabs it from the ground and keeps it. The three leather bound books Pick grabbed from the earth temple roof, he has Degorian take a look at who identifies as arcane spell books. You get in a long rest.

When you awake, the plan is to make your way out of the ice caves and head for Argent. Degorian tells you that an easier way to access the city above is located a distance down the ice wall. As you enter the large ice cavern with the ice blocks, you are noticed by at least a couple of the half dozen snow phase spiders as battle begins. During the fighting you notice a rope hanging down from the opening in the ceiling with a bloodied and motionless body at it’s end. As the spiders shift from the ethereal and prime material planes with their bite attacks and poison does knock out Sariel and gravely damage others. Brave moves get everyone back on their feet. As Degorian and others make for the exit, Sariel takes interest in finding out if the body on the rope is still alive. This keeps her within the cavern and within the battle. Though spiders have fallen, more seem to be entering combat from the other tunnel. Combat falls more heroes and death saves are being rolled. A crit fire bolt from Degorian from outside the cavern takes out a spider. You finally get the fallen back on their feet and make for the exit. Bruenor makes a magic ice raft as everyone starts to board it. Degorian has a water walk spell running and gets behind the raft and pushes it while Starbreaker paddles with as ice oar Bruenor created. You make your way out into the open ice flow leaving the spiders in their cave.

DnD Session Update 9-29-15
Surrounded by the elements

All but Sariel and Seraphina are near the teleportation circle. The two of them notice the water entering at the top of the now collapsed stone mound is still producing water as it falls 30’ to the floor from an unsupported height. Seraphina casts invisibility upon herself and follows Sariel back down the tunnel you used to enter this large cavern. While the remainder of the party is engaged in battle with the second fire elemental and the recently emerged earth elemental. The earth wizard makes a save against a spell attack from Captain Furthak as the two stone giants throw more boulders from the roof of the earth temple. The Captain falls once again from a boulder attack after he touches the crystal tied to Starbreaker’s back. A message from the crystal clearly states the need to escape this area of danger.

Moments later a very loud boom and hiss are heard for hundreds of feet around as a huge billowing cloud of steam rises from the lava pool area. The water entering large cavern from its 30’ high access point has accelerated. The volume has multiplied and is starting to spill over a portion of the cavern floor where it reached the lave pool creating the huge steam cloud. The cloud is growing to engulf a larger portion of the cavern.

Sariel and Seraphina make their way back out to the large tunnel and back towards the first opening the group had found hoping it leads to the cavern entrance on the opposite side of the lava pool. Pick makes his way to the cavern opening behind the pyramid as the last known fire priest falls. After Pick throws a grappling hook and rope up to climb, he and Captain Furthak race up after Starbreaker heals Captain Furthak and gets him on his feet. Starbreaker stays on the bottom of the rope assisting all and allowing for a faster climb by Bruenor and the ailing Brinnell who comes out from the stone columns where he found protection from fiery beast. Pick and Captain Furthak move out into the darkness of the sheer tunnel to search ahead expecting the others to follow. Once Bruenor and Brinnell are up, Starbreaker makes his ascent and the three move into the tunnel after Pick and the Captain.

Another boom and more hissing are heard as a great portion of the large cavern has become enveloped with a hot steam cloud.

Running down the tunnel, Sariel and the invisible Seraphina make their way to the 3rd tunnels entrance into the large cavern. There they see the steam filled portion of the cavern but find no figures within the tunnel (as Pick had noticed earlier). Deciding to make an about face and run for the large tunnel again, once they emerge there they can make out two figures back towards the first tunnel you had all entered to get to the large cavern as well as numerous orcs to their left seemingly coming from the direction of the caverns under Xul-Jarak. Doubling back towards the large cavern, they successfully jump down to floor of the cavern and into the steam cloud but cannot see beyond 30’ ahead of them. Carefully making their way along the columns towards the now ended wall of fire, they make their way out into the cavern middle and notice a rope hanging from the opening behind the pyramid. They run for it and climb up. Taking the grappling hook and rope with them (as they know Pick paid 10gp for it) they race off into the dark tunnel in hopes of finding the rest of the party.

Meanwhile Pick and the Captain follow the tunnel a few hundred feet to a point of an opening in the ceiling. Pick throws the grappling hook up (which he does not have at this point) and hooks onto a solid object. As he pulls he draws to the opening a carrion crawler who peers down at him from it’s 10’ perch. It seems occupied in the area above as Pick and the Captain move beyond and further down the tunnel. Bruenor, Starbreaker catch up with the lead two as they come upon a collapsed portion of the tunnel. After searching the rubble, Pick finds a narrow space he can crawl 15’ through that opens into another large cavern. Seeing in the darkness for 60’ he can see natural stone bordering him that drops straight away beyond his view. Out away from his position it opens into a large cavern that reveals nothing within his 60’ darkvision. Lighting a torch it is dropped to find it to be an 80’ deep opening straight down with natural stone on 3 sides with it open fully on the far side that leads out to larger cavern. Sariel and Serapharina arrive with the group, since everyone is together, a short rest is decided on and done. Sariel tries to attune with the scimitar of speed he had gained.

Sariel can now use his scimitar to its fullest. It is a +2 weapon that grants a bonus action of an extra attack each round with it. He now has the scimitar in hand!

The group decides to make for the large cavern where the elemental temples are to find out if the water has risen. Worried the tunnels will be flooded in time, best to find out if that is close at hand or not. Reaching the cavern back through the tunnel, you discover the water to be nearly 30’ deep, a wild disturbance in the water near the location of the water entering the cavern, an area above the lava pool boiling away vigorously, the top of the pyramid still exposed, two stone giants in the water hanging onto the structures sides while handing items up to the earth wizard on the roof of the earth temple and several floating bodies, most near the turbulent water near the water entrance spot. So you down your water breathing potions, Bruenor turns into a large octopus and all enter the water. Sariel and Seraphina make for the turbulent area, the octopus heads for the giants and wizard, the Captain, Starbreaker and Brinnell make for the wrestling match the octopus will deliver while Pick heads out to dead bodies to search for goodies. A push and pull match for the giants bring one down, the wizard gets his along the way and the final giant is taken underwater. Captain Furthak fails to get into the locked submerged doors of the pyramid while looting of floating bodies takes place. Sariel and Serphina find the water to be uncomfortably cold as they battle the currents of the water and get pushed down to the floor of the cavern by the force. Pick ends up getting past the locked doors of the fire temple pyramid and finds a submerged room filled with tapestries, bodies and a huge gold cauldron. Captain Furthak heads for the spot the Apparatus of Kwalish was left. He sees nothing but scrape makes along the water covered cavern wall. He then makes for the turbulent water by Sariel and Seraphina. Grabbing what you all can get your hands on from the dead fire giants, wizard’s haul, fire temple and bodies (including Picks now water filled Haversack) you all head towards the turbulent water where Sariel and Seraphina have tried to deal with the water flow. Captian Furthak struggles his way close to the forceful and icy cold water and disappears from view. One by one you fight to reach the spot where the icy water is forcefully entering the cavern and one by one as you touch it, each also disappears from view until the giant octopus with its giant in toe are the last to make contact and follow their friends into the unknown.

All are accounted for, all have had a short rest and all are under the influence of a potion of water breathing. 10 minutes have been used on the potions thus far. And the crystal is tied to the back of Starbreaker.

DnD Session Update 9-22-15
Still between a rock and a hot place

-Brinnell jumps into the magic circle that Bruenor fell into. A moment later they both step out of the circle as Bruenor casts fog cloud and turns into a large bear as Brinnell grabs the crystal and makes for the edge of the fog.

-Pick and Captain Furthak try to figure out the controls for the Apparatus of Kwalish, Sariel moves into the dark space below the stone mound in the pool of water.

-Starbreaker maneuvers around the pyramid moving towards brinnell

-The Wall of Fire still stands as a stone giant helps earth worshippers down from the top of the building they had been on as they move into the structure.

-As a fire giant moves towards Brinnell, he drops the crystal and enters melee with his dwarven thrower hammer in hand (and air)

-The AoK moves into the water and makes its way up the water channel in front of the destroyed water temple while taking damage from thrown boulders but then submerges below the water’s surface.

-Sariel found the stone mound to be hollow containing a row of potions and a strange looking texture to one interior wall. After taking the potions he finds the wall to be an opening into a place of water once he moved into the wall. There he found endless water in all directions, and then moved back through to the stone mound.

-Starbreaker makes his way to Brinnell’s side only to take the crystal and make for the southern exit from the cavern, though it is 30’ above the floor so he throws the crystal up into the tunnels opening where it then rests

-Fire priests conjure a large fire elemental near the pyramid as it then moves towards the southern end of the cavern

-Combat with the fire giant proves that Brinnell is a master warrior as he drops his foe only to have the second fire giant move from the fog cloud and make for Brinnell

-Sariel moves her way out of the mound and moves towards the AoK to inform them of what he found. He then moves off to hide from flying boulder attacks

-Starbreaker climbs to the opening 30’ up and ties the crystal to his back

-Finding nothing of interest in the water channel, the AoK turns about and makes for the stone mound as they decided to ram it as Captain Furthak casts attack spells out the open window

-Brinnell could have made for the tunnel with Starbreaker but cannot break away from mortal combat with the second fire giant as Bruenor fights a fire elemental. Once Brinnell fells his second giant he joins in with the elemental fight, after Starbreaker leaps down and jams a potion of healing down his throat, and rains water down upon the elemental causing great damage.

-As Bruenor keeps taking fire damage from the elemental simply by being near it, his fur is showing signs loss from fire but bites into a potion he snags off a dead giant and finds healing but is later forced from his bear form during combat

-The AoK pushes further into the stone mound as it starts to collapse around and on Pick and Captain Furthak

-Sariel hides

-Starbreaker, Brinnell and Bruenor fight against the fire elemental and Brinnell rains more water down and defeats the creature

-Jamming the controls to forward motion, pickand Captain Furthak open the rear hatch and escape the rampaging AoK as it makes for the cavern wall

-The earth worshippers exit the structure and summon a large earth elemental that makes for the AoK

-Sariel moves towards the AoK and the cavern opening you first entered here and climbs up

-A fire worshipper makes to the cavern floor from the pyramid and casts flaming sphere as he and the sphere moves towards Brinnell

-Grabbing potions off the dead giants corpses, Starbreaker gains more healing as Brinnell holds on and tries to out maneuver the flaming sphere

-Bruenor casts moonbeam which deals out great damage to wizards and elemental alike. He moves it to the pyramid to take on the worshippers there

-a fire wizard dimension doors near the open combat from the pyramid but does not last long and falls

-Captain Furthak and pick make their way around the lava pool, taking damage in the process, but make their way past the downed fog cloud towards the southern end of the cavern. Pick notices 2 figures standing on the tunnel Brinnell and Bruenor used to enter this cavern. The female spellcaster and male warrior companion from the courtyard fight in Xul-Jarak

-The first wizard falls and the Flaming Sphere dissipates

-A wall of fire cast by the earth wizard damages Captain Furthak as the earth elemental moves towards the south but disappears below the floors surface

-The second fire elemental fight falls Bruenor but Pick is there to help while Starbreaker and Brinnell battle on while the two stone giants throw more boulders from atop the earth temple

-A magic missile from the earth wizard falls Captain Furthak but as healing is gained , he is back up. When the fire elemental is the last foe nearby, the earth elemental emerges from the stone floor and moves in to attack

-One fire worshipper on the pyramid
-Two stone giants on the earth temple roof in range
-One earth wizard in front of the earth temple doors
-Two drakes frolicking about
-The AoK boring into the cavern wall (damaged)
-A female caster and male warrior nearby
-One large fire elemental in combat
-One large earth elemental entering combat
-Bruenor down but not dead
-Sariel missing
-The crystal strapped to Starbreaker’s back
-What will you do….?

DnD Session Update 9-15-15
The Temple of Elemental Evil

Questioning of the subdued orc reveals a path to the crystal you seek. Captain Furthak also loses his connection to the Brightstar which you feel means either it is destroyed or it has slipped into the Elemental Chaos.

You decide to check out the room beyond the battered doors and find it leads to a square stone room with a natural passage leading downward to another larger cavern room with 3 exits sloping upward. Feeling that the evil forces have already let loose onto this plane an elemental beast of power, you plan to make for the crystal to keep that from repeating. As you move down the large natural passage that the map you found notes to be a path to the Temple of Elemental Evil, the foul odor Starbreaker noticed grows in strength. Another large cavern with an exit on the far side at the top point of a slope leads into darkness. You find the cavern to be bigger than you had seen as you see to your right it continues around a corner. Sariel moves around further and sees remains of creatures along with shiny items. As soon as Pick hears about shiny items, he moves with the speed of light into that area. Starbreaker wanting to watch over Pick also moves in as they all find 4 lizard/dragon type creatures moving towards them. Battle breaks out but not long into combat the bard Seraphina charms one of the drakes and then another. Battle ensues as the other 2 drakes fall. Brinnell skins one of the beasts while pick takes his pick and the rest find magical items they disperse amongst themselves.

Wanting to attune and ID items, you take a short rest and do so.

When ready to move out, the friendly drakes seem anxious to make for the exit in this cave and move towards the temple. Bounding off with the party behind, they run down the natural passage until it comes to a larger cross cavern. The drakes take a left and run off down this cavern passing a few smaller openings along the way only to head for the third opening and running in. The only difference you can see between this passage and the couple you passed is a light source coming through from the far side. You stop the drakes from exiting this very smooth and oval shaped tunnel that leads out into a much larger cavern that is illuminated. Getting a view from your perch some 30 feet from the floor of the huge cavern Captain Furthak sends out his familiar to get a better look. A 100 foot tall cavern containing a destroyed building in front of a large pool of water and a channel filled with water. In the center of the pool is a 30’ tall stone mound with cascading water falling from its top point. Next to that is a pyramid with flames burning on all corners while several robed priests lurk about its ledges. Two fire giants patrol the perimeter. Across from that are four 30’ tall stone structures surrounding a lava pool. Robed priests can be seen on the roof of the structures along with two stone giants patrolling its perimeter. Next to that is an area of the cavern that has collapsed and seemingly collapsed on another structure. Between that and the pyramid is a large magic circle on the ground marked with a pentagram with two 20’ thin stone towers on opposite sides. A rope running between the tops of the towers seems to support a crystal positioned above the circle. Natural pillars and columns are scattered about the cavern, some creating tight spaced obstacles while some others blocking view from certain angles. There are several visible exits around the cavern at different heights above the floor. A large metal cylinder rests on the shore of the pool of water with one end open like a hatch.

The cylinder is assumed to be an Apparatus of Kwalish. The remaining structures seem to be a fire and earth temple. The destroyed structures seem to be the now defunct air and water temples. The giants seem to be connected to the temples there as the fire giants continually patrol the fire temple and the stone giants patrol the earth temple. A plan is created and set into motion:

-An invisible Pick and Captain Furthak sneak towards the AoK
-Sariel, Starbreaker and Seraphina keep the drakes under control but wait at the entering tunnels mouth
-Brinnell and an invisible Bruenor make their way to another opening into this large cavern to be closer to the crystal
-Once Pick and the Captain reach the AoK, the drakes are let loose while Sariel and company climb down into the cavern
-Invisible Bruenor turns into a large spider and climbs up the cavern wall, to the ceiling and starts to drop down towards the crystal from above
-Attention is gained from the giants and melee begins.
-Between the AoK being figured out, Sariel being slammed by flung boulders, a wall of fire strategically placed in the battle field and huge damage being dished out, healing is being passed out by Seraphina and potions
-Brinnell moves in closer while attacking, Bruenor climbs down a web he lowered close enough to grab the crystal and enter a battle of control or connection with the crystal
-The priests on the pyramid react to the now visible Bruenor and cast energy bolts into the crystal causing the magic circle to glow and the crystal to illuminate
-Fire giants move into positions as one makes his way towards Bruenor who is trying to climb upward, but still being in reach of the giant is bashed by a huge sword and drops the crystal to the ground
-Brinnell fires shots at the fire giant from not too far while Starbreaker leaves melee and enters the water pool trying to reach the center stone mound knowing you were provided guidance to seek out the worshippers of the water temple
-Pick and Captain Furthak are struggling with controlling the AoK but gaining ground
-Sariel and Seraphina move towards the water pool and enter it as well
-Bruenor is struck by a large rock and falls and grabs the rope suspended between the stone pillars over the magic circle
-Starbreaker finds a dark space on the stone mound in the water pool below the water level
-Pick sees the crystal as he hangs from the rope, deciding to drop down to try to retrieve it, he lands squarely in the magic circle and disappears from view

DnD Session Update 9-8-15
Secrets below Xul-Jurak

Darkness fills the stairwell you stand in that leads to the lower levels below Xul-Jarak. As you illuminate your path and turn a corner, you discover a halfling bard with an accordion named Seraphina standing in the stairwell. With no hesitation the party makes its way down the flight of stairs as Starbreaker moves ahead out into a large 50’ wide hexagonal room. With his light he can see a large opening in the floor ahead of him and then he makes out orcs moving towards him from the darkness. Battle breaks out with (4) orcs in this room. Once defeated, a search of the room finds (3) statues of orcs drummers and (1) statue fallen and smashed. The walls are filled with murals depicting orcs forging weapons. One stairwell ascending and one descending are found as well as a double door. The door has a arcane lock upon it denying you entry. The hole in the floor is dark and deep but you can hear the sound of cascading water rising from it.

Before you can explore more, noise from the stairway leading up is heard and you find the orcs you left behind on the surface moving in to attack. Being low on hit points and spells from the original battle with these foes, you deal out damage enough to overcome but take additional damage yourselves leaving you in dire shape. Deciding to move quickly down the stairwell to seek out a place to rest, you move into another 50’ hexagonal room. This also has a large opening in its center with two streams of water flowing into it and falling into darkness. The walls here also have murals, these showing orcs marching into battle. (4) statues of orc warriors with double axes stand in alcoves and (3) large open spaces east, south and west contain numerous alcoves each. Within each alcove you find an old stone sarcophagus. You take the time to open one and find the long ago remains of an orc warrior but damp conditions have left the armor and weapons rusted and useless. Pick finds a secret door behind one of the statues. He opens it and find stairs leading down. At the bottom he finds a lever that once thrown, opens another secret door at that level. He keeps it closed as the party moves into the stairwell to rest after closing the door above. You get the long rest you need.

The next day you move out from the stairwell and find another 50’ hexagonal room. This has the opening in the floor as above but the cascading water from above is falling past this opening to a hard surface as the sound of breaking water can be heard rising from below. More orcs are here along with (3) sets of double doors. Once the orcs are removed, you examine the doors and walls more closely. The murals here are depicting orc legions slaughtering elves, humans and dwarves in battle with fires being set to homes and cities. One of the double doors has an orcish carving reading “Kursk One-Tusk the Merciless, our mighty king, loyal servant and vicious hand of He Who Watches”. The south doors reveals shuffling from beyond and the west doors have a faint methodic rhythm far off that can be heard. Pholstus, using water, ice and all helping to damage and pry the double doors open of Krusk’s tomb are successful. A double chambered room with a faint green light illuminating the large sarcophagus in the far room. (3) smashed smaller sarcophagi litter the 3 walls of this room. Noticing inscriptions on the floor under the debris, you make out orcish words, “Skabra, First Wife of Kursk One-Tusk”, “Kreleb, Second Wife of Krusk one-Tusk?” and “Zarim, Third Wife of Kursk one-Tusk”. You also find jewelery within the debris and estimate it to total around 1500gp. Kursk’s stone sarcophagus has an ornate carving of him on the top. A strong orc clad in full plate armor, battle axe and shield are carved in the stone. Pick searches the resting place and finds a blade trap embedded in the sarcophagus. Eliminating that danger you all chip in to push the stone lid off. A dark liquid seems to fill the space within. Pick notices a plug at the bottom outside face which he pulls and starts to release the liquid as it slowly drops. Pholstus also makes the liquid clear and reveals what comes to be exposed in a few minutes, a map drawn on the bottom of the empty sarcophagus. The map is labeled “The true Tomb of Kursk One-Tusk”. You copy the map.

Using Furthak’s familiar to search out the level below, you discover orcs barricaded behind 2 wooden barriers, one in front of double doors and the other in front of broken open double doors. The water has collected in the center of this room and exits out a side wall and there are numerous statues positioned around the cavern. One final exit leads down a slope into a natural cavern beyond some collapsed cavern wall. Starbreaker draws some of the orcs up the stairs while the remaining party members Feather Fall down the floor opening and land in the shallow water pool. Attacks are made during the decent upon the orcs as the full battle begins. (You notice this room matches the map you found that is supposed lead to the temple) Attacks and defending on both fronts occur as orcs fall. An entangle spell reeks havoc on the orcs as a worg leaps into battle from behind a barricade and gets caught by the spell as well. Damage dealt falls orcs and the worg falls in time. No more enemies threaten you but Starbreaker has knocked out one of the orcs. You tie him up and after being secured, you question him.

DnD Session Update 9-3-15
From fire to fog to darkness, your "Lux" fall

Your long rest is disrupted when you are awakened in the middle of the night by the sounds of alarms, horns and yelling outside your window. As Captain Furthak and his cabin boy Pick remain spooning, Sariel makes her way downstairs and to the entrance to find a great deal of people in the street even at this early 3AM time. The Inn Keep is also standing there in his undergarments and mentioned to Sariel that the word is fire. A fire started down in the docks has brought on this grand exodus from the city. Looking out your window reveals an orangey glow upon the city wall to the south. It is reflecting the flames that are currently spreading north of you towards the dock area. You also notice Starbreaker standing in the street below motioning you the party to come down to him.

Making your way to the street, you see the flow of people moving towards the main track through the city and then southward towards the main gate. You try to move towards the fire, thinking you could assist in its battle, but the crowd it too chaotic and forcing you the opposite direction. Back alleys and rooftops seem to be no answer to a path north so you decide to make for the gate and safety. Outside the gate the chaos continues as crowds disperse in all directions. Carts, animals and people now dot the countryside moving away from the city walls.

—-Side Note: Starbreakers Meeting
You are welcomed in and provided a meal. The Lady Chesslyn does meet with you and listens to you proclamations. She agrees that there are signs of elemental evil taking hold on the plane. She offers you a magical stone and informs you to seek out the orc stronghold Xul-Jarrak and cast this stone towards it when you are within 1/2 mile. Then give 1 hour time before you move into the fortress. You must seek the entrance to the elemental temples below and close the portal that has been opened to the elemental chaos. Beware what has been unleashed upon us. Leave this place soon as danger approaches the very walls we hide behind. May the lunar light shine upon you.

—-Side Note: Captain Furthak Brightstar Info
Your connection to The Brightstar has diminished further Captain. You sense the weakened connection but receive no further messages. The runestones tell you she will need to be navigated out of the current danger into the currents of the elemental plane of water. Seek out those who worship that element to find your path.

Rather than completing your rest here, you plan to move closer to the orc hold and attempt to gain access to the lower levels. A few hours and a long rest later, you are near the stronghold at the end of the stone valley where it lies. Starbreaker moves closer and casts the stone towards the orcs. Over time a thick fog forms and spreads across and up the valley engulfing the large stone structure where the orcs stand. The skies are overcast and the fog is dense as you move towards the stone rise and walls of the structure. Moving within 30 feet of the walls, stealth attempts seem to fail as you seem to be noticed but still obscured by the fog you remain unseen. Captain Furthak sends his familiar aloft to get a bird’s eye view of your situation. So standing n a 20” tall stone rise is a 10” stone wall with structures rising out of the fog within the center. A courtyard is filled with fog keeping its view secret for now. He does see 10 orc guards positioned around the wall. The closed large wooden double gate sitting at the top of a large ramp is the only proper entrance but several breeches in the wall itself are obvious. Captain Furthak having been here before knows the gates, courtyard and large thrown room within. You decide to send an invisible Starbreaker up the wall with a rope and grappling hook to help get the rest of you in. He makes his way up, anchors the rope and takes on an orc guard by surprise. As the others climb up and the orc is dealt with, 2 more orcs notice the commotion and enter the fray.

With the no more orcs in sight, reduced sight that is, you climb up one of the structures that had a large hole in its roof that Furthak had seen. Access to the second floor can be seen but you decide to jump, float and climb down into the middle of the thrown room on the ground floor. And as you do you notice a dozen orcs, one a spell caster and a large foe named Big Lux also in this room as you roll for initiative. Spells, swords, arrows and flailing hands break into combat. Breeches in the rooms walls make for hiding places as many orcs enter melee. Spear fly and spells are cast upon you as Big Lux swings with his mighty greataxe. During the battle Big Lux manouvers out the broken double doors into the courtyard and disappears in the fog. As many orcs fall, you pursue the ogre out into the courtyard where he has mounted his resting wyvern and moves to attack. A well placed web spell by Captain Furthak traps the two as Sariel moves in to attack but is taken aback by the wyvern’s 10 foot reach with its tail and bite. More orcs fall as two humans enter the foggy courtyard from the east. Then the final blow to Big Lux brings his lumbering body sliding off his wyvern and crashing to the ground. Moments later the human female cast a spell and animates Big Lux’s body into a large skeleton/zombie creature that moves towards you to attack. As you hit points and spells are diminished,you decided to make for the rear of the structure where Captain Furthak remembers there being access to the lower sections of the place. Several orcs, risen Big Lux and the humans breath down your necks as you position yourselves in the back room where a large table is present. Tipping the table to block access through the door while Pick and Sariel search for an escape, leads to a secret door being found. Once opened you all make your way in and close it quickly behind you as you move down stone stairs and into darkness.

DnD Session Update 8-25-15
A done deal?

Darkened streets in the city of Mulmaster is where you find yourselves dodging from shadow to shadow increasing the distance from the city wall. The sound of a warning horn can be heard behind you that adds to the adrenalin surge helping to increase your speed and awareness. Your path leads you towards Belgarian’s home where you hope to find a place of rest. You have not had the opportunity to regain spells and hit points since before you entered the undercity. Sarial finds herself the first to reach Belgarian’s front porch. Knocking on the door after dark delivers a grumpy Belgarian who directs the party to the rear of the house. As you make your way you see a small sliding panel cose as you pass the back side of the house next door. You mention it to Belgarian as he opens his basement door and he says “do not worry, we have a watchful neighborhood”. Speaking to Belgarian about eliminating this Zebrook, Captain of the Zhentarium Guard, he offers to get you papers for 40 gp that can be delivered by messenger to Zebrook and lure him to the docks. Since Zebrook is housed in the Zhentarium zone of the city and is known to be a regular at a Zhent bar also in the Zhent zone, you feel the luring of him to the dock where Belgarian can set up a warehouse to get him to so you can take care of him is your best bet. You all rest the night in the basement with no interruption.

In the morning you set out to the market to pick up some potions and common items. A dealer trades Furthak a wand for his magic bag. Sariel finds some new armor. After you make your way back to Belgarians where he delivers the papers you wanted and lines up a delivery person to bring it to Zebrook. You then make your way your way to the docks and the warehouse where Zebrook is directed to go to deal with a troublesome gnome (so the papers say). The building has a high ceiling with 3 rooms with ceiling 10’ above the floor, you can position yourselves on these rooms with a good view of the floor space below. Outside the building you are close to a couple of docked Zhent ships with guards on the ships as well as on the piers along side. Sometime later you notice Zhent guards moving outside the front of the building you are in and you hear a loud bellowing Scottish voice. Peering out you identify Captain Scalling Badaxe barking out some orders to the Zhent guards and the guards on the ships. He disappears into one of the ships for a while.

The Zhent guards and Captain Scalling later make their way down the side alley and reach the rear door to this building which is where the papers lead to. Zhent guards enter the door that leads into the back room, you have an illusion of a gnome standing out in the main room waiting for them to move further in. You see the door open from the back room while two Zhent guards enter the main building and move towards the gnome illusion. A tall human wearing splintmail armor enters from the back room followed by Captain Scalling. This must be Zebrook and he looks ominous. Before any contact with the illusion takes place, Furthak casts a web spell across the entire room and hall trapping your enemy. Some shots, cold spell attack and generally bad rolls, leads the battle on. Zebrook’s armor ignites into flames as the guard’s swords flame and burn away the webs. The guards try to climb up to the side of the room walls to get close enough to enter melee with you but some failed attempts keep them down except for Zebrook. He makes his way up and heads straight for the spellcaster who he deals a devastating blow. Damage at a distance from Sariel as well as spell damage brings a final blow to Zebrook who then explodes, damaging Furthak who is within range. A successful saving throw halves the damage.

During the battle a fire has started on the far side of this structure. This has now brought heavy smoke into trapped in the building causing saving throws for choking. As Captain Scalling has made his way back into the small back room and damage from the guards I staking its toll, you decide to make for the exit before any of you fall. You make it to the backroom while the guards have trouble getting down from the tops of the rooms are also dealing with choking smoke. The outer door is locked now and it blocks your escape. Pick does pick the lock but the door must be jammed. A successful strength check busts the door open to the outside air. The guards within do not enter the back room. As you stumble out you are face to face with Captain Scalling. Melee breaks out again and captain Scalling slips down the alley where the guards from within have exited the front of the building and are yelling for reinforcements from the two ships to join in. A last ditch effort to try to charm Captain Scalling works but only befriends him and keeps him from approaching you again. As the guards move in your direction, the party scatters in different directions in an attempt to escape.

Sariel is the first to reach Belgarian’s front door. After he knocks on the door a young girl answers the door and when asked says she does not know where her father is if he is not down working at the docks. So as the other party members approach, a Zhent patrol is marching towards them and the house as they near. Trying to look inconspicuous, you wait for the patrol to move past and decided to make for the Harper safe house of SS. Once you reach the building, Sariel knocks on the door and is greeted by an older woman. When asked what she can do for him, he says aloud that he is seeking Chesslyn and the Harpers. He receives a negative reaction to that as the woman motions him to not say that so loud. When no action or invite happen, Furthak demands to be allowed to enter and mentions the Harper name aloud. This gets an even more negative response and the door slams shut. Not sure of the reaction, the group now decides to make for an Inn and hide out there. A few blocks southwest you find The Inn of the Happy Hobgoblin. You make you way inside and move up to the barkeep demanding a room with dinner to be delivered to it. You throw them the needed coins and make for your room. The food is brought up a bit later and you enjoy the meal and plan to rest the night here. But then…

DnD Session Update 8-18-15

Moving further into the unknown of the dark tunnels below the city of Mulmaster you find yourselves passing smaller drain lines off this main tunnel. Some far too small for any of you to pass through and some large enough to crawl through, so when you come to a smaller tunnel that has an illumination coming from it, you crawl with no hesitation to find out what light this could be. The small tunnel opens into a large room with a 2’ wide ledge some 4’ down from you running its perimeter. Another 2’ sloping ledge extends from that ledge to the water’s edge that stands in the center of this room. All make their way into this room carefully moving along the ledge around the room until you are attacked by numerous tentacles reaching from the water. A large sized octopus creature has grappled Captain Furthak and pulled him into the water. He is not able to free himself and he finds the water to be acidic and reducing his hit points as long as he remains submerged. A web spell, water manipulation and melee attacks come from the party that do damage the creature and cause t to retreat under the water. As Captain Furthak manages to pull himself from the water and the party makes for the exit across the room, the octopus attacks again. This time you are able to do away with the creature for good.

As Pholstus clears the water to be able to see the bottom, he prepares to dive in and explore the muddy depths. He does come back with several shiny items, one being a pair of gloves. As he and Starbreaker are about to pack the treasure away for study later, a discussion breaks out as to why they are not dispersed now. Then a failed attempt from Pick to lift the gloves from the pile of items with his mage hand is foiled by Pholstus. Words are exchanged and the items are stowed away until later. Pholstus then reveals that he found an underwater tunnel leading out of the watery space below. He is convinced by the others to go explore the underwater tunnel to find its end point. He swims into it and finds that it opens into a watery chamber some distance further away. Deciding it to be the octopus’s lair, the party moves on into the small tunnel opposite the one use entered the room by. You make your way down a passage and a turn and come to another room with a 2’wide ledge and a sloping center leading to a deeper pit which you cannot see down into fully. Now the group decides to double back and head for the secret door you found when you entered the undercity.

Using a Knock spell off of a scroll, Captain Furthak opens the secret door and exposes a large lever. Pick cannot resist to pull the lever and when he does you hear a loud scrapping and boom. You then notice the entrance to this complex now has a heavy metal grate block exit or entry to this place. When you examine it, you cannot make out where the grate and rock surrounding it start and stop. Feeling trapped you make for an unexplored passage.

Not far down the way you come across a smaller chamber with a light source shining in from above. When you enter you see a metal grate in the ceiling to which you notice the flicker of torch light shining through. The Captain’s familiar moves through the grate to find a stone passage leading away in 2 directions with torches illuminating. Shoulder rides provide the reach to grab the grate but a poor strength check keeps you from opening it. Noise brings the attention of guards within this passage who notice you and move to the grate and pulls it open. You retreat as they lower a rope ladder and climb down. You ready for their approach and kill one after numerous failures to charm or control them. The first guard named Fred you kill while the second guard you overwhelm and then command him to sleep. Heading up the ladder yourselves now, Captain Furthak makes himself invisible as more guards approach. You keep you lights out which makes things more interesting for Starbreaker and Pholstus as you lead them up a curved stairwell and find yourselves atop the city wall with a wall guard before you. The 3 visible party members decide to jump to safety down in the city streets. As Starbreaker and Pholstus leap into the air, Pick pulls out a potion of climbing and simply climbs down the wall. Once all 3 are standing on the city street, they run and make their way towards Pick’s Father’s old house. An invisible wizard follows them.

DnD Session Update 8-11-15

Completing your rest with the caravan, you wake the next morning to the readiness of the caravan to get underway. The thought of diverting the travel to Maskyr’s Eye has been dropped, so once you exit the forest and meet up with the North Road, the caravan turns north towards Mulmaster.

You pass a few travelers heading south as you journey further. A wizard type and fighter on horseback engage you in conversation. “Hail and well met” Starbreaker bellows out as the two approach. They move alongside the wagon and keep pace as they introduce themselves as Jimellen and Warrad. Your conversation provides agreement to the dislike of the Zhentarium by both of them and the party. Jimellen claims to be a worshipper of Mileikki, the goddess of nature. He also warns you to beware the Zhetarium forces as they have grown bold and stand with more power than good folk would like. You also bring up the Harpers which gets an odd look from them both as they make some hand gestures you are not familiar with. Speaking further of your findings and current endeavor, you discover a more real connection with Jimellen and Warrad when you mention the name Chesslyn Onaubra. They give you direction to finding her in the light of the moon outside the city to the north near the lighthouse. You bid them farwell and good luck on their travels as they also wish for you.


The idea of getting more funds from the caravans or to only travel so far with them before getting payment and leaving is voted down and you decided to travel with them for the full agreed distance to the city itself. As the caravans near the city you can make out the 20 foot tall stone walls surrounding the free city. A double gate on the south end of Mulmaster is the gate you make for. A tall spired structure can be seen towering over the city walls located in the eastern edge of town. You decide to enter with the caravans at the gate after they take care of entry taxes. Pick is familiar with Mulmaster as his father had a business here in the past. Once within the walls, he does see things that have changed but he stillk nows his way around town.

The group makes its way to Pick’s father’s house. A residence located in the western edge of town. Once there, Pick knocks on the door to discover that somebody has been living in his house. A child opens the door at first leading to a large burly man named Belgarian. Pick gets into a conversation with him and finds out he won the house in a card game. Refusing to divulge who he won it from, Pick asks what price he would want to sell the house for. You find out he is a controller who works near the docks and regulates moving cargo around the city. Pick learns that Belgarian has no love for the Zhents after you find out a Zhent officer, Zebruuk, killed his daughter. You move to a nearby alley to learn more and discuss ideas. A deal is struck through Pick with Belgarian to eliminate this Zebruuk, he would then give you the residence. Pick has a counter offer where Belgarian keeps the house for his family but will help the group later with his access to the docks. It is agreed upon that Zebruuk will be eliminated and you will meet with Belgarian in 2 days here at the house.

As you make your way to wall near lighthouse, you pass a couple of warrior type groups dressed in black each having a leader wearing an ornate mask. Once you reach the northern wall you can see it has an open space around where the walls stop, bordering the water inlet. Some illumination gives the gaurds atop the walls a view of the area. You try to move stealthily through this area but fail more than once in your attempts and draw notice from the wall gaurds. They call out and finally send one of their own named Jeffree to investigate. You maneuver around and outside the walls with Pick leading the blind-in-the-dark Starbreaker and Pholstus who trip and stumble along the way. Following a rock path that leads to the lighthouse, you move off down an adjoining path towards the water’s edge. A drop off down to the rocky shoreline of some 12’ is where this path leads. Once down you move away in search of a hiding place from Fred who is searching for you. His light is approaching from behind quickly as you notice a dark hole in the rocky terrain. It appears to be a tunnel or possible a sewer line. Moving into it, you cast an illusion of an empty tunnel as Jeffree comes into view with his light source and peers into the tunnel and then casually leaves not seeming to have noticed you. The tunnel disappears into the underbelly of the city but you notice a small alcove a short distance away. Doing some thorough searching, Pick finds a secret door but it has no lock. He convinces the hulking Goliath brute that is Starbreaker to violently throw his weight into this stone secret door (which Starbreaker cannot find) and try to break it in. With bone cracking wail upon the stone, the door remains shut.

As the moon rises over the large rocky hills, you move out of this tunnel and back onto the rocky shore. You notice a faint illumination a bit past where you came down the rise from the path. Pick moves out to the point of the shore that looks out over the water and sees a female figure with arms and hands outstretched towards the shining moon. You have discovered Chesslyn and learn of the rise in power of the Zhentarium here in Mulmaster. You befriend her, you think, as you ask for assistance from her or help directly from the Harper’s themselves. She asks that you join her at her safe house in the southern part of the city. She will offer you what help she can. She then casts a spell and disappears from sight.

So back into the tunnel you go. Searching again but finding nothing of interest. You come upon a larger space where a level change in tunnels meets at a junction. The junction itself is full of water that Pholstus promtly freezes so you can move over it easily. Pick wants to search the murky waters of this junction so away with the ice and several minutes later Pick is the proud owner of a hat, a smoking pipe and a necklace. Moving always to the right, you find a network of tunnels turning and twisting that brings you to a group of giant rats. Battle ensues and rats start to fall as more start to appear. But you are victorious. You now stand at a “T” intersection…


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