Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session Update 12-22-15

While still within the Elemental Planes in the city of Gloamnull, Captain Furthak and Seraphina make it back to The Brightstar where Starbreaker is waiting. They take a long rest and prepare to find their lost companions. Meanwhile Pick has found influence over the worshippers within the Temple to Dagon and orders for Draven, Sariel and Varayana to be released. He found them all bound and being bleed. Pick has their possessions brought to them so they suit up and all leave the cathedral and head back to the ship.

There is talk about taking out the supposed evil wizard in his tower but the decision is made to back the ship out of the harbor and teleport to another plane after a scrying spell finds Sariel and then later, the Brightstar itself. So Captain Furthak using the sphere brings the ship, party and crew to the Seven Heavens as a safe harbor. You travel from the silver sea across vast reaches of flowing grasslands until you see the grandness that is Mount Celestia rising far beyond your vision. A feeling of calm and safety surrounds you here as a continual bless affects all. Creatures you thought were birds flying off in the distance appear to be feather winged bi-peds of grace and awe. As the ship closes in on the base of the mountain, you are greeted and welcomed, offered food and healing as well as place to rest.

So Captain Furthak, Seraphina, Sariel, Pholstus, Draven, Bruenor and Varayana rest, study, create magic items and so on while Starbreaker and Pick level up.

DnD Session Update 12-15-15
The Fallen

A large darkened chamber within the huge cathedral dedicated to Dagon is where the fight begins. A black undead looking creature to your left had appeared draped in robes and carrying a scythe. Armored warriors emerge from a door to your right while a large part of this chamber remains secret beyond your darkvision range ahead of you. Seraphina charms some of the warriors as Pick and Varayana approach the dark figure. You suddenly realize the screaming siren coming from the top of the cathedral has ceased as the double doors you passed through to enter this place slam shut behind you. The death figure seems to be an illusion a Pick uses his Gem of Seeing and notices an invisible robed figure behind the illusion. Melee attacks defeat the figure.

Two more robed figures walk from the darkness before you and each casts a fireball spell upon your group. Captain Furthak returns the favor by casting a wall of fire before them stretching across the chamber ahead of you illuminating the area and up into its high ceiling. You now see a huge raised alter at the far end of the 80’ wide by 140’ deep room. Another robed figure stands upon the raised alter, an alter shaped as a 5 pointed star. The two figures nearest the wall of fire walk around the wall where you can see them each cast another fireball spell upon you.

The battle continues as healing and combat are complimented by an exchange of magic spells. One of the robed figures falls to Captain Furthak’s splells as female voice is heard deep in the chamber bellowing out orders in a strange language. Sariel understand these words she hears, “Sacrifice yourself to Dagon” she tells her comrades is what was said. Not knowing if it was a command or a request, you can see above the wall of fire, the body of a robed figure upon the alter being ripped in two and falling away as a large demonic figure rises from the remains. As the wall of fire ends, a Hezrou marches straight for you with blood in its eyes.

More warriors emerge from both the door to your right and now from you left as combat takes its toll on your hit points and healing becomes key to surviving as death saves are made and failed. As the Hezrou wades into combat dishing out great amounts of damage, Captain Furthak, using greater invisibility, moves about the area keeping away from damage being dealt as he dishes out his own damage on your enemy. Sariel again makes out the female voice utter the same words as you see another robed figure race up the stairs to the top of the alter and be sacrificed to become something more evil. A different robed figure emerges from the alter area and positions herself closer to the combat as a Vrock flies over her head and towards the party. This figure casts another fireball upon the group before the Vrock enters combat.

Pick steps up and uses one of his Wish spells to try and put himself in control of these followers of Dagon. Upon uttering his wish, he disappears from sight. When trying to make for the right hand door, several of your group fall to damage taken. Seraphina follows the Captains lead and uses invisibility to move about freely. As the Hezruo falls and the door is finally opened, the invisible duo move beyond the door as Sariel, Draven and Varayana who have fallen are dragged away by the Vrock. Using her rope and grappling hook, Seraphina climbs up the wall to the window 20’ above. Captain Furthak moved about the chaotic room below as Seraphina had but he then teleports to the window. As the two find each other on the ledge, they climb down to safety outside the cathedral leaving their fallen party members to another fate.

DnD Session Update 12-8-15
Into the heart of the beast

The realization that cabin boy Charley did not make the trip finally hits home.

After all have leveled and items have been purchased for stocking up, Pick has goggles of sort fashioned for his Gem of Seeing for easier access. Potions and scrolls are bought or written while the crystal finishes its recharge, ready to transport once again.

Rain falls as the group decides to send Draven into the cathedral to Dagon within the city walls of Gloamnull. The remaining party members position themselves throughout the bizarre area in the middle of the city as Draven moves towards the back portion where the massive temple lies. He enters the grounds through one of the two gates in the surrounding wall some 50’ from the grand stairs leading to the main entrance. Captain Furthak’s new henchman named Varayana follows the captain but invisible as Pholstus also follows moving towards the gate. Both are stopped when the reach the gate by a force that keeps them from moving within the gate. Even though invisible, Varayana is confronted by the guard and warned to keep clear. As two more guards move in under direction of the first, Varayana moves quickly back towards the bizarre looking for obscurity. Pholstus is told to move away so he makes for the group.

Ahead of Draven the grand stairs have hundreds of 6” holes positioned across them all stained with blood. Outside the structure numerous genasi litter the area minding their own business as Draven climbs the grand stair up to the column lined main entrance and enters the massive open doors and gains access to the interior of the cathedral. He sees a vast room deeper than his vision can see before him. To each side he sees great halls stretching out. More genasi are within the great hall when he notices robed individuals moving older looking genasi into a door off to his right. Dozens of figures are hunched over 15’ long wood like poles, cleaning or working them seeing that they are blood stained. Any he encounters, he informs them that he has been sent by his master to help partake in The Calling. One figure is extremely happy to hear this and extends an invite to help Draven prepare for the event. Directing him to the door to the right, he opens the door as they both enter the room beyond. A single window is positioned on the right wall as Draven sees dozens of figures scattered about the room huddled over figure lying on the floor before them. The robed figure that brought Draven here instructs him to remove his clothing so preparation can begin. Draven, taken aback by this, demands that he is here to serve his master. A struggle breaks out between Draven and three figures. One falls then another as Draven tries to open the door. As the third falls Draven is surprised as the door opens and another figure enters, Draven informs him that some are injured so the figure moves towards those on the ground as Draven exits the room. As he makes for the main entrance there is yelling and a call out to stop. Draven makes his way out of the cathedral and for the gates without delay.

As Draven reaches the bizarre and tells what took place, he and Pholstus decide to make for the wizard tower to try to get more information on this event. A few moments later, as the rain keeps falling, a low vibration and then a high wailing fills the city for all to hear. Saving throws are made and some failed. Those who failed start to move towards the cathedral as the masses of the city do the same. All are making their way towards the wall gates then towards the main entrance. Saving throws are rolled again at a -5 penelty but with assistance the group are free of the magic effect. Now they move towards the gates to try to stop the city population from entering. Pholstus turns around and makes his way back towards the party. Using silence spells Sariel and Pholstus break the enchantment on dozens of townsfolk near one of the wall gates. Starbreaker and Varayana manage to close the other gate. The group moves closer to the main entrance using the silence once again to clear out access to the door. Captain Furthak has been flying about taking out guards positioned on the walls and round positions. As the group meets at the main gate and move in, captain Furthak flies through the gate as well as the group has entered the grand hall Draven had seen earlier. Draven in the mean time gained access to the wizard tower hoping to gain information and assistance from the dark wizard but finds the spellcaster to be detached of concern towards the city’s population. So Draven exits the tower and makes for the cathedral once again.

Once Draven returns and all have entered the main gate, the group (except the captain) are within the circle of silence as a vile looking undead creature enters the hall from your left. Skeletal, robed in black and wielding a large scythe that Captain Furthak identifies it as a reaper.

DnD Session Update 12-1-15
A Welcoming Hand

As Sariel, Captain Furthak and Pholstus train for leveling up in the city, the rest of the party awaits the crew to show tomorrow. Three days in a row, before they head off to the city, Sariel is forced to make a Wis saving throw against a magical force he cannot identify. On the third day Pholstus tells Pick to watch Sariel through his Gem of Seeing if this happens again. It does and Pick sees a fist sized magic sphere of energy hovering above Sariel. You deduce that this is a scrying spell in place. During this time as well, the dock hands are complaining about rats near the Brightstar and blame you for introducing them. On the fourth, day numerous rats are seen within the ship as Pick follows them below decks, they seem to disappear but he does notice spiders nearby. He sees them transform into rats as they fall to the floor and disappear from sight. Again with his gem, he can see they are invisible.

As the three set off for their daily training, several imps suddenly appear and attck as another horned devil appears on the dock and attacks. The rest of the party quickly joins in as a mezzoloth appears at the foot of the pier and attacks. The horned devil is restrained by Seraphina’s spells and falls to the ground in uncontrolled laughter. A few rounds later a barbed devil appears and joins the melee. This devil has three attacks per round and dishes out damage quickly. The mezzoloth can teleport as it follows Captain Furthak the ship to attack him. Later in the battle it also casts a cloud kill spell that takes out a large portion of your crew.

As the battle continues and you summon your own allies like a huge elk, you again notice that no creature is attacking Sariel directly. She has shot her arrows into the melee from outside the reach of the enemy. Allies fall but the enemy falls harder as each fiend is defeated and the mezzoloth teleports away.

The rain still falls as you gather your dead crewmen and prepare them for an honorable burial, an unusual situation is taking place. As you gather yourselves and notice the onlookers from Gloamnull, talk breaks out and you hear proclamations of heroism being cast upon you. It seems the city has a history of attacks from efreeti, elemental beings, demons and followers of darker powers. The crowd seems to place your actions as devotion to the city and its residents. As the next few days pass and people complete their training, celebration of your victory lingers with thanks and offers of food and drink at your ship. You no longer need to pay to enter the city. You also find interest from others in joining your crew because of your efforts honoring your fallen crew. Pholstus is being singled out by the genasi population and labeled a genasi of importance. It is requested more than once for you to provide a name for yourselves so an identity can be established. Pholstus the Fiend Bane is whispered more than a few time.

So training is complete, there is no more evidence of any rats or spiders, the crystal is recharged and you have spent time in the Abyssal Tidings with your crew and can easily gather replacements to complete you crew. Grogentag the half orc helps organize the crew and their duties. A message is received by Pholstus from Darmond’s Tower warning of something given the name “The Calling” which will occur soon and you should be prepared for it. You discover you are at the threshold of an important religious event that begins in two days but no details can be learned as you are outsiders to Dagon.

DnD Session Update 11-24-15

You decided to check out the opening you see in the back of the cavern after Draven animates a pile of bones from the remains in the cavern. Pick moves into the dark passage and with his darkvision finds a rough sloping passage leading down some 30’ to a worked passage that leads away 60’ to a wooden door. Six broken open wooden doors are positioned along the passage down each side. Searching these opened rooms, you find a stone sarcophagus in each. All are opened and contain no valuables, only slight remains of long lost beings. A loose coin and gem or two are found in these rooms with only the last two room having some random sigils on their back most walls. Captain Furthak makes no sense out of the few draconic type symbols but can make out a drawing of a beholder and some small figures but no connection to each other is deciphered.

Pick moves in to check out the only unopened door, with his gem of seeing he sees nothing false. He finds it to be locked and sets off a poisoned needle trap in the lock and takes damage. After he is healed, he attempts to unlock the door which he does. Beyond the wooden door is a 40’ passage that turn sharply to the right. Making sure enough light is available for those needing light to see, the group moves into the passage and finds a large and tall chamber filled with bones with a dark hole in the floor. Draven send forth his skeletal minion, once it reaches a space containing bones, several skeletons form from the scattered bones on the floor and move up to attack.

Starbreaker stays back to watch the passage behind as the rest of the party enters combat. Some stay protected in the hall and dish out healing as four of the skeletons ignite in to flaming skeletons causing damage to those close to them. After the first few rounds an undead version of a beholder rises out of the hole in the floor and starts shooting magic rays from its eye stalks. Saves are made keeping what could have been deadly effects at bay. As the skeletons fall and walls of fire and thorns complicate the battlefield, another undead beholder rises as the first falls. Bruenor becomes a giant octopus to gain a 15’ reach attack with Pick mounts him as Pholstus and Seraphina keep the healing coming. More rays are saved against as spells and attacks eventually take out this deadly foe.

Captain Furthak sends his bird down the dark shaft and sees through its eyes lots of shiny things below. The octopus and Pick decide to fall to the bottom of the 30’ deep shaft where the second beholder fell where a blastoff fire erupts once they make contact with the treasure below. They end up finding thousands of gems covering the floor below the dead undead beholder. Taking the time to gather all the gems and splitting them up amongst the group, you all make your way back out of this cavern complex and out into the rain above. Once back to the Brightstar, a long rest is taken, then Pholstus takes a walk into the city for a time and returns to tell he found a gem smith that could appraise the loot. You make a deal with this appraiser and cash in on a good portion of your treasure. With cash in hand and enough experience points for Captain Furthak and Sariel to level up, a regrouping back on the Brightstar leads to a discussion of what to do now…

DnD Session Update 11-17-15

With Captina Furthak taking rest in his cabin, the group contemplates its next move after they all share with each other what new magic items they had gained. Not being able to find a crew (over the age of 10) here in Lis, makes it tough to try to journey to King One tusk’s Tombor make your way all the way to Mulmaster. Not wanting to leave the ship unprotected and with a suggestion from Whisper, the party decides to try to connect with the sphere to attempt to transport the ship to Mulmster. Draven try does not succeed so Starbreaker steps up to try. He fails but worse than that he falls under the control of the sphere. The Sphere then has Starbreaker attempt to activate the teleportation spell and transport the ship and its crew away. Inspiration is added into the attempt as Starbreaker succeeds in casting the spell. Though, you do not end up in Mulmaster.

The ship and party find themselves floating in a vast space of far off clouds and storms with no ground to be seen. Above you and off at a distance you see a large rock mass perhaps ¾ mile in diameter. Looking for detail you make out a huge wall running the perimeter of this floating mound of stone as water falls and cascades off this mass down into a vast nothing space below. It appears the huge floating rock mass has a constant rain falling upon it. Battlements run along the 80’ high wall where figures can be seen patrolling its length.

Bruenor summons two giant hawks and uses rope tied to them and the ship to get the ship mobile and moving towards the walled structure. Massive outcroppings hang down from the bottom of the stone mass and as you move closer and upward you can make out a moat surrounding the structure and a body of water before its main gate that houses dock and ships. This is where you make for. As you approach, the silence and slight breeze you had been within give way to more overhead clouds and a steady rain falling over the entire floating stone mass. The ship is set down in the body f water and pulled by the birds into a dock where genasi meet and greet you as they assist in tying the ship off. Pholstus recognizes the genasi to be water genasi who greet him with more welcome than the rest of the group. Mooring and dock fees are agreed upon and you find out where you have landed.

The expanse before you is the elemental chaos and this is the City of Rain also known as Gloamnull. A safe haven for all genasi who found refuge here when they escaped their home. It is a growing trade city but it has its challenges as the refuge was not without a price. Safety was offered to the genasi by a demon price Dagon who the genasi now worship. (Pholstus can confirm that this is not by choice for most genasi) You will find a grand cathedral within the city walls devoted to Dagon. There are a handful of structures outside the city walls that are more friendly to other races, but those races are also allowed within the city walls for a fee. The genasi dock hands recommend The Warming Fire tavern as a place to eat, drink and gather for the group. It is located off to the right of the main gate and that is where you head off to.


Starbreaker stays with the ship as the group( with Pick disguised as a genasi) make for the tavern. Into The Warming Fire, a stone single level structure with a glowing fireplace and numerous tables. The bar runs the length of the front room where you see a barkeep and a few patrons. You have a few words with the keep who introduces himself as Garl, an earth genasi who owns this place. Pick has to make a Con saving throw against the “stew” he is served. Pholstus checks it out and concludes it is poisoned. Not a great deal of information is gathered except when you asked about finding crewmen for your ship, it is suggested you head to The Dark Portal within the city, a favorite place of the traveling folk. Back to the ship you go to share the information. Draven and Pholstus decide to head to the gates where they are welcomed and enter the city. They head for the Dark Portal as well to see the market place and all the city interior. Starbreaker again stays with the ship as Pick needs a little revenge against that barkeep, the rest of you head back out into the rain for the Warming Fire again.

Draven and Pholstus ask for directions to the Dark Portal, once there they settle in and take in the atmosphere. They see two main groups in this busy establishment. A short time later they approach a tall half orc looking fellow who seems to be the focal point of the group containing a more mix race collection. An agreement is reached with these vessel traveling beings to gather up a group of around 20 and meet at the dock in two days time. The terms are what Captain Furthak had laid down a few days earlier. Once down in the Dark Portal, back out into the rain and across the bizarre looking for anything interesting. Through the misty rainfall the large cathedral can be seen towards the back of the city below the 80’ wall. A tall slender tower can also be seen back and off the left. This structure is obviously made of a different stone than the city itself. Intrigued, the two make for the tower.

Pick leads the way back into the Warming Fire and makes for the bar. Three dwarves are at the bar and a conversation is started. They tell of an underground tunnel on the far side of the rock mass outside the city walls where they just returned from. With tales of treasure they found and the promise of more. You ask if they would want to join your crew but they decline. As they start to leave, Pick decides to ask for a distraction from the others while he makes behind the bar to steal some spirits. He successfully makes off with two fine looking bottles s you leave and head back to The Brightstar.

Once to the tower, they can make out a sign posted on the tower itself written in draconic reading “enter in reverse”. The two orges patrolling the base of the tower make no notice of the two walking backwards towards the tower as they reach the front door. A large double wooden door they knock upon. A few moments later a robed shadar-kai figure greets them through the open door. Once a few words are exchanged about sharing magic, they are welcomed in. A sharing of spells and other magic is talked about. Draven has found a fellow interested in darkness and shadow as shadar-kai are beings from the Shadowfell or Plane of Shadows. There may be more you can learn from this one.

Meeting back on the ship and sharing tales of what was discovered, you all decided to seek out this tunnel the dwarves spoke of as you are low on funds. Trudging through the rain to the far back side of this floating city, you do come upon two openings that match what the dwarves had described. Following the dwarf tracks into the right hand tunnel, you follow in back and down with Pick leading the way. A split leads to a choice that leads you to a larger cavern than what you had been walking through. A large stone 25’ tall rest near the front of this cavern with eight or ten ancient tree trunks near the back of the cavern. These trunks have no foliage, just a trunk. So Sariel climbs one of the trunks with her new rope of climbing. She then sees a figure atop the large stone and battle breaks out with a banshee and her skeletal friends. All save against the banshees wail and swords, arrows and spells fly. Once you enemy has fallen, Sariela from her perch sees an opening near the back of the cavern…

DnD Session Update 11-10-15
An Elvish trick with a treat

After spending some quality time in The Long Arm tavern speaking with the bartender and folk talking about the surrounding area brings up tales of demons hiding on the woods to the south, how the fort has been abandoned by Mulmaster after the orc attack, how the orcs have not been heard from for more than a month, the mayor of Elmwood has been missing for more than a month as well, the bartender’s daughter Patricia disappeared along with Captain Scalling Badaxe and other odds and ends. You then retire and rest the night aboard The Brightstar. In the morning you find yourselves back in The Long Arm along with your newly appointed Cabin Boy Charley. Talk of Mulmaster, seeking out the orc king One-Tusk’s true resting place, finding Captain Scalling and Patricia,

You discover that another adventurer has come to town recently and Charley wants to know if you know him. Charley takes you across town to a boarding house where this mysterious adventurer is staying. You greet this human named Draven and find out he is a specialist of arcane magic. An exchange of stories and introductions brings you to an agreement for him to join your group. He seems to be suffering from a bit of amnesia when he tells you he cannot recall how he came to be here in this town. When he discovers you are travelers of the planes, he seems more at ease knowing he may have a way to find his lost world as he concludes that he is a stranger to this one.

Charley is so excited as he wants to share his personal adventuring spot with you all. You follow him south along the coast for a quarter hour when you come upon dilapidated ruins spilling out from the woods beyond the shore. Charley disappears back into the light woods and to a partial structure with an 8’ diameter circular stone next to it. Charley explains how he dropped a coin into a crack on the stone slab and the squared stone block resting upon the slab appeared from nothing. You decide to find out if adding another coin into the slot will bring forth another block so as you drop another coin in, another block appears. You start counting your loose coins and all pitch in as coins start dropping into the slot creating new blocks. Approximately 100 steps climb into the sky as each block rests upon the block below and slightly off-set making a curving stair winding upward to a stone arched door frame containing a solid wood door within.

Some scamper up while others wait before climbing the 4’ wide stairway up to this lone door. Three words written in elvish are carved into the door. Balance, Harmony and Reward. You discover the door is not locked as it has no lock, so you push it open. Once the 15’ long 8’ wide passage is checked out after Bruenor’s summoned badger is told to go within the door and return. Once you are all past the door and try to open the matching door on the far side of the passage, you find it will not budge. So you close the outer door and find the inner door opens easily. Written on the stone floor before you as you enter a huge room are the three sentences. “Keep balance true when they strike”, “make harmony fill the dead of night” and “Let reward be fulfilled before your flight”. Beyond these words is a grand staircase all of stone leading some 30+ feet down into a very large room. Four light sources can be seen in the four corners of the room with a dark shadowy area engulfing the center of the room. The two close lit areas contain two floating weapons. To the left a sword 10’ off the floor and a hammer to the right also 10’ off the floor. The two back lit areas each contain gems positioned 10’ above the floor, one white and one black.

Within the shadowy area near the center most part are two 15’ tall dark crystal mounds. One a half circle dome black as night and the other a half inverted pyramid of a whitish crystal. Captain Furthak flies to the sword and hammer, and takes both as Pholstus and Seraphine investigate the tapestry covered walls to each side and the rear of the chamber but find nothing. Far above the ceiling cannot be seen, just darkness above. The captain places the sword and hammer in fitted spaces atop the two crystal mounds. As all check out the room, you decided to push the two large crystals in the shadow area and make them strike. More than one attempt need to be made but you are successful in making them collide as an unbelievably horrid sound is created that brings sonic damage to some. Seraphina plays her accordion during this time and feels she can find a frequency that will match the crystals as these seem to be hanging like great bells in a bell tower.

You end up deciding to strike the white floating crystal and smashing it. You then notice movement in the shadows as two shadow demons attack. As these are creatures of shadow, they are difficult to connect with and bring on a tough battle. Once you r are victorious you decided to strike the black floating crystal and two more shadow demons enter the space and attack. As the battle rages you cause another demon to join in and extend the battle further. Once the demons have been dissipated you feel harmony needed, can be brought to be by your bard and her music ability. Seraphina plays her songs and closes in on the desired note to bond with the crystal mounds. When she brings the harmony of her music and crystals to one frequency the lights go out as the sound fills the room. With a cacophony of sound swells it ends abruptly and the entire room fills with light. You notice a small risen circular stone step in the center of the room. As each of you stand upon it, an item appears in your hands. Once all have gained an item, you make for the exit and scurry down the unsupported stairs and back to the natural ground below.

Back to town and The Brightstar where you take a short rests and heal as well as try to identify or attune to the items you have been rewarded.

DnD Session Update 11-3-15
Put to sea without a crew

Wights and a Wraith are still before you in battle. The Wights have been turned but the Wraith is attacking. As the Wraith is destroyed, you attack the wights and break the turning so they attack you back. Once all are dead you investigate the area. Pick finds a secret door in one of the alcoves while Captain Furtak checks out the blue light coming from the far wall in the Wraith room. The Captain detects abjuration and evocation auras as he moves into the area and sets off a lightning bolt that strikes everyone down here as they are lined up in the hall beyond the room. A door opens on that wall after the lightning as Sariel opens the secret door in the alcove. A mummy steps out from the secret door and attacks Sariel and Pick. The bears summoned by Bruenor claw open the partly opened door beyond the magic aura as you see them sniffing. They disappear into the room beyond.

Bruenor, on the ship deal with the two captured Imps by dropping them into the water while tied to the anchor. He attempts to get information out of them but fails a strength check and loses one below the water surface. Seemingly not interested in conversing with the other Imp, he lets the rope drop and pulls the second Imp underwater and leaves it there. He then sees smoke and the glow of flame coming from the far side of town and head that way.

Starbreaker climbs back up the drop to the tunnel connected to the well bottom but once able to see down that tunnel sees a raging fire burning within the old well with smoke and flame engulfing it. The Captain also climbs up and then uses magic to bring rain down upon the flames. It slowly starts to overcome the fire.

Once the mummy is destroyed, all decided to not investigate the shimmer of shiny reflections beyond the open door where you can hear the bears crying out in combat and pain.

All start to climb the old well once Captain Furthak reduces the flames as Bruenor bellows out and startles the crowd of villagers around the old well’s opening. They had been throwing combustible materials into the well to keep the fire they started burning hot. Once the villagers are gone and everyone is out safe, you head for the Brightstar.

An Alarm spell is cast as well as more spell levels cast into the sphere as Starbreaker places it back into the cradle. This brings the crystal much closer to fully charged where it can assist the ship in its repairs. The mending Seraphine brought the ship has added to the speed of repair too. You rest the night within the ship and gain hit points and spells. The damage from the devils is able to be healed and you wake at full strength.

In the morning a group of townsfolk approach the Brightstar demanding that you leave and take the curse that has befallen Elmwood with you. Captain Furthak makes a desperate speech about the frailty of the townsfolk and the town itself as well. The villagers do not take this warning well and again demand that the sip and its crew leave. As you do not have anyone to crew the ship and nobody is learned in the ways of sailing, Bruenor transforms into a Plesiosaurus after summoning several sharks. This water born team pull the Brightstar out of port and out to sea. Time is spent and you make your way to Lis. Bruenor beaches himself before the villager there before he transforms back into his land loving dwarf. Fisherman and most villagers keep clear as numerous children from Lis gather around in amazement of the magic. A young lad called Charlie offers Captain Furthak his services as his cabin boy. You ask and they inform you of the only tavern in town. So you make for The Long Arm for a drink and info.

The barkeep and owner named Burney welcomes you to drink. You find out that Fort Dalton was destroyed by a massive orc raid. Mulmaster has sent nobody to deal with the orcs though they have not been seen since the event. Mulmaster itself is under repair of eth fire that destroyed the docks but most things are quiet in the area. You ask about Captain Scalling Badaxe and Burney tells of a hatred for the dwarf and he has taken Burney’s daughter Patricia away. Burney wishes his daughter returned and the dwarf dead. The dwarf has not been seen in more than a month. You plan on looking for a crew to hire and Burney may be able to help.

DnD Session Update 10-27-15
Darkness Falls

Spending time in Elmwood going up levels, stocking up on gear at the Trading Post and healing potions is your main focus. Pholstus makes contact with the druid Calafast in the grove. Starbreaker makes contact with Lady Anorah at the Temple of the Half Moon. Brinnell and Pick try to find Constable Thoyan. Captain Furthak uses his last wish to bring the Brightstar to Elmwood and is successful.

You discover:
-Chesslyn is still in Mulmaster helping out after the dock fire
-Ezrin the druid is still missing
-Thoyan has been missing for a couple of weeks

As the time goes by, you pick up on an attitude towards you and a label of bringers of the curse. You hear and then notice that rats and ravens have infiltrated the town. As it is brought to your attention you realize that you have seen numerous rats and even ravens right outside your window at the inn. Brinnell feels that since the constable is gone that he should be able to stay at his home and proceeds to gain entrance to it.

The night you all go to explore the constable’s home, village folk are attacked out in the streets. You have broken into the house and are exploring as you hear screams and yelling outside a distance off. You can make out small sized winged creatures attacking villagers. These redish toned creatures are slender winged with scorpion like tails that appear to be able to sting. You intervene and pursue the creatures. In time Seraphina, Captain Furthak and Sariel back on the ship also are dealing with these creatures. You also watch as two exit combat and turn into ravens as they fly off. Move villagers are attacked as the creatures make their way across town and end up near the old well. As you pursue and gather near the well, a large fiend of a creature rises from the well and enters combat. This large winged creature with bent legs wielding a large fork moves in. You identify the smaller creatures as Imps and their master as a Horned Devil.

During your encounter with the fiends, Sariel is communicated with via telepathy. Though he is never directly attacked, the message he receives informs him that he will see his friends suffer. Another communication informs Sariel that this is all being done in the name of Phelpaxus. Pick’s history on that name identifies it as a Pit Fiend. Captain Furthak adds that these are the most powerful devils below the rank of Duke. During the combat, vile attacks from the fiends cause some damage to be permanently lost until a long rest can be taken.

As more of these monsters have appeared and entered combat, towns folk see you engaging them and finally following them into the old well. You do attempt to aid a few villagers along the way but you do not know if it is enough to turn this attitude of curse bringers from you. Bruenor and Seraphina remain on the ship to guard it as Brinnell and the rest find a weak stone wall at the bottom of the old well and explore the passage they find beyond.

Seraphina captures two of the Imps on the ship with her magic as Bruenor comes to help. In the tunnel below the well Pholstus, Starbreaker, Sariel, Captain Furthak, Pick and Brinneell enter combat with four Wights that end up drawing a Wraith into your melee. Damage from these creatures is also vile and life taking. They also can cause damage that brings your maximum hit point total down and unhealable until a long rest is taken. As your foes fall, Bruenor and Pick move ahead into a dark chamber to find another Wraith awaiting…

DnD Session Update 10-20-15
From ice to a cold reception

Standing onboard the Brightstar in the middle of the Elemental Plane of Ice with it wedged in an ice crevasse during an unbelievably dense snow storm surrounded by Yeti is where our story starts off today.

-Yeti can be seen below the ship as well as a dark opening in the icy ground

-The decision to get within the ship to rest is made

-Starbreaker decides to remain on watch

-The winds and snow keep visibility down to 10 feet

-The ship is repairing itself and evidence of its progress can be seen. The Captain realizes that expending spell energy into the crystal will accelerate its regeneration and once fully regenerated it will be able to assist the ships regeneration. So everyone expends spell into the crystal bringing it to approx. 1/3 regenerated.

-During your rest (which would not recharge magic items yet) more Yeti attack. Several Yeti and another Abominable Yeti with its breath weapon.

-Sariel falls, Starbreaker falls, Degorian dies, Seraphina dies and much damage is taken all around

-Healing potions are less than numerous but healing finds those near death and Pholstus casts Revivify to bring Seraphina back from the brink.

-The ship shifts and slides from its icy perch and now sit level and outside the ice crevasse. Starbreaker finds himself knocked out of the ship and on the icy ground with at least one yeti and a snow wolf of two near. He tries to climb the ice walls that the ship rests upon to get back to the ship’s deck.

-Seeing the dire situation, Captain Furthak decides to use the second of his three wishes and casts. Wishing for the ship and everyone to be safely transported to the Planet of Toril on the continent of Faerun in the town of Elmwood. You all suddenly appear on a small dingy named “The Ship” in the docks of Elmwood. Degorian body did not return with you.

-You are free to go about healing, resting, leveling and gathering information.


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