Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session Update 4-5-17

Difficult times

Lum came to a sense of being that revealed to him the deception that took place when he gave away his Gauntlets of Ogre Power to Bouldergut. Holding up his holy symbol he then challenged Bouldergut to swear a blood oath to Thor Odinson or taste the blades bless by Thor. Bouldergut chose the blades as he and Lum starting fighting to the death. If others in the party did not step in, Lum would have been victorious but that was not to be. (Especially when Janos “helped out”) Lum fell as Viktur opened a door down the hall that ended up bringing two chain devils into melee with the remaining party.

Once the devils were defeated the group opened the door on the far side of the room the devil’s had come from with the large pile of metal swords, armor, chains and an assortment of metal items all of little value. The door opened onto a long hall covered with mirrors on the walls and ceiling. Saving throws were make and they not as party members disappeared from the hall. Bouldergut identified a glimmer of magic in one of the mirrors so he threw his maul at it. When it shattered, two human wizards, two wraiths and a large demonic looking creature appeared in the hall and attacked.

One wizard disappeared and the other fell. The party moved in on the large demon creature. The wraiths attacked. As battle ensued the invisible wizard pushed his way past the door as you discovered the demon was an illusion as a Ice Storm spell was cast in the hall. With the wraiths dead and Janos making death saves, you close the door. But Bouldergut gets very aggressive and opens the door to pursue the invisible wizard. (still invisible after casting the ice storm) As the dwarf enters the room and threatens the unseen wizard, a Fireball spell fills the hall and doorway engulfing all. Bouldergut now making death saves but follows Janos to his demise. The other dying wizard offers up a piece of jewelry before he dies. Hanrik takes the piece and notices the door at the end of the hall has similar patterns upon it. He lays it into the pattern and takes force damage when contact is made. Phaeris takes the piece and examines the door and find a quarter of the pattern do match the shape of this item. He places it into that pattern and takes force damage.

Viktur seeks out the invisible wizard and speaks to him. He offers the jewelry to the wizard but the wizard declines and states that the piece will bring your death. He returns and you all take a long rest beyond a secret door you find in the room the devil’s appeared from.

After resting you explore down the natural cavern behind the secret door that comes out in a large natural cavern with a red liquid filled river crosses the cavern. Beyond is a large stone statue of a human with 20 arms. You identify the figure as Mocham, an ancient god of the earth. Lying before it on the cavern floor is a large bowl or dish. You discover magic is nullified bordering this red 12” wide river. Viktur climbs the cavern wall to reach the opposite side and explores the statue. As more jump across and examine the statue you find that after a few moments standing near the bowl or statue brings two shots of Eldritch Blast from the statue. Viktur falls into the river when attempting to cross it again into another section of the cavern. He takes poison damage and continues so you need to remove his wet clothing to save him.

Making quick examinations of the statue and bowl you discover another piece of jewelry in the bowl covered by red liquid. You dump the bowl and gain a second jeweled piece. You touch the pieces together and they bond as they fit together flawlessly making a half circle. With three party members fallen in the last three rooms you encountered, what will you do now? What of this half circle jeweled piece?



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