Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session Update 3-22-17

Into the Tower

The powers in charge in Neverwinter have provided you maps of Luskan and a brief description of what they know has happened there. With giant having taken the city, you come to find they are searching for a Dragon Orb that is rumored to be within Luskan. Known for its Wizard Towers and magical strengths, the giant are looking in the wrong place.

Upon reaching the city through the Harper teleportation network, you meet a Halfling wizard named Worbel. He claims to be the guardian of the Luskan magics and the very orb you seek. He informs you he placed it in a small tower within the city but far from the wizard towers. He tells you that two other groups of adventurers have come before you seeking the orb and have perished long before reaching it.

He takes you further into the catacombs you arrived in, to a hall leading downward telling you this is the entrance to The Needle. Tests and traps lie before you that you must overcome to reach the orb. He also tells you that this orb is unique among the Dragon Orbs but with no detail. There are also treasures to be found.

As you enter the passage you come upon the remains of several well equipped bodes. Armed and armored with treasures to boot. Colleting some potions and other items you find, you notice the bodies appear to be lying down as if they had been moving out of the hallway when they fell.

Further down this hall you come to a place with numerous dead birds scattered on the floor. Further down you see an end to this stone passage with a double door in the wall facing you. But also is an invisible wall of force between you and the doors. Searching you find this barrier to be an invisible stone wall containing its own double doors. After you set off the cloud kill trap and successfully open the doors, you open the visible doors ahead and move into the tower.

Several levels of the tower contain items of no interest to you but you also find things of value. Crates and barrels, furniture and artwork, tapestries and traps are what you encounter as you wind your way up the spiral stairs of each level until you reach the top level through a secret ceiling hatch. A glowing archway appears behind a secret door moments before the air is removed from this room so you move through this arch and appear in a stone hallway with a door at the opposite end.

Beyond the door and traps you encounter large stone panthers that animate and attack when doors are opened leading out of the next room. One door leads to a room with a floating sword that moves to attack as you enter the room. Closing the door quickly enough keeps the sword at bay. The other door leads to a hall and room beyond. This room is filled with thousands of small pieces of glass suspended from the ceiling by minute threads. Reaching down and ending at all heights with none reaching further than 2 feet short of the floor. A quick blast into the glass shards makes them explode by chain reaction leaving a find dust filling the air. Retreating back through the door keeps you from breathing in the dust.

A hall did lead out the far side of the glass shard room. Will this be your path?



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