Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session Update 2-22-17

Deep into Neverwinter Woods

Deciding to make for coast city of Neverwinter, your path takes you through Neverwinter Woods. As you travel across the grassy plains towards the woods you enter an area of more hilly surroundings. With the woods in view you notice a structure off in the distance as you make camp. During the night you are awoken by a low moaning coming from the direction of the structure but you decide to make for the woods.


As you move further into the forest, it grows more dense as a full canopy fills above. Finding animal trails you know will lead to the Morgur River within the forest you travel. You movement seems to be more difficult and slower going as the day passes. A detect magic reveals and magic all around the area with an enchantment and abjuration auras. Ahead of you a rocky outcropping is seen. You camp near the outcropping for the night. Bats are seen flying from the rocky area out into the forest. During the night Lum awakens all as he notices long vines moving towards the group along the ground and down from the trees. As these vines advance they attack and wind around party members. You fight them off and free those caught by the vines. Quickly you make your way further towards the river moving down and around the exposed rocky area. Once to the river you decide to use your earth elemental to gather trees as you tie them together to make a raft.

Once the raft is completed, you have the elemental move it into the water as you board the vessel and prepare to travel downriver. Once out into the moving waters you head south. You end up travel no more than a quarter mile as vines appear moving towards you on the water. They wrap themselves around your raft. You are pulled close to shore as a large dead tree is pulled down upon the raft making several members jump for safety. With more vines covering the ground here and hanging from the trees with some attempting to pull your raft apart, a tree near shore animates as you battle other vines nearby. Battle with the animated tree is diverted when you try to communicate with it. You find out from the tree that the forest is enchanted by powerful druid magic to protect against and repel invasion across the woods and being most potent along the river itself. This is in reaction to the giant attacks all along the northern realms. Waterdeep and Neverwinter remain in defense mode along the Sword Coast using the Neverwinter Woods as a barrier. You decide to move away from the river and make for the eastern edge of the forest.


Moving back up the rise towards the east you notice a blue glow in the early morning darkness coming from the area of the rocky outcropping. You investigate the rock area before you and find it to be 150’ wide and 30’ deep, this natural exposed rock looks uninteresting. In the far back wall of stone is a large opening and shortly within the opening are the remains of a dragon. Identifying the remains reveals it to have been a red dragon of some size. The teeth and spines have been removed from the remains as Shamash and Phaeris along with assistance from another earth elemental dig a grave in the soft soil of the cavern and bury the remains. Searching the cavern and using magic detection you explore and find a passage leading further underground. Far within the tunnels you find an alcove filled with dozens of wooden chests. You go to smash one of the chests with the help of the elemental and all of the chests spring open as the air is filled with hundreds of blood sucking Stirges. As party members fall from great amounts of damage from the stirge swarm attacks you attempt to exit the cavern.


The elemental attacks and brings the ceiling down in a good sized area allowing some to back away from the swarm. Retreating and healing potions keep all alive as you exit the cavern and decide to rest for the night. Before you rest, Shamash sends the elemental back into the cavern in search of valuables. For the remaining of its summoned time it retrieves a great amount of gems and coins. You rest and pack as much of the heavy treasure as you can carry before you head off.



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