Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session Update 2-15-17

Beyond the Vale

Hiding in the brush of the river bank you notice the large mass overhead which had the lights you had seen at a distance is not dark. It is still moving but has caught up with you and is now passing you. It is heading straight for the light source on the ground some distance off which is the direction you were headed as well. As it moves off you can again see the lights within it as you can now see the upper portion again. You continue moving towards the lights on the ground as the large stone and bone mass above seems to lower as it approaches the lights on the ground. As you near you can see dark masses dropping from the floating aerial structure come crashing down into the lit area on the ground. Huge skeletal creatures can now be seen moving about on the ground. You can make out humanoid creatures engaging the skeletal attack so you move in to assist.

As the battle ensues the large floating mass moves off beyond your sight as you fight alongside older members of a barbarian tribe. Several campfires illuminate this area of destroyed structures. Two skeletal dragons join in the fight from above with their skeletal comrades on the ground. One younger human fighter is also joining in the battle against the skeletons as many of the barbarians fall and you slowly take out the skeletal foes.

The human who fought alongside you is named Phaeris and he is interested in joining your group just as much as you are interested in the same. The surviving barbarians are the last of the elders of the Great Worm Clan. They share stories with you about the past several months of giant attacks. Giants have moved in from the north and invaded the Realms all along the Spine of the World from Luskan to Mirabar. Attacking by ship moving along the rivers, Giants of all kind have been in these attacks including well armed and armored Fomorians. Sky citadels of the cloud giants have also been seen in the skies of the north. Nobody knows their strength or a place from which they group and attack from. Forces from Neverwinter and Waterdeep have been raised to defend against these united giants. The pattern of attack has been the ground forces followed by the sky citadels coming in to clean up in the aftermath. Wyverns and greater dragons have also been encountered among the giants. With this information now known to you, you discover that you have been gone from the Realms for some time as it is now early autumn leaving some 7 months of time passing that you did not experience.

The elders hearing that you wish to defeat these giants and help the Realms defend themselves offer you assistance in the only way they have remaining. They tell of ancient times when the barbarian tribes fought the giants here in the Realms and defeated them. Great barbarian warriors and great magical weapons have been left scattered across the northlands to both honor their dead and warn the giant races of the victory. They give you maps of the area along with the knowledge of great weapons buried in the Barbarian mound known as Morgur’s Mound located in The Crags. Also a map of ancient teleportation circles located throughout the north that they know the Harpers and druids still maintain, that could possible help you. These elders will make their way across their lands as they bid you farewell as you trek south towards The Crags. You head south into the night seeking a place to rest safely.

At dawn you can make out a floating citadel far off to the north of you. Not wanting to waste time or be seen, south you march heading for The Crags. A couple of days journey brings you into the rough lands as you find your bearings and navigate towards the area you believe is the location of these mounds. Upon find the mound Shamash uses his magical stone of earth elemental control and brings forth a creature and has it search through the earth under the mounds and bring back any items it can find. What is found it brings to the surface with the greatest being arrows of giant slaying.

Resting the night, the following morning the small black chest Lum had received from the hag that he was instructed to give to Yolanda. Yolanda wastes to time and opens the chest to find the group suddenly surrounded by a thick fog with a table appearing near them with a deck of cards lying upon it. You each are instructed to choose a number of cards you will pick from this deck one at a time. Over the next several minutes you all discover you fates brought on by a Deck of Many Things. Experience is gained and lost, Intelligence is lowered, curses are bestowed, a powerful magic weapon is granted, a mighty foe is gained, aid is provided and the location of a stronghold for which to start a kingdom is now known.

After your exploits with strong magic from the deck (stronger than Shamash can negate he finds) you decided to head to Neverwinter along the Sword Coast to find more answers.



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