Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session Update 11-2-16

Into the valley wall

Hiding within the forest edge along the river after the battle, you decide to pursue the raft which is supposed to contain a dragon’s remains headed for the island and some dark ritual. Making your way back out to the river’s edge, you notice numerous large creatures in flight some distance south of you. Smoke rises in the direction of the river cave as you run to get ahead of the raft floating down river. Catching up to the raft’s position, swimming out to intercept it is no issue all while watching the creatures in flight approaching. The cult member was not lying as you find dragon hyde, claws, teeth and the skull of the a huge blue beast covered upon the raft. Taking what you can before the now identified Wyverns with riders reach your area. Back into the deep woods you decide to head for the Giant complex you had investigated earlier.

Making your way through the forest as winged beasts fly overhead, you cross a road leading south and north. Beyond you make for the complex but as you approach you notice two Fomorians standing outside the massive entrance so you change course and make for the vally wall again to try to move along it back towards the Dwarven complex. Using the rangers skill, this rough terrain is no challenge to you. Moving out from the valley wall some, you cross another road. This one runs east to west headed towards the dwarven complex so you head north of the complex to approach from that direction. You take a short rest but again benefit as though you took a long rest.

Again you move closer to the rough rocky piles on the valley floor close to the wall. There you notice a small dark opening in the rock themselves. Further investigation reveals a short dark tunnel leading to a secret door. You use your abilities to open this door and find a stone hall with the valley wall. The passage leads in many feet until it is crossed by another passage. Taking a left you travel further down this other passage until you come to an opening on the left leading to a spiral stair. This leads up to the long room with an open wall looking out into the valley from a heightened perch. You cannot reach out through this opening but you do discover that with concentration you can focus in on a feature before you and zoom you view in on it. You discover this way a stone stairway to the left of the right hand waterfall making its way up the rise across the valley. Being later in the day, the far side of the valley is in shadow and trying to see across the river or down to the river cave is too difficult. You do discover a secret notch in the stone containing several potions of greater healing.


Back down and back to the intersection you continue across so you are traveling to the right of your original direction. You come to another opening with a stair this time on your right as the passage also continues ahead. Up these stairs reveals another long room with a view out onto the valley.

Back down again and further down the hall you come to two openings on your left with stairs leading down 10 feet. Leading to separate rooms, one are filled with armor, melee weapons, pole arms, ammo and tools to repair armor. The other is set up as healing rooms. Tables, containers, old clothe and healing tools fill this room. The main passage leads to a dead end a few minutes further. Just before the dead end is another opening leading to a large barracks with beds and storage.

Back to your original passage and moving forward you come to two stairs ways dropping downward 20 feet each that leads to a large round arched ceiling room where you stand on a round balcony so 60 feet up from the floor below. Two huge curved sets of stairs on the far side lead down to the ornate floor below. Marble, tile and ornately carved patterns adorn the columns, stairs and floor on this room. 12 arched doors lead out of the ornate room. Wood doors wrapped in iron and looking very durable. You open 4 locked and some trapped doors here. North door opens exposing two Carrion Crawlers that attack you with the passage leading to a natural cavern trailing off some distance into the dark below. West you find a small room with 2 trapped chests filled with gold and gems/jewelery. South opens to a passage with stairs leading down. You do not open any of the 8 opposing doors yet. East you find a long worked passage that leads several hundred feet and opens onto a huge passage containing massive columns. It extend to your left and right as far as you can see. The feel of a large space fills you senses. You head back to the main 12 door room but are caught by the sounds of yelling or screaming echoing down the passage you just exited. Rushing back to the long columned room you peer around the corner to hear cries and see some distance off with lights sources near them, Bullywugs moving about and the glimpse of a dwarf dodging between the columns.



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