Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session Update 1-25-17

Covering a lot of ground

-One of the doors in the grand round room took you deep into the mines below the ancient dwarven city

-Heavy duty lifts move between the 5 levels of the mines

-You find a sanctuary devoted to Moradin

-You encounter Hook Horrors, Cave Fishers and enslaved Derro in the lower mines

-You encounter Neogi in the middle levels of the mine

-You encounter Fomorians, some armored with Azers in the upper mine levels with the workings of the mine running strong as the Azers are working metal

-You escape the mine through a network of waterways underground that lead out to small sinkholes out in the main valley outside the dwarven complex

-You find a fallen armored giant in another sinkhole and he has a sack full of heads and a chest containing magic items

-You decide to make for the south end of the valley as you have seen the thinning of the forest across the river from the encampment at the exit of the river from the valley.

-4 massive wooden ships are docked along the shore there as you find a large camp of giant tents that appears to be a healing camp for a large group of giants. Mixed races but mostly Hill Giant.

-You encounter a small caravan making its way through the valley towards the giant encampment. The caravan is made of numerous carts being pulled by beasts containing much shiny reflective cargo. The caravan is escorted by numerous Fomorians wearing armor

-Just as you ready to set off south the Hag that Yolanda released from the iron flask appears before you and hands you a small black chest and tells you to give it to Yolanda. It says this is a reward to Yolanda for its release from the flask. It says, “Do not be tempted to open it” and disappears.

-Using the magic items you found Lum, Bouldergut and Hanrik follow the caravan while invisible into the giant camp while Shamash makes for the river and towards the ships.

-The plan to set tents on fire as well as some of the ships is mostly successful as a number of tents go up in flames as it spreads and one of the ships is smoking heavily

-Meeting at the ship nearest the massive cavern opening in the valley wall, the summoned earth elemental and Bouldergut take out a giant with Bouldergut’s incredible swings of damage

-Cutting the massive ship free of its moorings and trying to maneuver it out into the swifter waters is a bit of a challenge for you as the ship swings ass end first towards the cavern

-Failed attempts by the giants to gain access to the ship as it moves away leaves you trying to steer a water vessel with a rudder while traveling in reverse. Dropping the sails on two of the masts seams to aid in swinging the ship around backwards to off you go into the dark void

-Things are fine until you are now in the current and see ahead a split in the waterway, possibly by your help of sheer luck, you fail to strike the stone and make your way down the left channel

-Some distance down the river in this dark mountain cavern you notice a huge arch of stone ahead of you and with no way to stop, turn or slow the vessel, you enter below the arch and suddenly fine yourselves out in a vastly open air space on a river but it is near completely dark so you vision is limited

-Up in the sky you notice lights and far off ahead of you, lights seem to be on the ground in an area. Your light sources on the ship as well as dark vision help you to notice a muddy river bank coming up with a sharp turn in the river. The ship strikes the shore and is stuck.

-The lights in the sky seem to be getting closer and with more examination they look like windows illuminated from within a large structure up in the sky and it is moving towards you

-A quick search of the ship and you find it to be loaded with giant sized weapons, healing and bandage supplies and ammunition but with the floating lights coming towards you, the group disembarks the ship up the muddy slope and out into the grassy terrain beyond the river bank. It is now dark out and you make for the open lands



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