Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Session 10-19-16

Looting a stronghold, finding refuge in the forest

Standing outside the dwarven stronghold where the two carts remain as you notice the massive doors across the bridge beginning to close. You can see more Bullywugs beyond the door into the canyon wall pushing the door as your fighters move to engage. Taking out the Bullywugs is not great feat but the Ogre that moves towards the great doors will be. Plus additional Bullywugs firing arrows from further in hampers your effort. When your enemy is dead you are faced with numerous captives skirting the walls in this massive chamber. Two large mounds of retrieved items lies in the back corners of this room. You speak with some of the captives and they tell of vast halls and stairs within this complex that they have been forced to search for treasures. Four Fomorians guard these dwarven passages as the captives search. Two remain below as two move up and down with the loot. Deciding to leave this place as soon as possible, not wanting to have to deal with Fomorians you hastily grab items from the piles in the room as well as grabbing what you can of gems from the cart outside the entrance. You move off west out into the heavier forested area knowing that there is a river to cross at some point.

After moving through the deeper forest you come to the river’s edge. Not a particularly fast moving river but wide enough to be a challenge to cross. You notice movement coming from the south as you see a flat boat being pulled by two mules on shore. Accompanying the mules are armored men looking like more cult members as do the figures out on the large raft. The rafts are covered with cloth hiding whatever rests below their shroud. Deciding to attack the band, Lum climbs a tree to get a beneficial position as the rest move in to fight hand to hand. Battling the men on shore and firing at those on the raft brings victory and some answers but only after a treant appears on the far shore and bombards the raft and those of you on this shore with boulders. Once the raft starts floating freely down stream and you all retract into the forest out of sight of the Treant, it moves of out of view.

Learning from one of the fallen armored men you find out:

-The river runs south to the far off valley wall where it disappears into the stone where it has carved out a path leading out of the vale using magic

-At this point is a place the Fomorians are working, creating some large structure from lumber retrieved from the forest

-The island in the upper river is the point of command for the cult. There most powerful magic using figures are there. They are currently deep in the ritual of summoning an evil demonic shadow dragon.

-An ancient Giant fortress to the west on the far side of the vale beyond the river is another stronghold

-Some great artifact has been discovered in the Dwarven stronghold that will bring great magics to the Fomorian army

-The gates need to be breeched to unify the Giants and bring them together with their evil dragon allies

-Dragon kin have arrived to fight alongside the cult

You decide to follow the river south and attempt to reach the large raft that now floats away from you. As you move south and break the tree line you can see streams of smoke far to the south, miles away. You also notice large winged flying creatures to the south above the trees and they seem to be heading north. They appear to have riders.


Riders on the storm
Riders on the storm
Into this house we’re born
Into this world we’re thrown

DnD Session 10-19-16

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