Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign

DnD Sessions Update June-July 2017
Giants and The Keep

Lives have been lost and new faces have appeared. Attempts to move through magical forests have caused paths to take a different course. Giants have been encountered, war bans have been discovered and entrance into a city had been gained. Rewards for informing of a giant attack were shared and training for levels took place.

When the group entered Neverwinter it found an extremely fortified city ready for the giant forces that are on the move. A hero’s welcome and feast were giving. Time to level up and a request to go to Luskan and find a wizard and an artifact surfaced. Worbel the wizard was found in the tunnels below Luskan after being teleported to the occupied city. Exploring a tall tower by climbing teh interior bttom to top finding magic and danger gained you access to a portal taking you to the hiding place of a Dragon Orb. This orb is planned to be used against the giant forces that threaten the lands.

Upon completing your quest and returning with the orb, you decide to follow Yolanda to her reward from the Deck of Many Things and help her defeat the evil within a fortress so she can gain ownership of the keep and the lands that come with it. You are provided a ship to take you north and find a group of followers request to join you. Horses are also given to you as you set off with a ship load of explorers off to Hell Gate Keep.

When you arrive you encounter the ruins of a waterfront city that leads you to a few buildings near the base of the rise where the fortress known as Hell Gate Keep was located. Within these buildings you find large magic stones guarded by treants. Once you explore the minor ruins at the top of the natural stone rise where a huge gaping hole sits where the ancient keep once stood, you find places the stones need to be placed for some magical reason.

After dealing with a dragon, that you controlled for a short time with the Dragon Orb, you managed to place the 3 magic stones in place and brought the ancient keep back from the abyss to its original location. The only problem is you brought devils trapped there along with the keep. Dozens of lemure litter the keep’s grounds that you battle until a powerful devil shows his demonic face and clues you in to the fact that you are all trapped here within the keep. He offers you a challenge to retrieve 3 magic orbs hidden and protected from below the keep that can be used to free you all.

Taking on the challenge you explore below the keep where an enormous dark tree is found that you need to climb down from the top. Finding strange areas where you need to slip through the bark and gain access into the tree itself you find an orb. Another orb found deep within a pool of water puddled on a tree branch. You lose one of these new orbs but come upon a large nest containing 3 orbs. Finding these to be the real orbs, you make a plan with the entities within the orbs to defeat the devil and banish him back to the nine hells while freeing yourselves from the magic force that binds the keep. Racing back up to the keep you place the orbs onto 3 pillars while using the last false orb to lure the devil out when you use your dragon orb to power an attach enhanced by the other orbs to vanquish the devil and bring the view of blue skies over Yolanda’s keep.

DnD Session Update 4-5-17
Difficult times

Lum came to a sense of being that revealed to him the deception that took place when he gave away his Gauntlets of Ogre Power to Bouldergut. Holding up his holy symbol he then challenged Bouldergut to swear a blood oath to Thor Odinson or taste the blades bless by Thor. Bouldergut chose the blades as he and Lum starting fighting to the death. If others in the party did not step in, Lum would have been victorious but that was not to be. (Especially when Janos “helped out”) Lum fell as Viktur opened a door down the hall that ended up bringing two chain devils into melee with the remaining party.

Once the devils were defeated the group opened the door on the far side of the room the devil’s had come from with the large pile of metal swords, armor, chains and an assortment of metal items all of little value. The door opened onto a long hall covered with mirrors on the walls and ceiling. Saving throws were make and they not as party members disappeared from the hall. Bouldergut identified a glimmer of magic in one of the mirrors so he threw his maul at it. When it shattered, two human wizards, two wraiths and a large demonic looking creature appeared in the hall and attacked.

One wizard disappeared and the other fell. The party moved in on the large demon creature. The wraiths attacked. As battle ensued the invisible wizard pushed his way past the door as you discovered the demon was an illusion as a Ice Storm spell was cast in the hall. With the wraiths dead and Janos making death saves, you close the door. But Bouldergut gets very aggressive and opens the door to pursue the invisible wizard. (still invisible after casting the ice storm) As the dwarf enters the room and threatens the unseen wizard, a Fireball spell fills the hall and doorway engulfing all. Bouldergut now making death saves but follows Janos to his demise. The other dying wizard offers up a piece of jewelry before he dies. Hanrik takes the piece and notices the door at the end of the hall has similar patterns upon it. He lays it into the pattern and takes force damage when contact is made. Phaeris takes the piece and examines the door and find a quarter of the pattern do match the shape of this item. He places it into that pattern and takes force damage.

Viktur seeks out the invisible wizard and speaks to him. He offers the jewelry to the wizard but the wizard declines and states that the piece will bring your death. He returns and you all take a long rest beyond a secret door you find in the room the devil’s appeared from.

After resting you explore down the natural cavern behind the secret door that comes out in a large natural cavern with a red liquid filled river crosses the cavern. Beyond is a large stone statue of a human with 20 arms. You identify the figure as Mocham, an ancient god of the earth. Lying before it on the cavern floor is a large bowl or dish. You discover magic is nullified bordering this red 12” wide river. Viktur climbs the cavern wall to reach the opposite side and explores the statue. As more jump across and examine the statue you find that after a few moments standing near the bowl or statue brings two shots of Eldritch Blast from the statue. Viktur falls into the river when attempting to cross it again into another section of the cavern. He takes poison damage and continues so you need to remove his wet clothing to save him.

Making quick examinations of the statue and bowl you discover another piece of jewelry in the bowl covered by red liquid. You dump the bowl and gain a second jeweled piece. You touch the pieces together and they bond as they fit together flawlessly making a half circle. With three party members fallen in the last three rooms you encountered, what will you do now? What of this half circle jeweled piece?

DnD Session Update 3-22-17
Into the Tower

The powers in charge in Neverwinter have provided you maps of Luskan and a brief description of what they know has happened there. With giant having taken the city, you come to find they are searching for a Dragon Orb that is rumored to be within Luskan. Known for its Wizard Towers and magical strengths, the giant are looking in the wrong place.

Upon reaching the city through the Harper teleportation network, you meet a Halfling wizard named Worbel. He claims to be the guardian of the Luskan magics and the very orb you seek. He informs you he placed it in a small tower within the city but far from the wizard towers. He tells you that two other groups of adventurers have come before you seeking the orb and have perished long before reaching it.

He takes you further into the catacombs you arrived in, to a hall leading downward telling you this is the entrance to The Needle. Tests and traps lie before you that you must overcome to reach the orb. He also tells you that this orb is unique among the Dragon Orbs but with no detail. There are also treasures to be found.

As you enter the passage you come upon the remains of several well equipped bodes. Armed and armored with treasures to boot. Colleting some potions and other items you find, you notice the bodies appear to be lying down as if they had been moving out of the hallway when they fell.

Further down this hall you come to a place with numerous dead birds scattered on the floor. Further down you see an end to this stone passage with a double door in the wall facing you. But also is an invisible wall of force between you and the doors. Searching you find this barrier to be an invisible stone wall containing its own double doors. After you set off the cloud kill trap and successfully open the doors, you open the visible doors ahead and move into the tower.

Several levels of the tower contain items of no interest to you but you also find things of value. Crates and barrels, furniture and artwork, tapestries and traps are what you encounter as you wind your way up the spiral stairs of each level until you reach the top level through a secret ceiling hatch. A glowing archway appears behind a secret door moments before the air is removed from this room so you move through this arch and appear in a stone hallway with a door at the opposite end.

Beyond the door and traps you encounter large stone panthers that animate and attack when doors are opened leading out of the next room. One door leads to a room with a floating sword that moves to attack as you enter the room. Closing the door quickly enough keeps the sword at bay. The other door leads to a hall and room beyond. This room is filled with thousands of small pieces of glass suspended from the ceiling by minute threads. Reaching down and ending at all heights with none reaching further than 2 feet short of the floor. A quick blast into the glass shards makes them explode by chain reaction leaving a find dust filling the air. Retreating back through the door keeps you from breathing in the dust.

A hall did lead out the far side of the glass shard room. Will this be your path?

DnD Session Update 3-8-17
From Neverwinter to Luskan

As you approach the eastern edge of Neverwinter Wood, you notice movement beyond the tree line. Giants, Hill and Stone are grouped along the forest edge. Wolves and arms the giants have as all but one of them start moving south. The lone giant and a large wolf move the opposite direction. Using the abilities of your newly found warlock Janos, a magically enhanced creature of flight follows the giant and his companion as they trek north.

After the remaining day has ended the giant stops to rest, that is when you move in. Once you go through his belongings you discover he was on a mission to deliver a message to his commander Duke Zalto. The Duke is a fire giant and he is located in the volcano in the northern reaches of Neverwinter Woods. The message noted that the giant band that moved south was going to attach the City of Neverwinter the morning 2 days from now. You decide to get this information to those in Neverwinter using eth warlock’s magical flying scout.

This flying messenger flies through the night and reaches Neverwinter across the forest. Janos uses his skills though the creature to make contact and communicate with those in charge in the city. He and you are successful even to the point of the powers that be tell you to go to Longsaddle and make contact with a priest there who can aid you in traveling to Neverwinter. You set out for Longsaddle to the east past the hills and seek out the temple there and find the priest who once convinced, helps you by activating a ancient network of teleportation circles that link certain location in the north, now under the control of the Harpers. You find yourselves within another circle in a different structure surrounded by Neverwinter Guards.

Once you identify yourselves and the knowledge you shared about the southern attack plan, you are welcomed and given food. You come to find after speaking with the captain of the city guard that this city is now fortified against giant attack. You are asked about any dragons or floating citadels you have encountered. You also find that time is short, you cash in on coins for gems and prepare yourselves as you are being asked to travel to the northern City of Luskan in aid to the cause against the giants. You are told that Luskan has fallen and giants control the region. But there is hope, strong magic is located beneath the city that can be used against the giant hordes.

A Dragon Orb of great power is within the city. The giants seek it out as well but they are looking in the wrong location. The legendary wizard towers in Luskan are not the resting place of this mighty orb, but the wizard who was in charge of the towers does know the orbs location. The Halfling wizard Worbel hid the orb from the invading forces as the city fell. He was able to communicate with wizards of Neverwinter that he hid the orb outside the towers. Contact with Worbel was lost but only after 2 groups of warriors had been sent to make contact with the wizard. He is alive but communication with him and the 2 groups has ceased. You are charged with finding the wizard Worbel and retrieving the Dragon Orb. If the wizard cannot assist in controlling the orb and using its powers you must learn and do so. And besides the giants, there is an Iron Golem guarding the wizard towers.

You are gathered at the magic circle in Neverwinter and magically transported to a dark room of stone somewhere under the City of Luskan. You are told you will find yourselves in ancient catacombs beneath the city on the southern shore of the river.

DnD Session Update 2-22-17
Deep into Neverwinter Woods

Deciding to make for coast city of Neverwinter, your path takes you through Neverwinter Woods. As you travel across the grassy plains towards the woods you enter an area of more hilly surroundings. With the woods in view you notice a structure off in the distance as you make camp. During the night you are awoken by a low moaning coming from the direction of the structure but you decide to make for the woods.


As you move further into the forest, it grows more dense as a full canopy fills above. Finding animal trails you know will lead to the Morgur River within the forest you travel. You movement seems to be more difficult and slower going as the day passes. A detect magic reveals and magic all around the area with an enchantment and abjuration auras. Ahead of you a rocky outcropping is seen. You camp near the outcropping for the night. Bats are seen flying from the rocky area out into the forest. During the night Lum awakens all as he notices long vines moving towards the group along the ground and down from the trees. As these vines advance they attack and wind around party members. You fight them off and free those caught by the vines. Quickly you make your way further towards the river moving down and around the exposed rocky area. Once to the river you decide to use your earth elemental to gather trees as you tie them together to make a raft.

Once the raft is completed, you have the elemental move it into the water as you board the vessel and prepare to travel downriver. Once out into the moving waters you head south. You end up travel no more than a quarter mile as vines appear moving towards you on the water. They wrap themselves around your raft. You are pulled close to shore as a large dead tree is pulled down upon the raft making several members jump for safety. With more vines covering the ground here and hanging from the trees with some attempting to pull your raft apart, a tree near shore animates as you battle other vines nearby. Battle with the animated tree is diverted when you try to communicate with it. You find out from the tree that the forest is enchanted by powerful druid magic to protect against and repel invasion across the woods and being most potent along the river itself. This is in reaction to the giant attacks all along the northern realms. Waterdeep and Neverwinter remain in defense mode along the Sword Coast using the Neverwinter Woods as a barrier. You decide to move away from the river and make for the eastern edge of the forest.


Moving back up the rise towards the east you notice a blue glow in the early morning darkness coming from the area of the rocky outcropping. You investigate the rock area before you and find it to be 150’ wide and 30’ deep, this natural exposed rock looks uninteresting. In the far back wall of stone is a large opening and shortly within the opening are the remains of a dragon. Identifying the remains reveals it to have been a red dragon of some size. The teeth and spines have been removed from the remains as Shamash and Phaeris along with assistance from another earth elemental dig a grave in the soft soil of the cavern and bury the remains. Searching the cavern and using magic detection you explore and find a passage leading further underground. Far within the tunnels you find an alcove filled with dozens of wooden chests. You go to smash one of the chests with the help of the elemental and all of the chests spring open as the air is filled with hundreds of blood sucking Stirges. As party members fall from great amounts of damage from the stirge swarm attacks you attempt to exit the cavern.


The elemental attacks and brings the ceiling down in a good sized area allowing some to back away from the swarm. Retreating and healing potions keep all alive as you exit the cavern and decide to rest for the night. Before you rest, Shamash sends the elemental back into the cavern in search of valuables. For the remaining of its summoned time it retrieves a great amount of gems and coins. You rest and pack as much of the heavy treasure as you can carry before you head off.

DnD Session Update 2-15-17
Beyond the Vale

Hiding in the brush of the river bank you notice the large mass overhead which had the lights you had seen at a distance is not dark. It is still moving but has caught up with you and is now passing you. It is heading straight for the light source on the ground some distance off which is the direction you were headed as well. As it moves off you can again see the lights within it as you can now see the upper portion again. You continue moving towards the lights on the ground as the large stone and bone mass above seems to lower as it approaches the lights on the ground. As you near you can see dark masses dropping from the floating aerial structure come crashing down into the lit area on the ground. Huge skeletal creatures can now be seen moving about on the ground. You can make out humanoid creatures engaging the skeletal attack so you move in to assist.

As the battle ensues the large floating mass moves off beyond your sight as you fight alongside older members of a barbarian tribe. Several campfires illuminate this area of destroyed structures. Two skeletal dragons join in the fight from above with their skeletal comrades on the ground. One younger human fighter is also joining in the battle against the skeletons as many of the barbarians fall and you slowly take out the skeletal foes.

The human who fought alongside you is named Phaeris and he is interested in joining your group just as much as you are interested in the same. The surviving barbarians are the last of the elders of the Great Worm Clan. They share stories with you about the past several months of giant attacks. Giants have moved in from the north and invaded the Realms all along the Spine of the World from Luskan to Mirabar. Attacking by ship moving along the rivers, Giants of all kind have been in these attacks including well armed and armored Fomorians. Sky citadels of the cloud giants have also been seen in the skies of the north. Nobody knows their strength or a place from which they group and attack from. Forces from Neverwinter and Waterdeep have been raised to defend against these united giants. The pattern of attack has been the ground forces followed by the sky citadels coming in to clean up in the aftermath. Wyverns and greater dragons have also been encountered among the giants. With this information now known to you, you discover that you have been gone from the Realms for some time as it is now early autumn leaving some 7 months of time passing that you did not experience.

The elders hearing that you wish to defeat these giants and help the Realms defend themselves offer you assistance in the only way they have remaining. They tell of ancient times when the barbarian tribes fought the giants here in the Realms and defeated them. Great barbarian warriors and great magical weapons have been left scattered across the northlands to both honor their dead and warn the giant races of the victory. They give you maps of the area along with the knowledge of great weapons buried in the Barbarian mound known as Morgur’s Mound located in The Crags. Also a map of ancient teleportation circles located throughout the north that they know the Harpers and druids still maintain, that could possible help you. These elders will make their way across their lands as they bid you farewell as you trek south towards The Crags. You head south into the night seeking a place to rest safely.

At dawn you can make out a floating citadel far off to the north of you. Not wanting to waste time or be seen, south you march heading for The Crags. A couple of days journey brings you into the rough lands as you find your bearings and navigate towards the area you believe is the location of these mounds. Upon find the mound Shamash uses his magical stone of earth elemental control and brings forth a creature and has it search through the earth under the mounds and bring back any items it can find. What is found it brings to the surface with the greatest being arrows of giant slaying.

Resting the night, the following morning the small black chest Lum had received from the hag that he was instructed to give to Yolanda. Yolanda wastes to time and opens the chest to find the group suddenly surrounded by a thick fog with a table appearing near them with a deck of cards lying upon it. You each are instructed to choose a number of cards you will pick from this deck one at a time. Over the next several minutes you all discover you fates brought on by a Deck of Many Things. Experience is gained and lost, Intelligence is lowered, curses are bestowed, a powerful magic weapon is granted, a mighty foe is gained, aid is provided and the location of a stronghold for which to start a kingdom is now known.

After your exploits with strong magic from the deck (stronger than Shamash can negate he finds) you decided to head to Neverwinter along the Sword Coast to find more answers.

DnD Session Update 1-25-17
Covering a lot of ground

-One of the doors in the grand round room took you deep into the mines below the ancient dwarven city

-Heavy duty lifts move between the 5 levels of the mines

-You find a sanctuary devoted to Moradin

-You encounter Hook Horrors, Cave Fishers and enslaved Derro in the lower mines

-You encounter Neogi in the middle levels of the mine

-You encounter Fomorians, some armored with Azers in the upper mine levels with the workings of the mine running strong as the Azers are working metal

-You escape the mine through a network of waterways underground that lead out to small sinkholes out in the main valley outside the dwarven complex

-You find a fallen armored giant in another sinkhole and he has a sack full of heads and a chest containing magic items

-You decide to make for the south end of the valley as you have seen the thinning of the forest across the river from the encampment at the exit of the river from the valley.

-4 massive wooden ships are docked along the shore there as you find a large camp of giant tents that appears to be a healing camp for a large group of giants. Mixed races but mostly Hill Giant.

-You encounter a small caravan making its way through the valley towards the giant encampment. The caravan is made of numerous carts being pulled by beasts containing much shiny reflective cargo. The caravan is escorted by numerous Fomorians wearing armor

-Just as you ready to set off south the Hag that Yolanda released from the iron flask appears before you and hands you a small black chest and tells you to give it to Yolanda. It says this is a reward to Yolanda for its release from the flask. It says, “Do not be tempted to open it” and disappears.

-Using the magic items you found Lum, Bouldergut and Hanrik follow the caravan while invisible into the giant camp while Shamash makes for the river and towards the ships.

-The plan to set tents on fire as well as some of the ships is mostly successful as a number of tents go up in flames as it spreads and one of the ships is smoking heavily

-Meeting at the ship nearest the massive cavern opening in the valley wall, the summoned earth elemental and Bouldergut take out a giant with Bouldergut’s incredible swings of damage

-Cutting the massive ship free of its moorings and trying to maneuver it out into the swifter waters is a bit of a challenge for you as the ship swings ass end first towards the cavern

-Failed attempts by the giants to gain access to the ship as it moves away leaves you trying to steer a water vessel with a rudder while traveling in reverse. Dropping the sails on two of the masts seams to aid in swinging the ship around backwards to off you go into the dark void

-Things are fine until you are now in the current and see ahead a split in the waterway, possibly by your help of sheer luck, you fail to strike the stone and make your way down the left channel

-Some distance down the river in this dark mountain cavern you notice a huge arch of stone ahead of you and with no way to stop, turn or slow the vessel, you enter below the arch and suddenly fine yourselves out in a vastly open air space on a river but it is near completely dark so you vision is limited

-Up in the sky you notice lights and far off ahead of you, lights seem to be on the ground in an area. Your light sources on the ship as well as dark vision help you to notice a muddy river bank coming up with a sharp turn in the river. The ship strikes the shore and is stuck.

-The lights in the sky seem to be getting closer and with more examination they look like windows illuminated from within a large structure up in the sky and it is moving towards you

-A quick search of the ship and you find it to be loaded with giant sized weapons, healing and bandage supplies and ammunition but with the floating lights coming towards you, the group disembarks the ship up the muddy slope and out into the grassy terrain beyond the river bank. It is now dark out and you make for the open lands

DnD Session Update 11-30-16
Lost in the mines

-You make your way back to the grand round room of doors. Scotty seems interested in where these door lead

-You rest and heal up. Again you gain the benefit if a long rest in the time of a sort rest

-You decided to open more doors. Viktur open the locks as Hanrik opens them. Again the doorways are dark black areas within the doorframe once the doors are open except for Bouldergut, Hanrik and now Scotty who can see beyond the threshold. Bouldergut does recognize the stonework beyond the door to be dwarven

-One door looks out into huge stone wall room that reaches beyond your darkvision.

-Another looks into a medium sized room with two exits and the remnants of a table and bookcases on the far wall where you see papers on the table

-A third door again looks out into a massive room where you cast a light-stone out beyond the door to illuminate and see huge machines that Bouldergut recognizes as massive forges

-Hanrik and the dwarves move through the second door and make their way towards the dilapidated table and bookcases. As they move through the doorway, the rest of the party can no longer see them. So they decided to follow

-The papers turn out to be maps of a large underground mine. Several levels are noted. You search out the immediate tunnels and discover a location on the maps that matches the pattern of tunnels you are in.

-You make for a room that contains a lift noted on the map. There you encounter spiders and hook horrors in combat as you enter the melee

-Hook horrors end up being tough foes but you are victorious and attempt to use this heavy duty lift to rise up the shaft above you. Shamash notices a dead dwarven body crushed beneath the lift as you finally get it moving. You discover magic items and more pages of maps of this mine complex

-You move from the 5th level up to level 4 of the mines. The walls here show more being worked to a finer quality. You head for a group of large rooms on the map to find a healing temple to Moradin. Statues, healing tables and stashes of healing potions are found. You rest. Hanrik and Bouldergut leave a donation in the hands of the healing maiden statue before you head out.

-Heading back towards the lift you encounter cave fishers and enter combat. Bouldergut is pinned and takes much damage throughout the battle. You are victorious

DnD Session Update 11-16-16
Further into the ruins

-Hearing possible screams of battle coming from down the hall, the group enters the large hall with pillars to see several bullywugs some distance down the dark hall with glimpses of a dwarf dodging between pillars

-Making for the bullywugs to enter combat is you decision. As the fighters head down the hall and enter melee, the healers and rogue follow behind

-Half way through combat, the dwarf you had seen is wielding a mighty battleaxe and wearing plate armor as he deals grave damage to the bullywugs until two giants move in from the darkness beyond

-The two fomorians deal out massive damage as they connect with members of the party. The dwarf makes down the hall from the direction you came, the party follows but not soon enough. Olican and Bouldergut fall in battle as the remaining members of the group, following the dwarf Scotty, climb up a pillar in the great hall and make their way down a secret shaft behind a secret door

-Scotty tells his story of how he came to be here. He is a gold dwarf and found himself transported here from far away. He does not know where he is actually so you inform him that you all stand deep within the Spine of the World at the northern reaches of the Realms. He tells of the bullywugs, slaves, giants and a vast ancient dwarven city this shaft has lead you to. He has survived arming himself and taking on the bullywugs and trying to rescue any slaves he can. The fomorians are tremendous foes which he hates but has given a wide berth so he can try again at a later time once they appear.

-You learn this great hall connects the ancient dwarven structure with the grand circular room complex you found. You do tell Scotty of the round room and he seems interested in investigating this. Scotty also tells of a way he found to navigate his way through the dwarven city below and make his way into the mines below the dwarven complex. You decide to seek out Bouldergut who you believe was not killed. Scotty thinks he would be taken to the ancient dwarven complex. You decide to follow this dwarf and make your way through the lower levels where you find yourselves climbing a staircase that brings you back to the great hall (next to 3 other stairwells) not far from where the slaves are kept.

-Fighting your way into the smaller halls of the great hall into the large room containing the slaves. You recognize this room as you have been here before. Slaying the bullywugs and grabbing a bit of treasure along with finding Buldergut and his equipment is gained. A dragonborn wishes to join your adventuring group. His name is Shamash and he is a blue dragon. You do not have time to save the remaining slaves as you notice two fomorians getting closer to the main entrance across the bridge outside the massive doors so you flee back into the underworld.

DnD Session Update 11-2-16
Into the valley wall

Hiding within the forest edge along the river after the battle, you decide to pursue the raft which is supposed to contain a dragon’s remains headed for the island and some dark ritual. Making your way back out to the river’s edge, you notice numerous large creatures in flight some distance south of you. Smoke rises in the direction of the river cave as you run to get ahead of the raft floating down river. Catching up to the raft’s position, swimming out to intercept it is no issue all while watching the creatures in flight approaching. The cult member was not lying as you find dragon hyde, claws, teeth and the skull of the a huge blue beast covered upon the raft. Taking what you can before the now identified Wyverns with riders reach your area. Back into the deep woods you decide to head for the Giant complex you had investigated earlier.

Making your way through the forest as winged beasts fly overhead, you cross a road leading south and north. Beyond you make for the complex but as you approach you notice two Fomorians standing outside the massive entrance so you change course and make for the vally wall again to try to move along it back towards the Dwarven complex. Using the rangers skill, this rough terrain is no challenge to you. Moving out from the valley wall some, you cross another road. This one runs east to west headed towards the dwarven complex so you head north of the complex to approach from that direction. You take a short rest but again benefit as though you took a long rest.

Again you move closer to the rough rocky piles on the valley floor close to the wall. There you notice a small dark opening in the rock themselves. Further investigation reveals a short dark tunnel leading to a secret door. You use your abilities to open this door and find a stone hall with the valley wall. The passage leads in many feet until it is crossed by another passage. Taking a left you travel further down this other passage until you come to an opening on the left leading to a spiral stair. This leads up to the long room with an open wall looking out into the valley from a heightened perch. You cannot reach out through this opening but you do discover that with concentration you can focus in on a feature before you and zoom you view in on it. You discover this way a stone stairway to the left of the right hand waterfall making its way up the rise across the valley. Being later in the day, the far side of the valley is in shadow and trying to see across the river or down to the river cave is too difficult. You do discover a secret notch in the stone containing several potions of greater healing.


Back down and back to the intersection you continue across so you are traveling to the right of your original direction. You come to another opening with a stair this time on your right as the passage also continues ahead. Up these stairs reveals another long room with a view out onto the valley.

Back down again and further down the hall you come to two openings on your left with stairs leading down 10 feet. Leading to separate rooms, one are filled with armor, melee weapons, pole arms, ammo and tools to repair armor. The other is set up as healing rooms. Tables, containers, old clothe and healing tools fill this room. The main passage leads to a dead end a few minutes further. Just before the dead end is another opening leading to a large barracks with beds and storage.

Back to your original passage and moving forward you come to two stairs ways dropping downward 20 feet each that leads to a large round arched ceiling room where you stand on a round balcony so 60 feet up from the floor below. Two huge curved sets of stairs on the far side lead down to the ornate floor below. Marble, tile and ornately carved patterns adorn the columns, stairs and floor on this room. 12 arched doors lead out of the ornate room. Wood doors wrapped in iron and looking very durable. You open 4 locked and some trapped doors here. North door opens exposing two Carrion Crawlers that attack you with the passage leading to a natural cavern trailing off some distance into the dark below. West you find a small room with 2 trapped chests filled with gold and gems/jewelery. South opens to a passage with stairs leading down. You do not open any of the 8 opposing doors yet. East you find a long worked passage that leads several hundred feet and opens onto a huge passage containing massive columns. It extend to your left and right as far as you can see. The feel of a large space fills you senses. You head back to the main 12 door room but are caught by the sounds of yelling or screaming echoing down the passage you just exited. Rushing back to the long columned room you peer around the corner to hear cries and see some distance off with lights sources near them, Bullywugs moving about and the glimpse of a dwarf dodging between the columns.


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